Quickteller Loan – One of The Best In Nigeria

If you are familiar with the financial space in Nigeria, you must have heard about Quickteller. Yet, not everyone knows about Quickteller loans. If you didn’t, now you know, you can get a quick online loan in Nigeria from Quickteller.

quickteller loan

Quickteller is known as a top financial solutions provider. Many transactions are facilitated through the Quickteller platform. The process is mostly very easy as the platform was designed to be very flexible.

Some of the transactions you can carry out on the Quickteller app include the transfer of funds and airtime recharge. Others include payment of utility bills and cable television. To make it better, the company has added the provision of loans to its app.

If you are seeking knowledge about how to get a Quickteller loan, this is the right post to read. We will provide you information on this as well as many other issues regarding a Quickteller loan.

A Background of Getting Quick Loans in Nigeria

Before we learn about Quickteller loans, it is wise to learn a bit about getting quick loans in Nigeria. Getting a 24hrs loan in Nigeria was not always this easy. Before, you had to visit a bank and go through a serious process of scrutiny to get a loan.

Part of the process required that you provided collateral as well as guarantors. How many average Nigerians had collateral to present? Even if you did, it wasn’t still a guarantee that you would get a loan.

Technology came up with a solution to this challenge. Now you have so many new loan apps in Nigeria. All you need to do is download these apps from the Play Store and register. After registering, you can submit a loan application and in a few minutes, you get your money.

This evolution is part of what led to the creation of the Quickteller Loan platform. Let’s get to know more about how to get a Quickteller loan.

How to Get a Quickteller Loan

Quickteller is one of the easiest ways to make payments in Nigeria today. For example, when you load your mobile line using this platform, you are rewarded with a bonus. You get this bonus regardless of the network provider you are subscribed to.

This means you don’t need to visit the bank for most of your transactions. To match up with the trend of loan provision, Quickteller has added loans to its repertoire. Now you can apply for a quick loan on this platform. Just like the other mobile loan apps in Nigeria, you don’t need to provide collateral.

The aim of this platform is to provide the average Nigerian with a Quickteller loan to meet basic urgent needs. No paperwork is required as you can complete the registration process on the platform.

To access the Quickteller platform, you need to have a device that is connected to the internet. If you don’t have one, you are not left out. You can still connect with a regular mobile phone. One thing you should know about a Quickteller loan is you can only collect small cash. The cash is also to be paid back in a maximum of fourteen days.

How Much Can You Get From Quickteller Loan?

If you have read thus far, you must be asking how much you can get from the Quickteller loan platform. Just like every other platform that provides mobile loans in Nigeria, Quickteller has a limit.

The amount you can collect when you apply for a Quickteller loan is between N1000 and N10000. As soon as your loan application is approved, you receive the funds in your account within minutes.

So here’s another question you would love us to answer, what are the requirements for getting a Quickteller loan?

Before your loan application can be approved, you must meet certain requirements. This is true for Quickteller or any of the other 24hrs loans in Nigeria platforms. This is why everyone that wants a loan asks for the requirements.

Already you know that no collateral is needed to get a loan from Quickteller, neither do you need any paperwork. All you need to is provide the following pieces of information:

  • Your full name.
  • Bank account details.
  • BVN (Bank Verification Number)

With this, Quicketeller is able to access your bank information to check your credit history. It is important that the company gets wind of your financial situation. Of course, no one wants to make a wrong investment choice knowingly, a major reason why they seek all of this information.

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How to Request a Quickteller Loan

Quickteller loans are among the easiest to apply for in Nigeria. Just like most of these quick online loan platforms, you need the internet on your device to apply. However, not everyone has access to the internet, even those that do don’t have it all the time.

This is why QUickteller gives you another option. With Quickteller you can make use of a USSD code to apply for a quick loan. For this, you don’t need to have the internet or even airtime on your device. See how easy it is? Let’s learn about each of these loan request processes below.

Making Use of the USSD Code

There are only a few 24hrs loans in Nigeria platforms that offer this mode of application. It is actually very thoughtful as it shows flexibility and consideration for those without the internet.

When you want to apply for a Quickteller loan using this code, simply dial *322*6#. Following this should be a set of instructions. The first of these is “request loan” and the second, “borrow airtime.”

When you select the “request loan” option, it automatically leads you through the process of getting a loan. As we stated earlier, you can get between N1000 and N10000 through this process.

Using The Online Method

Know how unstable shortcodes can be, it is a wise innovation to also allow Nigerians to apply using the internet. For those who have access to the internet, this process may be less cumbersome and more reliable.

The fact that you are using the internet means you can apply for a loan from your phone or personal computer. To begin the process and submit your loan application, click here. If you have not registered on the platform before, then you have to sign up.

If you have, then all you need to do is log in. After doing this, click on the Dashboard option to see your Dashboard. On the left side of the page, you will see several options, select “more.”

When you do this, you will see a few more options one of which will be the “request a loan” option. Enter the details of how much you want to collect, your bank account number, and choose your bank. Click “Continue” when you are done.

Quickteller evaluates your information after which it brings you a list of loan options you can take. It all depends on your eligibility. All of these loans have to be paid back in 14 days so be wise with your choice.

The rates are quite friendly at 15% per loan. Check out a few examples below:

  • N1,000 to pay N1,150
  • N2,500 to pay N2,875
  • N5,000 to pay N5,750
  • N10,000 to pay N11,500

You have to be sure that you have the means of repaying a loan before taking it considering the short timeframe. This is very important so that you don’t acquire a bad credit record.

Added to this, you can download the Qickteller app from Google Play Store by clicking here.

What Else Can You do Via the Quickteller App/website?

If you are familiar with the Nigerian financial technology space then you would know about Quickteller. There are so many things you can do using this platform beyond getting a quick online loan in Nigeria.

In this section, we will take you through a list of operations you could carry out on the Quickteller platform.

  • Sending and receiving money. Quickteller makes money transfer very easy, especially for people running businesses. You can transfer to another bank account or to an eCash account. Asides this, you can transfer money via Western Union as well.
  • Buying airtime. This is another important need that is met via Quickteller. You can either load your own line or load other lines. Payment can be made via the eCash platform created by Quickteller. If you don’t have any money in this account, you make your payments via other methods.
  • Pay bills. There are so many bills that can be paid via the Quickteller platform. Some of them include:
    • Cable television bills
    • PHCN bills
    • Government Payments
    • Other loans
    • Travel and Hotel
    • School and examination fees
    • Aids and donations
    • Betting, lottery, and gaming, etc.
  • You can also book flights, pay for events, and shop from foreign websites using the Quickteller website.


Getting a Quickteller loan is not as difficult as you imagine. There is a lot you can achieve using this app other than getting a loan. Visit the website or download the app from the play store and enjoy all the different benefits.

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