Sun Newspaper Nigeria – Fake News Publisher?

Is the Sun Newspaper Nigeria publisher fake? Or how reliable and genuine their information is? This and many other questions will be provided on this post.

Sun newspaper Nigeria, the sun newspaper Nigeria

Information is power only when it is useful and real. Therefore, you can’t be wrong if your main target is to find out whether Sun Newspaper Nigeria reports genuine information of not? Before I go into details let’s take a look at what a fake news is.

It is at that contest we will be examining if sun newspaper Nigeria is a fake news publisher or not.

What is Fake News?

Fake news is the act of deliberately reporting false news or propaganda through the print media, social media and broadcast news media. Normally fake news is baseless without proof or fact to back it up. Most times, this formulated information is for the purpose of tarnishing image or images of opposition or corporate bodies.

Having gotten to understand what fake news is all about, then we can ask, does sun newspaper Nigeria fall into this acts?

To understand clearly if this Nigerian newspaper is free from fake news or not, you need to know little about the history of the newspaper. In addition, you need to know the men behind it and their credibility.

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Sun Newspaper Nigeria – Foundation

The sun Newspaper Nigeria joined the league of Nigerian newspapers on the 29 March 2001. On January 18th 2003 they released their first weekly publication to the public. And by June 16 2003 or after 5 months it became a daily newspaper.

Since then they have been covering a lot of areas of human endeavors in Nigeria.  In fact, as at 2011 the daily print runs up to 130,000 copies while the weekly copies runs up to 135,000 copies. Investigation shows that over 80% of the publications are sold out, which is why it is considered the highest selling newspaper in Nigeria.

The Chairman of the company was the former governor of Abia state in  the person of Orji Uzor Kalu. And the first managing director /Editor was Mike Awoyinfa.

Since 2001, which the company came into existence there have been major reshuffle in the top management staff. I will like to reveal to you how the changes have been taking place because the names behind the newspaper are credible.

Most of them are respected journalist of many years of experience, which is why this Nigerian newspaper has survived over the years. In the year 2010 the first managing director gave way to Mr. Onyima. And  Mr Femi Adesina took over the position of deputy editor in-chief from MR. Dimgba Ikwe.

For those of you that might have been to United Kingdom, you will believe that Sun Newspaper Nigeria is similar to sun Newspaper UK. That is why the current managing director and editor the person of Eric Osagie is positioning sun newspaper Nigeria to international brand.

Sun Newspaper Nigeria – Content

This Nigerian newspaper covers wide range of topics in Nigeria. They are known for extensive coverage of political matters, Business and investment, entertainment and sport.  Recently, they have launched the sun TV, in a bid to extend their coverage.

Without any doubt, their reports have backings or proof of authenticity over years. They have lived up to their mission statement, which is “practicing journalism in the classical tradition of presenting the news and features in an exciting style, with impact, objectivity and appeal that generate returns to all stakeholders”.

Therefore, I can authoritatively tell you that sun Newspaper Nigeria is far from being fake news publisher. So make sure you grasp a copy of this Nigerian newspaper daily.

You can visit the official website Here

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