Plastic Recycling Business Plan in Nigeria

Not too much is known about plastic recycling in Nigeria. However, it is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world today. If you plan to go into this business, you need a plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria.

Plastic recycling business plan

There is so much profitability in this sector since just a few people are in the business currently. If you can understand the business properly and invest, you will be making huge returns in less than no time.

Wondering why you should invest in the plastic recycling business in Nigeria? Here are a few reasons.

  • Firstly, almost every type of consumable is packaged using plastic materials. This includes drinks, food, juices, etc.
  • Not so much is known about the business in Nigeria today.
  • There are only a few investors in the sector currently.

These three factors are pointers to the fact that with an excellent plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria pdf, you can enjoy profitability.

Why do You Need a Plastic Recycling Business Plan in Nigeria?

Many entrepreneurs, especially those in third world countries like Nigeria, take business plans for granted. Once they come up with a business idea, they want to kick off the business immediately. As a sage once said, failing to plan is planning to fail. It is that simple.

A plastic recycling business plan pdf is very important if you want to begin this sort of business in Nigeria. The first thing you need to understand about business plans is that they are key to running a business.

A business plan is a map the business owner and his/her subordinates use in navigating the business to success. In fact, if you are absent, your business plan can be used to run the business in your stead. That is how potent a business plan is.

Furthermore, if you are seeking financial assistance from a bank, a business plan is non-negotiable. This is why you need a plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria if you want to go into the business. The two major investors asides yourself are the bank and other individuals who have investment capital.

A well-constructed business plan gives you a chance at getting investment funds needed to start up. This is because the business plan contains information about the business, its management, and financial projections.

That being said, your plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria pdf is written for four readers:

  • The bank.
  • Potential investors.
  • Other management staff.
  • You, the entrepreneur.

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An Overview of The Plastics Recycling Business Plan in Nigeria

Let’s get this straight, you don’t need a huge capital to begin the plastic recycling business in Nigeria. Unlike developed countries, finding used plastic materials is very easy in Nigeria. Simply take a stroll around your city and you will see a lot of plastic bottles and other materials disposed of as waste.

The problem has been recycling not collecting these items. There is a need to recycle plastic now more than ever because of the damage plastic is causing to our earth. One thing is for sure in this line of business, you will be making a huge amount of profit every month.

Here are a few other advantages you will enjoy from investing in the plastic recycling business in Nigeria:

  1. You don’t require excessive startup capital.
  2. There is no need to purchase the machines since they are very expensive. There are factories where recycling can be done at affordable prices.
  3. You have the satisfaction of contributing positively to the environment.
  4. There is the assurance of getting a satisfactory income every month.
  5. Without processing, you can still earn money from selling collected plastic materials.
  6. Sourcing for used plastic materials is very easy in Nigeria.

Contents of The Plastic Recycling Business Plan in Nigeria

As you have seen earlier in this post, the importance of a plastic recycling business plan pdf cannot be overemphasized. It is imperative that before you begin the business, you write out an efficient business plan.

So what should the business plan contain? We will show you in this section what out plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria pdf contains. You can simply order from us for a very affordable fee.

Table of contents

A business plan is just like a regular book. The table of contents page in a book makes navigation through the book easy. This is the exact function of this page, to make the reader find navigating through the plan easily.

Executive summary

This is sometimes referred to as the abstract of the business plan. Just like the abstract of a research paper or the foreword of a book, it gives a summary of what to expect in the plan. It is usually written last even though it comes just after the table of contents.

Overview of the company

Your reader wants to know about the company. This will help them know who they are investing into. Thus, you provide the following pieces of information:

  1. Mission statement
  2. Vision statement
  3. History of the company
  4. Current status
  5. Objectives
  6. Keys to success

Product description

In this section, you explain your products to the reader. What are you trying to sell? What are you inviting the investor to sponsor? These are the questions you want to answer. As much as you want to provide information, you cannot be too detailed in this section, except if it is for you alone.

Market analysis

The investor is keen to know how much of the market you know. Your knowledge of the market will determine to a large extent how well you will perform. This section carries a lot of information including:

  1. An introduction to the industry.
  2. Industry analysis.
  3. Market analysis.
  4. Customer analysis.
  5. Competitor analysis.
  6. SWOT analysis.

Marketing plan or strategy

In this section of your plastic recycling business plan, you discuss how you hope to penetrate the market. Knowing the market statistics is not enough, how can you use your knowledge to attract sales? This is what the investor wants to know.

Some of the information you provide in this section include:

  1. Understanding your target market
  2. Product/service strategy
  3. Pricing strategy
  4. Distribution strategy
  5. Promotion strategy
  6. Sales strategy
  7. Marketing and sales forecast
  8. Value proposition
  9. Channels


Operations focus on how the business is run. What are the administrative processes and how much will be spent? These pieces of information answer this question:

  1. Operations strategy
  2. Scope of operations
  3. Operating expenses


This section explains how you plan to grow the business. It provides pieces of information such as development strategy, development timeline, and the expenses spent on development.


Who manages the business is very important. Even if you begin as a sole proprietor, it is your hope that one day, you will have a board. To prepare for that expansion, you need to draw a plan of available positions and what kind of people will fill them.


To many people, this is the most important aspect of your plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria. It gives insight into how much will be spent and made in the business. It will also provide information regarding the profitability of the business and the breakeven point.


It is imperative that you show how you arrived at your projections. You cannot put all the calculations or graphs in the main plan, it may look messy. This why this section is created. Put all your calculations, graphs, tables, and diagrams in this section.

Plastic Recycling Business Plan- Cost

You must be wondering how much a plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria costs. We have you in mind and understand that as a startup business, there’s a lot to spend on. This is why we are providing a comprehensive plastic recycling business plan PDF at N20 000. However, if you want it customized, it will cost a little more.

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Plastic Recycling Business Plan – Conclusion

Plastic recycling is a new business that is set to take the Nigerian business sector by storm. Why not get your plastic recycling business plan in Nigeria today so you can invest. Share your comments with us in the comments section.

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