Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida
Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida in 2023- Who Offers the Cheapest?

Are you looking to protect your vehicle against accidents and damages? If so, getting the best online car insurance quotes in Florida helps you protect the car in the state. But which auto insurance company offers the best policy for your car?

Can I Get Cheap Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida?

Florida ranks as one of the states with the highest insurance coverages for cars. Policyholders can expect to pay up to $997 per year to protect a vehicle. While this may be a bit on the high side, you may be able to get a fairer rate.

Indeed, some auto insurers offer flexible payments and can offer reduced premiums too. In this article, you will discover how to get the best car insurance in Florida.

Top Auto Insurance Companies with Cheaper Quotes

Here is a list of some of the auto insurers offering affordable online car insurance quotes in Florida:

1.    GEICO

GEICO is the leading car insurance company with affordable premiums. According to several reports, the company offers anywhere between $49 and $70 per month to insure the vehicle. For yearly premiums, the company charges between $590 and $684 for minimum coverage.

2.    Allstate

Allstate offers affordable minimum coverage for vehicles. Based on prevailing market prices, the company charges between $55 and $90 for monthly coverage. The yearly premium is between $659 and $1,034.

3.    State Farm

State Farm makes the list of auto insurance companies in Florida with the lowest online car insurance quotes. The company charges up to $86 for monthly premium coverage and up to $1,100 for the yearly premium.

Different Types of Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

Auto insurance companies offer different kinds of pricing for specific insurance policies. Thus, it is pertinent to find out the category of your vehicle and the type of policy you want to get.

Here are some of the common online car insurance quotes you can get in Florida:

Minimum Coverage Car Insurance

This is the cheapest car insurance in Florids. It is the cheapest because it is more of an entry-level coverage for car owners in Florida. With this policy, your vehicle can be protected to a considerable extent.

The coverage includes the financial expenses incurred by the vehicle’s driver. You can only make the claim if the driver is at fault

However, the minimum coverage insurance for cars does not include additional expenses for the policyholder. That is why some car owners find it limiting.

If you have the means, consider upgrading to an advanced auto insurance policy to protect your car further.

Full-Coverage Car Insurance Policy

This is the favorite of most Florida car owners because it protects both the car and its owner. The full-coverage auto insurance policy can also protect your vehicle on accidents that happened both on and off the road.

Car Insurance for Prior Accidents

Has your vehicle been involved in an accident before? This type of insurance policy protects your vehicle for future accidents and potential damages.

Note that this type of car insurance coverage in Florida can be a bit expensive than the others. Also, policyholders are expected to provide evidence of traffic violation(s) or past citations for DUIs.

Car Insurance Policy for Drivers with Speeding Tickets

Have you been booked for over-speeding on Floridian roads? The ticket you got can hamper your chances of getting cheaper online car insurance quotes in the state because the insurer assumes that you are at a higher risk of getting into an accident because of over-speeding.

Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

Are you between the age brackets of 18 and 20? Auto insurance companies can offer lower premium to younger drivers. For examples, GEICO offers anywhere between $106 (for minimum coverage) and $320 for full-coverage.

Car Insurance Quotes for Married Drivers

Are you married, living in Florida – and looking for cheap online car insurance quotes? Well, you may be lucky to get one because married drivers have this “undocumented leverage” to get lower premiums than unmarried drivers.

We can guess that the car insurance company offers to reduce the premiums because the drivers being married is a sign that they are more responsible.

Auto Insurance Quotes for Seniors

Drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 may get higher premiums. This may not be unconnected to the fact that these older drivers are at a higher risk of getting into an accident, bumping into someone else’s car or having a poorer handling of the vehicle.

Factors to Consider when Shopping Around for Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida

There are certain factors that must be considered to help you get the best quote for your vehicle’s insurance in Florida.

Here are some of these factors and why they are important:

1.    Understand the Requirements

There is a general requirement for car owners looking to get a minimum vehicle insurance coverage. These requirements include:

  • $10,000 worth of Property Damage Liability (PDL)
  • $10,000 worth of Personal Injury Liability (PIP)

2.    Required Additional Policy Coverages

Although the basic auto insurance policy covers your car, there may still be a need for additional coverages. This is usually the case when the driver or policyholder causes an auto accident that results in the infliction of bodily harm to someone else.

In this case, having either the FR-44 or SR-22 insurance can help you get over the financial expenses faster.

The FR-44 Requirement

This is an additional auto insurance coverage of drivers who cause bodily harm to others under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The requirements here typically include $50,000 for Property Damage Liability (PDL); $100,000 for BIL and $300,000 BIL per accident.

The SR-22 Requirement

The SR-22 requirement provides additional vehicle insurance coverage for vehicle accidents that result in either death or bodily injury.

By fulfilling the requirements of the SR-22, the driver, who is also the cause of the accident proves to be financially-responsible to cater to the needs and treatment of the driver and passengers of the accidented vehicle.

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Online Car Insurance Quotes in Florida-Conclusion

Getting online car insurance quotes in Florida can help you get an idea of the extent of the coverage and how much to pay as premium. Take a cue from the estimates in the article and check out the auto insurers in your state for an updated quote for your vehicle.

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