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If you have been attentive to the Nigerian financial space, you would have noticed there is a shift. Specta loan is a part of this shift. What is this shift about? It is the fact that these days, people can get access to a quick loan in Nigeria within minutes.

specta loan

Specta loan is simply an online platform where you can access a 24hrs loan in Nigeria. There are so many classes of loans you can get from Specta. We will discuss the different classes in the remaining part of this post.

The idea behind this loan is to give you a convenient way of accessing a loan without collateral in Nigeria. So the question is this, “are you in need of a quick loan in Nigeria for whatever reason?” If your answer is YES, then you just picked the right article because Specta loan is what you need.

About Specta Loan

One of the biggest banks in Nigeria today is Sterling Bank. The bank has understood and caught up with the trend of quick loans. For this reason, it set up Specta Loan as a way of ensuring that Nigerians gain access to an online loan in Nigeria.

Now you know that Specta loan is a platform run by the esteemed Sterling Bank. On this platform, individuals have access to about N5 million. The great thing about this loan is that there is no need for paperwork or collateral.

You don’t even need to visit their office. Everything can be done through your mobile phone, very easy right? This is one of the advantages of applying technology to everyday life.

Once you have completed your registration on the platform, getting a loan shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes. Now you will find it easy to take care of personal, business, educational, health, and other needs.

Different Classes of Specta Loans

People have different needs, from personal to educational to health and holidays. Regardless of what category your need falls under, you can get a Specta loan to meet it. In this section, we will take a look at the different classes of Specta Loans available.

1,  Payday Loan

We all know the situation of the economy. Most people earn far less than is enough to meet their needs. Before the end of the month, they are already in need of financial help. This is because needs have come up that need to be solved before the salary is paid.

Specta has you covered in this regard as it provides you the funds needed in quick time. The duration of this loan is thirty days since it is just a salary loan.

You must be wondering how much you can collect with Specta Payday Loan. This is dependent on how much salary you earn each month. You will need to supply a few pieces of information before your loan will be approved on the platform.

2.  Medical Finance

Our health as humans is unpredictable, we only know how we feel now. It takes just a moment to fall ill but what happens when you are ill and you don’t have funds? Most times we get worried when we are short on cash and we fall ill, this becomes a case of insult upon injury.

Specta understands this very much and has provided a way of escape. With a Specta Medical Loan, you can meet your health needs within minutes and repay later. When your application is approved, you’d know when you are expected to pay back the loan.

3.  Wedding Loan

Nigerians love weddings and our weddings are among the most flamboyant in the world. Due to the state of the economy, only a few people can finance their dream weddings. This is a very sad tale, especially for a lady. We all know women care more about weddings.

Rather than get frantic about your wedding because of lack of funds, why not try Specta. Specta Weddin Finance is there to help you with your wedding costs and relieve you of the nagging burden.

You can apply for this loan and repay it with convenience. The loan is structured for ease of payment which should be great news for you.

4.  Education Finance

Education is the bedrock of development and economic growth in any nation. Yet we have a lot of people who are illiterate because they don’t have the funds to sponsor themselves. Even those that are enrolled in school find it difficult to go through their courses for one reason, money.

If you want to gain more knowledge or have the zest to be certified and have no funds, this is for you. Specta Education Finance is structured to provide the funds you need to pay for your education.

Now you can get those certificates with a Specta Loan and payback when you can. Isn’t that so convenient?

5.  Personal Project Loans

Many people have different projects they want to execute personally. In case you fall into this category with a vision to achieve but no funds, try applying for a Specta loan.

The Specta Personal Project loan is there to help you fund those personal projects from start to finish. This way, you can fulfill your dream and still repay the loan in convenience.

6.  Holiday Finance Loan

Once in a while, we all need holidays, at least once a year. The question is can you fund a holiday to your desired location by yourself? Most Nigerians will answer NO to that question and you cannot blame them. This is probably why many of us don’t bother going on holiday at all.

Do you know that you don’t need to go through all that worry? With a Specta Holiday Finance Loan, you pay for your holiday. You do deserve that time of rest, fun, and entertainment.

7.  Rent Finance Loan

Paying for a house can be a big deal especially when you have a dream home and cannot afford it. Most Nigerians have to live in very terrible conditions simply because they lack the funds to pay for better.

Specta Rent Finance Loan is designed to help you pay your rent easily. We all know landlords are not friendly when they want to collect their money. So get a Specta Loan, pay your rent, and have some peace of mind.

8.  Personal Loans

From time to time, personal issues come up that you need financial help to fix. Most of these issues cannot be discussed with others but you don’t have the funds to fix them.

No need to keep getting embarrassed, get a Specta Personal Loan. This loan takes a longer duration to repay than the Payday loan.

Specta Loan Packages

Want a quick online loan in Nigeria? Specta loan is one of your best options. There are several packages to choose from so as to cater for any class of people from whatever bank or occupation. Here are the different packages:

1.  SpectaXtreme

This package is for every individual, whether salary earner or a business owner. Regardless of your bank, you can get about N2 million with this loan.

The loan tenor reaches up to 12 months and rates are between 26% to 30% every year. To gain access to this package, click here.

2.  SpectaBasic

With this loan, you can access a maximum of N5 million in about 5 minutes or less. Isn’t this amazing news? The loan tenor lasts up to 4 years with a flexible repayment date and interest rate. To access this loan, you need to run a Business Account with Sterling Bank or a Salary account with any other bank. Click here to apply.

3.  SpectaPrime

This package is regarded as one of the fastest regarding cash-backed lending. The loan is accessible to both corporates and individuals. Here’s the advantage of this loan, you can make money while you lend for other needs.

The loan can be served in four different currencies which are Naira, Pounds, Euro, and Dollars. Read more about this here.

4.  SpectaAllawee

The term allawee is not strange to Nigerians, especially Corp Members. It is the nickname of the allowance that is paid to NYSC members at the end of the month throughout their service period. The challenge is that allawee is not always enough especially to carry out other projects. SPectaAllawee is designed to help Corp Members fund their entrepreneurial dreams. To learn more, click here.

5.  Specta Quick Cash

This package is also open to all individuals. You don’t have to run a Sterling Bank account. The loan is given based on your credit history and social media reputation and you can get up to N20,000.

Applying for a Specta Loan

The first thing to consider when you want to apply for a Specta Loan is your device. We already told you that you don’t need to visit their office. As long as you have a device that can connect to the internet and reliable internet connection, then you can begin.

Steps to follow include:

  • Visit the official Specta website here.
  • Pick the loan that suits your needs.
  • Start the application.
  • Fill the form for loan application.
  • Eligibility will be assessed. You should get your loan within minutes if you are eligible.

Specta Loan – Conclusion

That is all you need to know about Specta Loan. If you wish to learn more or access the loan, click here. We hope this has been helpful in your quest for knowledge about Specta Loan.

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