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I created this corner for people who really want to know how to avoid being scammed online. I was a victim of so many scammers in Nigeria. In fact, I was first scammed by one Mr. Kenneth Ifeanyi, Iyabo Silas and Kola .S and. Nathaniel Effiong. Though I finally got back my money but it took an extra effort. In fact, I was able to get their home addresses before they could release my money.

What Are Features of Scammer?

  • They over hype the whole process. Make money online is not a get rich quick program. So avoid anybody that will tell you to make millions of Naira in a week or so.
  • Avoid people with big promises. Let me give an example, one of the so called online gurus recently put up an advert promising people that invest 50k will get between 100k and 450k weekly. Take a look at these promises found at

I subscribed to it to test how genuine he is but he failed woefully. After collecting people’s money he changed the whole thing and idea. People started asking him for refund and he kept telling them that his TOS (Terms of Service) is if you don’t make money after 30 days he will refund you.

Some people waited, just some days to 30 days he paid out N17, 000 to somebody expecting between 100k and 450K weekly. That is a pure scam.

  • Difficult to refund. Genuine online marketer who makes money online does not find it difficult refunding people their money. So, anybody that start telling you go come then he is a scam because if he makes money from his business giving you back your money will mot be a problem
  • They always show fake results. This is my car. This is my mansion. Vacation picture and many more. It could be true but don’t pay much attention or easily believe those things

Don’t Be the Scammer

Some buyers usually turn to be the scammers. How? They will buy a quality product and after taking the information they need from it then they ask for a refund. In that case who is the scammer?

So, make sure you don’t ask for refund after using person’s hard earned effort to source, practice and provide the information for a token.

How to Test if The Program is a Scam or Not

Most times, scammers come up with programs that have stages. Stage 1 may be N10 while the 5th stage may be N100. The 5th stage may come with much promise that you may not resist and you go for it.

But the truth is that always start small and go high. In fact, start small for a period of at least 3 month before considering going higher.

In fact, in any investment, learn to start small while thinking big.

Finally, to help others that a willing to join the online  business not to fall victim of scammers, kindly give me the name of people that have scammed you online and I will publish it here.

Together we will fight scam among Nigerian online marketers.


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