Pig Farming in Nigeria- How to Start (Practical Tips)

Most people see pig farming in Nigeria as a dirty job. If you were among those the see it as a dirty job, then have a rethink. Because, there are lot of money you can make from pig farming if you get it right.

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When you see pigs roaming the street on a normal day they are hardly desirable to the eyes mostly because of their affinity for murky waters.

A shocking revelation shows that pig meat, which is known as pork meat is the most widely, consumed meat in the world, followed by poultry and beef. Do you see the reason going into pig farming in Nigeria sounds promising?

Piggery is the name given to pig farming and this is one of the least famous forms of farming in Tropical Africa. One of the major reasons being religion and customs. When you consider other countries on other continents that have invested in piggery, you will clearly notice that the business is economically viable.

Pig farming is one of the cheapest branches of farming to engage in. This is because the feed is very cheap and they can be kept anywhere. This form of farming is so lucrative because you spend less and the pigs produce more meat than most other livestock.

Today I have with me a successful pig farmer, Mr. Daniel who has operated a piggery for close to ten years in Ibadan, Nigeria. He will be sharing with us deep insights relating to starting pig farming in Nigeria.

What is Pig Farming?

I will like to define pig farming or piggery as the branch of animal husbandry which involves the rearing of pigs for personal or commercial purposes. Africa as a continent has the largest population of domestic pigs in the world. This means we have the ability to be the world’s largest producers of pork.

What Are The Business Opportunities That Abound in Pig Farming?

Animal husbandry as a whole is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into. This is because there abound countless opportunities which will definitely yield huge profit if tapped into. As a branch of animal husbandry, pig farming has several business opportunities that the farmer can harness to grow income. Here are a few:

  1. The meat. The meat also known as pork can be sold in markets as a major source of protein. Pork is one of the most desirable meat types in the market today. You may wonder why since it is said that it contains a lot of fat. It is quite surprising that though the fat is much the meat can be processed to remove fat. The meat is highly nutritious and is very low in cholesterol. It is also white meat meaning it is very healthy for people above the age of 30.
  2. Food processing. There are several food products that can be produced from pig farming. One of the major products is sausages. They are a delight for breakfast. There is usually a huge demand for this and the farmer can take advantage of the demand for income generation.
  3. Leather production. The pigskin is highly sensitive. Regardless of this fact it can be used to make great products. One of the products of renown produced from pig skin is American football. Other products include shoes, belts, clothes, boots, saddle seats, etc. Diversifying into this area will help the farmer increase income greatly.

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Benefits of Pig Farming in Nigeria

This is one aspect people want to find out about before venturing into any business, especially agribusiness. There are several key benefits that can be derived from pig farming in Nigeria, they include:

  1. Pigs have a very high reproduction rate. This means the turnover will be rapid on the farm.
  2. They are a major source of employment and income.
  3. There is an excess of demand oversupply. This implies that their meat is more expensive and thus yields more profit.
  4. The mortality rate among pigs is quite low in comparison to other livestock.
  5. They are comparably the cheapest animals to rear commercially.
  6. They have a very strong immune system and thus have low susceptibility to disease.

How to Start a Pig Farm

I am guessing that if you have read to this point you are likely to be interested in starting your own farm. That is a great step to take but we all know that starting a business is not a stroll in the park. It takes a lot of planning and effort.

It’s wise however to glean from the wisdom of others to ensure that you avoid pitfalls as much as possible. In this module, I’ll like to give you a few tips I’ve learned by experience in starting your own piggery.

Choose a Location For Your Farm

Choosing the farm site is as important as the business itself because this where the pigs will reside. It is important that you choose a place away from residential quarters. You do not want the smell from the farm to upset or irritate your neighbors. You should also consider a place that is somewhat rural as well.

Though it may be rural it should be in close proximity to the city so it is easily accessible to customers and the market. The land should be quite large depending on the number of your flock. Pigs are known to love foraging a lot.

Construct The Pig Pens

Though pigs are non-repentant foragers it is still wise to construct pens on the farm, this is necessary to keep them away from rain, adverse weather conditions, and predators. Pigs are highly sensitive to high temperatures and so you must ensure that the pens are well ventilated.

If possible develop a temperature regulating system in the pens. The pens should be large enough to allow the pigs to roam freely. This will reduce the spreading of diseases and violence among the herd. Also, ensure that the drainage in the pens is well directed.

Stock the Farm

When stocking the farm ensure you get your piglets from a reliable source. The piglets must come from stock with a history of good health and optimal yield. This will determine to a large extent how successful your farm will be.

The choicest kinds of piglets are the hybrids. Hybrids are a mix of two different breeds of pigs. The hybrids are known to grow faster, have better resistance to disease and have a better feed conversion ratio.

Pig Feed

As stated earlier, pigs can consume almost anything. You can feed them with grains, vegetables, and even leftover meals. The most recommended feed for pigs raised for commercial purposes is grains and meat.

Their food should be full of proteins, vitamins, and minerals to ensure optimal growth. You should also ensure that you’ve enough water on the farm for them. They consume an average of 4 gallons of water daily.


Ensure you regularly clean the pen to avoid an outbreak of diseases and also expunge the foul smell from the pigs’ waste.

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Pig Farming in Nigeria- Feasibility Study

Pig farming in Nigeria is lucrative because you spend little in feeding them and it goes at very high prices.

Piglets are usually sold at 25lbs at the rate of #5,000. Pregnant mothers and adult males sell for about #50,000. If you have a farm stocked with 50 pigs at inception (#250,000), you can sell at #50,000 each, which will amount to #2,500,000

You can realize such an amount of money because it is usually a little or zero mortality rate.

In case you decide to dress them and sell per kilogram, a kg of pork sells for #1,000. The adults grow to about 80kg. That is about #80,000 per pig, which is about #4,000,000 for 50 pigs.

Pig Farming in Nigeria – Wrap Up

Obviously, pig farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative Agric businesses you can start today. No need of asking how lucrative is pig farming in Nigeria because every indication shows that it is a money-spinner.

The demand for pork meat far outweighs the supply, which means there is a huge market for you to make money. All you need to make it fast in pig farming a guide from a professional pig farmer.

To start on a good note you need a bankable and investor-friendly business plan that will reveal to you all it takes to make money from pig farming.

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