Trend Against Trend Trading Strategy Review- Forex Magic Code

The man that turned N4000 (Four thousand Naira) to N400, 000 (Four hundred thousand Naira) in less than two years finally revealed his trading strategy called “Trend against the Trend”

If you have been struggling to make money consistently from forex trading but to no avail then you are lucky to be here.

I said you are lucky because this trading pattern was equally my saving grace in the world of forex. That is why I decided to write a review of this magic trading system.

Before I continue with this review, let me warn you, if you are a totally new person to forex trading then this trading strategy is not for you.

Or if you are new to forex trade, I suggest you get it and keep it, while you learn forex basis after which you will start using it.

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In fact, even if you are new and really want to make money trading forex, get it and keep it because it will really help you after you have understood the basics of forex trading.

When I first come in contact with this system, I wondered how this could be possible. Do you know why?

Every forex material and program I bought always tells me to trade the trend. But this particular one I am reviewing said I should trade trend against the trend.

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His idea was confusing that I went online to search for Trend against Trend trading strategy review. The sad thing was that there were no reviews regarding the system.

I was so skeptical that I have to call the founder and asked him some questions, which he gave me satisfactory answers.

So, I decided to invest 20k (at the time) to get his video course. My dear reader, that 20k was the beginning of my success till today.

Sad News:

Now I learned that the course goes for 50K or an option to sign up with the coach’s recommended broker for a 40% discount.

It cost higher now, but it is totally worth every kobo. if you study and apply what his trading secrets revealed in the video series you will make your money back in no time.

In fact, don’t gamble with your money anymore in forex trading until you have access to this trend against the trend trading strategy. That is my candid advice.

Where to Find The Strategy?

The founder of this trading strategy is one of the most sought after financial bloggers in Nigeria. Yes, he has been in the financial market for over 25 years, which is why he was able to create a strategy that really works.

When I first stumbled on his blog, I was aware this man was really serious about what he was doing. He owns the blog naijabizextra.com

It was amazing to find out that he was the man that converted N4, 000 (four thousand Naira only) to N400, 000 (four hundred thousand Naira only) in less than 2 years trading forex.

It will interest you to know that with this trading strategy, you don’t need an EA, robot or any form of indicator to trade forex successfully,

I thought that wouldn’t be possible but today I am a master now in trading forex without any indicator and consistently making money at my wish.

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To summarize his trading system, understand that language forex speaks and interacts with it, and make money from it.

The man behind this trading system is by name Mr. Simple. As his name implies, he made forex so simple that once you understand Trend against the trend trading system you are already rich.

I was so convinced when he promises a 360 days money-back guarantee, which means I have 360 days to ask for a refund if the system did not work for me.

Though he said every of his client must show proof that he/she really applied what he revealed in this forex trading video series before getting a refund.

One special thing about the man is that you will have access to him at any given time.  In fact, you can always reach him for a signal once you spot one for confirmation even at midnight.

My final advice is that it is better to invest N100 with the right forex trading strategy because you will always grow it than to invest N1, 000,000 without the right knowledge because you will blow it away.

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