Whatsapp Business In Nigeria –Making Over 100K Monthly Without Paying For Ads

Are you searching for how to start a profitable Whatsapp business in Nigeria?  If yes, welcome to my blog.

I am here to open the eyes of my dear readers on how to utilize the power of Whatsapp in their business.

Before I go into details of Whatsapp business in Nigeria or Whatsapp Marketing I will like to tell you that a lot of people are making a huge amount of money monthly using just their phone and Whatsapp.

whatsapp business

I once told a friend that he can become a rich man using his Whatsapp instead of wasting time chatting with his girlfriends.

Guess the question he asked me, the question was, is it this Whatsapp on my phone or another form of Whatsapp?

In line with his question, I want you to know that I am talking about the Whatsapp on your mobile phone.

In case if you don’t know, as of 2014, Facebook bought over Whatsapp at the rate of $21.5. So how will you be part of this business or how can you make crazy money through Whatsapp business in Nigeria or Whatsapp Marketing?

Why Must you Start Whatsapp Business in Nigeria today?

  • It is totally free, as long as you have an android phone
  • Very easy to start once you have the training
  • Covert very high than other forms of marketing for now
  • Can sell anything through Whatsapp


I always lay much emphasis on tool because with the right tools very job becomes simple. To harness the business benefit of Whatsapp marjeting you need just two tools, which are:

  • A dedicated phone number
  • An android phone with a business Whatsapp downloaded on it

How to Make Money Using Whatsapp Business Download App

There are two major ways to make constant and huge money through Whatsapp marketing. The ways are:

  1. Teaching or handling the Whatsapp marketing sector of the local businesses around you. As at the time of writing this post, I have over 7 businesses I am handling their Whatsapp marketing.

Tips on how to do that:

Approach local businesses in your area and educate them on how they can be making more money from their existing customers through repeat purchases.

Introduce yourself as a small business coach or consultant, after which you will sell the ideas to them.

With proper education, no business owner has turned me down. Make it clear that the only money they will spend in this form of marketing is your service fee nothing more.

I charge them just 20K for 3 months. So it is a subscription program on my side. Imagine you have 30 or 50 businesses subscribing to your service.

  1. The second way to make huge money through Whatsapp marketing or business in Nigeria is by doing it yourself even if you don’t have goods of your own to sell.

I mean you market what you have to offer by yourself. This is very rewarding if you know how to do it

4 Ways to Market Via Whatsapp

There are 4 ways to market via Whatsapp but 3 are the most effective ways of doing Whatsapp business in Nigeria. The means of marketing through Whatsapp are:

  1. One on one chart
  2. Whatsapp Broadcasts
  3.  Status or Whatsapp Stories
  4. Whatsapp Groups

Each means of marketing through Whatsapp has its advantages and disadvantages. Experience has shown me that the least effective means is the Whatsapp groups. So, I urge you to pay little or no attention to it.

Let’s briefly consider the first 3 means of doing Whatsapp marketing in Nigeria.

One-on-One Chat

This is the most common means of communication known to most Whatsapp users. It involves telling your potential or existing customer to save your contact, while you save theirs for future marketing.

In other words, it involves direct charts with your customers. Also, it is a perfect customer service channel through, which your customers should complain, order, or request for information.

Whatsapp Broadcast

To me, this is where the magic of Whatsapp business or marketing begins. With the Whatsapp broadcast, you will send messages to the set of people in a group without them knowing each. They will not even know that you sent the same message to all of them

A reply from any of them will come as a private chart to you, not on the group. This is a very powerful customer segmentation tool.

If you master the art of Whatsapp broadcast, then your business is on its way to exploding beyond measure.

Whatsapp Stories

With Whatsapp stories, you can share a stream of photos or ads to your contacts. This is an effective way of marketing goods that have great visual appeal, and great captioning.

Most people call this Whatsapp status marketing but the fact is that it is known as Whatsapp stories.

How to Add Buyers’ Phone numbers to Your Whatsapp List

List building is the soul of every business. Therefore, you must understand how to ethically people number without them get suspecting any foul activity.

People hate being sold, so you have to get people’s phone numbers in such a way they will happily give it to you.

The best way of adding numbers to your Whatsapp list is by offering or promising valuable returns for it.

Whatsapp Business In Nigeria- Conclusion

Obviously, I have revealed to you the possibility of making over 100K using just your phone and the instant messaging software known as Whatsapp.

Whatsapp business or Whatsapp marketing is the order of the day, and it has come to stay. Now is the time for you to tap into this multi-billion Niara marketing channel.

I have compiled a comprehensive Whatsapp Training Guide that will help any business achieve more sales easily.

Anybody, I mean anybody can make a minimum of 100K monthly after taking this course.

It is available for instant access at an affordable price of   N7,000.

It is a 14-day video training, which means every day there will be a task for you to do until you start making money. All you need will be coming in a video series.

After first 10 buyers, the price will go up to N15,000

If you really see Whatsapp business or marketing as what you need now then you can pay into the following account number.

Bank Name:            GTbank Nig PLC

Account Name:      Izicode Nigeria Limited

Account No:             0042453836

Send payment evidence to 07033680227

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