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Online Jobs in Nigeria (2018) – Are There Real Ones That Pays?

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Recently I did a research online to know how many Nigerians really want to do online jobs in Nigeria that pays. I found out that over 3000 Nigerians go online monthly searching for online jobs in Nigeria.

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Some set of that number are students, which is why they do an online search with terms “online jobs in Nigeria for students”. Few percentage of that number above are scared of scammers, which is why they do search with terms “genuine work from home jobs in Nigeria”.

This huge number of people searching online is a clear indication that Nigerians and Nigeria youths are not lazy. Instead, it’s the failure on the side of government not to provide jobs for its people.

Anyway, thank God the internet has come to stay. A lot of Nigerians have been making much money from the internet. Therefore, you’ve online jobs in Nigeria that will really pay you if you work it out.

My candid advice to you is, bear in mind that making money online is not rocket science. It takes time, energy, persistence and conviction to get it right. If you’re desperately in need of quick money don’t even start because you’ll end up being frustrated.

So, if you are ready, let’s go.

List of Online Jobs in Nigeria

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing

These two are the major online jobs you can do in Nigeria today from the comfort of your home. In fact, you stand becoming a millionaire in a short while if you do the right thing.


There is a great difference between doing an online business and building an online business. So, what is the difference? Doing online business means doing things that can make you money online but cannot be sustained.

Let me give you an example. I have a friend and his name is Taiwo Omoboyeje. He was one of the most successful clickbank affiliate marketers in Nigeria. In fact, in the year 2005, he made over $300,000 online (Three hundred thousand Dollars)

He is the only Nigerian that got platinum award doing online job as an affiliate marketer from clickbank. In case you don’t know, affiliate marketing is the act of selling other peoples products online while making commission.

It will surprise you to know that this guy is broke today. Yes he is broke because he no longer makes money from Clickbank anymore. Google has penalized clickbank and their products, so hardly do people sell clickbank product like before.

Secondly, he is broke because he was doing online business not building online business. He was busy selling other people’s products, without building and marketing his own.

Therefore, one of the online jobs in Nigeria that pays is blogging. Blogging means building your own brand online. It means presenting yourself as an authority in the niche of your choice.

Imagine blogging on how to have a happy home. That means you’ll give out free information you know on how to make a happy home. People will always come to your blog and even refer their friends to go and learn from you.

Online Jobs In Nigeria – 1000 Readers

If you are consistent with your job of giving out free information on how to have a happy home, within short time, you will be having a minimum of 1000 readers daily. This means you will have 1000 people that are ready to listen to you.

Do you think this people will not buy anything you ask them to buy on how to make a happy home? Above all, if you’ve so many readers, Google will hire your website and be paying you on monthly basis.

In this case you own the business. You are the boss and you control it. It is only when you do this, then you will beat your chest and say I’ve built an online business.

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There are lots of online freelance jobs in Nigeria. Freelancing is an act of rendering service while you get paid for it. There is this popular saying among the online community “in the gold mining era, those that sell gold mining equipment make more money than the gold diggers or miners”.

This means that those that are good in online business services such as web design, content writing, keyword research, wordpress design and configuration, graphic design and many more stand the chance of making money online.

The good thing about this online job in Nigeria is that you’ll tap into existing platform for the service(s) you can render. Also, you can make money online easily if you really know your job well.  You don’t need to build a website or much publicity to get a client because you will be operating from established platforms.  Examples of such platform where Nigerians are allowed are:


Some years back, we only fake our identity to get jobs or clients from fiver. Nobody believes that Nigerians can write and design very well. More especially the white (Oyibo), but today opposite is the case.

Nigerians now register with their real identities and they also get jobs from people of all over the world.  We’ve proved to them that we’re better than what they think about us.

Just go over to and register and tell the world what you can offer. You’ll get client easily if you’ve evidence(s) of what you’ve done in the past.

The principle of registering and showcasing what you’re capable of doing on the freelance sites are the same. So, don’t hesitate registering on any freelance site you love above.

In fact, I urge you to register in all the sites above. Go further to make search on other sites that you can register with on Google.

Online Jobs in Nigeria – Wrap up

Obviously, there are so many online jobs in Nigeria you can do to start making money online today. But the two above are the sure ways of building an online business that will last over time.

I’m sure that you’ve understood the difference between doing online business in Nigeria and building online business in Nigeria.

Also, remember that building an online business in Nigeria is not an easy task but it really worth it if you get it right from onset.

Therefore, start today and you’ll never regret it.

For one on one training on blogging then contact me at

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