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Discover How I Make 4.5 Million Naira Monthly Running a Successful Transport Company In Nigeria

A Business That Is So Rewarding No Matter The Economic Condition Of The Country

Great Profit

Easy to Follow Guide

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Have you ever dreamt of having your own transportation company? Or are you into the transportation business but lack the knowledge on how to expand?

Or have you experienced the bitter side of drivers and mechanics that lead to the collapse of your baby transportation business?

No matter the situation, I have cracked the code and ready to share it with you today. Someone had once asked me if I make millions of Naira in my transportation business, why should I reveal the secret to anyone.

The answer is super simple; the transportation business is a business that cannot be oversaturated. No time in life, you will hear that transportation companies are more than the number of passengers.

Also, it is an evergreen niche, therefore there is excess money for everyone to make in the transportation business.

Before I go into details on how to start and make millions of Naira from the transportation business; I will like to briefly tell you little about myself.

Who am I?

My name is Mr. Israel Chima, a seasoned entrepreneur, and a small business coach. While I was in the university studying mechanical engineering, I was aware that I will end up making money in my terms.

So, I have been into a lot of businesses trying to make it in life, and the transportation business is one of such businesses. To be candid, the transportation business is where God placed my golden food.

How it All Started

It will interest you to know that I did not plan to be into the transportation business from onset not until life was so horrible for every Nigerian in the year 2016. No salaries, businesses where busy closing down, and no hope that the government has a solution then.

I was hit so hard that I began to think deeply into what to do to survive. It was after critical analysis that I noticed that no matter the situation, people move around searching for food. Even when salaries are not paid, civil servants go to the office every day.

It became so obvious that the transportation and food sector were and are recession-proof.  

With the little money left for me, I left Bayelsa state to Aba in Abia state to buy a fairly used tricycle. I had no mentor or a good guide, so my movement to Aba and my total experience was so horrible that I don’t wish that to my enemy.

My bad or bitter experience was that tricycles used in Aba are nothing to write home about due the worst road they ply. So, when I brought them to Bayelsa state, it almost took my life trying to fix the tricycle to be roadworthy, In short, I spent months in and out of the mechanic. 

At a point, my mechanic said my star is not in the transportation business. That statement made me vowed to succeed in that line of business or quit the business entirely. I went online to search for a comprehensive transportation business course but could found none.

And till today, there is no comprehensive transportation course that will teach you everything you need to know online. You can go and do a search. I was disappointed but never gave up. So, I take it upon myself to do whatever legit it takes to make it in this business, and today it is a different story.

The 3 tricycles I bought in the year 2016 are over 60 today making daily returns of N3000 each daily, I make at least 150K in total daily. This is because hardly will all of them work every day. 

Some will be in the mechanic, and some riders may decide to rest for the day. Do you see why I make millions of Naira monthly?

Finally Here comes a comprehensive transportation business training created out of many years of being in the transportation business.


It is a video series training containing topmost principles you must follow to succeed in the transportation industry. You can use what is contained in this transportation video course to start and run any type of transportation business, be it land, sea, and air transport.

The principles of running a transportation company apply to any form or type of transport you are considering venturing into.

How Simple Is This Course

This course is in an MP4 video format. This means you can be doing your daily activities while listening to it. I used simple English and demonstrations to pass the information. I am sure that you can start a transportation company in a few days from today because I have given you all it takes to succeed in the industry.

What is the Content of the Course?

There are 5 videos that reveal everything you need to understand on how to start on the right footing from the first day.

Video 1: contains 7 must-do things before starting any business in life. Failure to do one out of the 7 things will lead to total collapse in no distant time.

Video 2: This is where I go into the transportation business properly. You stand to learn 7 steps you must follow to start a successful inter-state transportation business. It also contains all the problems and solutions you may encounter along the line.

Video 3: In this video, you will learn all it takes to start and run the most difficult type of road transportation business, which is the intra-state transportation business. This is my area of specialization, and it is a good place to start.

Video 4: In this video, I cover everything about the Hire Purchase sector of the transportation business. You will learn how not to lose in this difficult part of the transportation business.

Video 5: I dedicate this video to people that have the dream of owning a transportation company but they don’t have money to start. In other words, you will learn how to start a transportation company without having a dime.

Over 70 of my mentees have successfully made millions of Naira using the method in this video, on how to start without a having a dime 

Special Bonuses  For FREE

Two powerful bonuses that come with this program are:


  • A comprehensive and customizable 3 years Transportation business plan. The business plan is designed to be presented to any institution or investor. Value:  N150, 000


  • ​A well-written hire purchase agreement drafted based on my many years of being in this business. In fact, that is the agreement you must use if you want to get the maximum result. Value: N50, 000

How Much Does this Course Cost?

Considering the quality of the information I input here, the value of the bonuses and the result people have gotten using this program, I will gladly sell this course for N450, 000.

Since my goal is to help you tap into this multi-billion Naira industry without much stress I will not sell it for N250K, not even N150K, which is the cost of the business plan alone.

It goes at a giveaway price of N15K to the first 20 people. After which the price will go to N50K, which is very reasonable for the quality of information you have here.

Special Offer – N15, 000 only

Regular Price 50K, Today 15K only

​Is There A Refund?

SATISFACTION100% guarantee

Before I embarked on the journey of creating this course, I searched both locally and internationally, no one has created a comprehensive course on how to start and run a passengers transportation company. 

All you get is how to start a logistic company. So, all I have in my course cannot be found anywhere online for now because I created it out of my many years of experience on the business not as a blogger.

To protect my work, there is only an option for a refund. The option is that you will only ask for a refund when you buy the course and we work together in establishing you transportation business. In other words, there will be every evidence that you are going into this business or you need expansion. 

If your target is to pay and reproduce my course, I am sorry, no room for that. I am 1000% sure that all I have in the course really works.


“I started with 2 Toyota siana running from Benin to Abuja, it was terrible experience because the drivers always come up with one problem or the other.I was tired of the whole thing, about to quit before I stumbledon this article titled how to start and run a transport business in NigeriaI never delayed paying for it, because the article shows that he knows the business wella.and all I have to say is awesome. I am now enjoying the business because I have all the secretes with me.Abdul Edosomwan       Edo State”

“I am amazed by the way this program is arranged. Starting a transportation business without a dime was what I love most. I call this program transport bibleCharles Udoka     Anambra State”

How do I Access the Course?

To instantly access this course, you need to pay the sum of N15,000 the following account:

Pay With Transfer

Account Name: Izicode Nig Ltd
Account Number: 0042453836
Bank Name: GT Bank Nig PLC

After payment, send your payment details and your email address to, and the course videos, comprehensive business plan and Hire purchase agreement template will be emailed to you once your payment is confirmed

Or call +2347033680227 

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