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Senior Email Marketing Manager Job Description
Senior Email Marketing Manager Job Description

Senior Email Marketing Manager Job Description

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Have you been searching for an email marketing manager job? Or you’ve been searching for a senior email marketing manager who would handle your email marketing campaigns?

If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.

I believe you already know the job descriptions of a senior email marketing manager. In case you don’t know, this article will give you all the information you need.

I’ll walk you through the roles of an email marketer and the job descriptions of a senior email marketing manager.

We’ll also discuss what you can do to become an email marketing manager.

And lastly, we’ll look at the skills that make an email marketing manager outstanding.

So, let’s get right into it.

Who is an Email Marketer?

An email marketer is someone who generates leads, creates an email list, and nurtures the leads using email as the communication channel.

The role of an email marketer in the growth of a business cannot be undermined. This is because email marketing is the engine house of most companies’ marketing departments.

An email marketer identifies the audience the marketing unit should target and work toward generating an email list from it. He then nurtures the list by creating amazing email campaigns.

With a well-experienced email marketer in charge, the organization’s chances of sales conversion are higher.

What are the Job Descriptions of a Senior Email Marketing Manager?

Being a senior email marketing manager comes with a lot of responsibilities. It means you’re in charge of the entire marketing department. This would require you to not just be in charge of campaigns but also be in charge of other email marketers.

As a senior email marketing manager, you’re tasked with:

Staff Management

The email marketers, copywriters and maybe social managers are under your watch. You direct them on what to do and how to go about it.

Lead Generation

You can’t run a successful campaign if you don’t generate quality leads. It is your task as the senior email marketing manager to build powerful lead generation databases. You will also design lead magnets to draw your audience into your sales funnel.

Campaign Design and Implementation

As the senior email marketing manager, you’re also tasked with developing powerful email marketing strategies that will work for your audience. Then you have to ensure your staff understands the goals of each campaign and how to actualize them.

Not just that, you must also ensure you run A/B tests on each campaign, study them and develop a perfect campaign to implement.

Analyze Campaign Results

At the end of a set period, you’re to analyze the results of your campaigns. Are you on track toward actualizing the set targets?

What can you do to ensure the goals are met if you’re not? Your software database provides you with email marketing metrics that can help you make this analysis.

Once you notice something isn’t going according to plans, you must ensure the right changes are made.

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Prepare Sales Reports

The marketing department uses sales reports to make important business decisions. For instance, if email marketing generated more sales with less investment than other marketing channels, it is wise for more investment to be made.

So, as the senior email marketing manager, it is your responsibility to make sales reports that will help the parent marketing department to make these important decisions.

 How to Become an Email Marketing Manager

To become an email manager, these are the important things you should do:

Understand How Email Marketing Works

You can only manage what you know and understand its functionality. To be an email marketing manager, you need to have a thorough understanding of how email marketing works. What happens from the point of lead generation to the point where a sale is made?

Build Your Email Marketing Skills

Just like in every other industry, you can’t get an email marketing manager job if you’re not an email marketing specialist.

So, you have to develop the relevant skills you need to function in this position. You need to know very well how to create a successful email marketing campaign from start to finish.

Build Your People Management Skills

As a manager, you will be dealing with people. You will have a couple of email marketing experts reporting to you while you report to the Chief marketing officer.

If you do not know how to manage people, you’d not know how to bring out the best in them. So, people management skills are relevant addition to your arsenal as an email marketing manager.

Apply for Email Marketing Manager Jobs

Once you’ve understood how email marketing works and you’ve acquired the relevant skills you need to function as an email marketing manager, the next thing is getting a job.

You have to go all out in search of jobs. You can sign up with as many job platforms as possible and search and apply for email marketing manager jobs.

Not only that, but you can also reach out to your contacts who work in the organizations you might want to work in, and they’d help you secure an interview.

Alternatively, you can use corporate social platforms like LinkedIn and connect with the decision-makers in the companies where you’d want to work. Build quality relationships with them and sell your skills after that.

Skills Needed to Become an Email Marketing Manager

These are the relevant skills an email marketing manager needs to possess for efficient service delivery:

Audience Segmentation and Email Personalization

The ability to segment your audience properly is a top skill in email marketing. When your email list is properly segmented, it is easier to send personalized emails.

As a marketing manager, being able to segment your list and send personalized emails should be at the top of the skills you want to acquire.

Email Deliverability

The ability to get your emails delivered straight to your subscriber’s inbox is another important skill you should have. You have to ensure you know what to do to prevent your emails from going into your subscriber’s spam folder.

Another thing is when your emails get to the inbox of your subscribers, do they actually open them? Good knowledge of your email metrics will be of great importance to you here.

Technical Skills

Being able to navigate various email marketing software is a plus. As the email marketing manager, you should know the different email marketing applications and how they function.

Good knowledge of basic design and programming languages (like HTML and CSS) is also needed.

Analytical Skills

As an email marketing manager, you need to have in-depth analytical skills. This will help you make a proper analysis using the email marketing metrics. You should know when the goal is being achieved and when it seems far away. And you should know what to do to improve the results. 

Senior Email Marketing Manager Job Description-Conclusion

With this piece, you have come to understand what takes to become a senior email marketing manager. It is a rewarding career for anyone that make the best out of it.

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