Npower Nigeria-2021/2022 Recruitment Graduate Categories
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Npower Nigeria-2021/2022 Recruitment Graduate Categories

Npower Nigeria is for two sets of Nigerian youths. The graduates and the non-graduates, So, if you are a graduate then this post is for you.

Npower Nigeria is an initiative of the national social investment programme of the federal government of Nigeria. The sole aim of initiating Npower Nigeria is to reduce unemployment among ever-growing number of graduates in Nigeria. And equally train unskilled youths between the ages of 18 and 35 on various skills.

This post is purely for graduates that want to apply for Npower Nigeria programme. For the past two years, Npower recruitment portal has been open to many Nigerian youths and still counting.

It is obvious that you want to find out if Npower registration 2018/2018 for graduates is open or not. Read on because you will learn the latest news and everything you need to know about Npower recruitment 2018/2019 here.

Npower Nigeria Recruitment 2018/2019

As of the time of writing this post, Npower recruitment portal is not open, which means that recruitment or registration has not started. So, if you want to find out, keep checking the portal at

As of 2020, Npower Nigeria employed 300,000 youths and in 2018 it engaged 200,000 youths, which shows that 500,000 youths in Nigeria are enjoying this great scheme from the federal government.

There are four key areas that the programme is targeting, which are teaching, agriculture, health, and tax. So, if you’re considering applying then you must be ready to work in any of these areas.

Npower Nigeria Recruitment General Requirement

Before you go to check if the registration has started or not, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Unemployed graduates or nongraduate
  • You must be between the age of 18 and 35
  • A Nigerian citizen

So if you’re currently unemployed and do not earn a salary from any government set up and you are of age 18 to 35 then you’re eligible to apply

Npower Nigeria – Categories and Requirement

As I earlier stated, there are four categories or key areas graduates are needed in this programme. They are:

  • N-Power Agro
  • N-power Health
  • And N-Power Teach
  • N-Power Tax

Let’s take a deep look into each of these categories. So that you will know where you fit in without making mistakes.

N- Power Agro

Under this category of Npower Nigeria, the federal government is committed to recruiting 100,000 unemployed graduates. The role of the employed youths is to provide advisory services to farmers across the country.

Also, they will spread agricultural useful information coming from the federal ministry of agriculture to farmers. Above all, they will gather information or data from farmers that will be used in planning agricultural development in Nigeria.

Who is Qualified to Apply Under This Category

Graduates with Bachelor’s degree, HND, and OND in Nutrition, Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Agronomy, Animal Science, Crop Science, Food Science and Technology, and other agro related course stand a better chance of being recruited.

Recruited graduates will work for 2 years and they will undergo initial induction training before full deployment.

Other benefits you can enjoy as an Npower agro employee are as follows:

  • Becoming an agric extension service consultant
  • Becoming seed fertilizer and other input aggregators
  • Have a good knowledge of being farm managers
  • Creating public sector jobs in Agriculture
  • Establishing farming co-operative management
  • Becoming a certified agro entrepreneur.

N-Power Health

With the Npower Nigeria health sector, the federal government intends to take health care to rural areas. Their target is to create awareness on preventive sickness and educate pregnant women, children, and individuals on health matters.

 Who is Qualified to Apply for N-Power Health

Applicants with Bachelor’s degree, HND, and OND in health sciences such as medicine, nursing, microbiology, botany, and many more are qualified to apply. Applicants with health science qualifications will be given preferential treatment in this category.

Other Disciplines that can apply are:

  • Community health extension (JCHEW & SCHEW)
  • Medical lab tech
  • Medical records
  • Environmental health technology
  • Midwifery and many more

Click here for other qualifications that you may apply for.

Only those that attend recognized universities in Nigeria, schools of nursing, schools of health technology, and midwifery schools can apply. The period of employment will last for two years.

Some career paths Npower Nigeria health employees can follow are as follows:

  • Health education specialist
  • Health promotion coordinator
  • Public relation manager
  • HIV/AID educator and many more

N-Power Teach

This category of Npower Nigeria is open to all unemployed graduates. As long as you have HND, OND, and NCE then you’re qualified to apply. The aim of the government is to improve basic education delivery in Nigeria.

If you’re successful in the Npower teach category then you’ll be posted to primary school to contribute your quota to the development of education in Nigeria.

Graduates with basic knowledge in computer programming, computer graphic design, computer-generated images, server administration have the upper hand. Successful candidates will work for 2 years. And they will undergo initial induction training before the final posting

Other life-changing skills you may learn by being Npower Nigeria teach are:

  • Top researcher or senior research analyst
  • Project supervisor
  • Social service analyst
  • Education consultant, associate
  • Strategy consultant and many more.

N-Power Tax

This sector or category of Npower Nigeria is to ensure strict compliance in the declaration and payment of tax in Nigeria. A minimum of 3,700 unemployed graduates will be employed in this category. The role of the employees is to serve as community tax liaison officers in their state of residence working in conjunction with the state’s tax authorities.

Other responsibilities of N-Power Tax employees are to answer online queries, customer management, and create awareness of tax compliance.

Who is Qualified to Apply for N-Power Tax

Graduates with Bachelor’s degrees, HND, and OND in economics, law, finance, psychology, and other social science courses have the upper hand. That means they will be considered first before considering graduates from other disciplines.

Graduates with good knowledge of Microsoft office tools, writing and spoken English, phone etiquette have added advantage of being recruited.

N-Power Nigeria – Wrap Up

Hope you have gotten all you need to know about Npower registration 2018/2019. Once more, the Npower recruitment portal, which you can find at is yet to open. So, keep checking back because soon the registration will commence.

Leave a comment below if you need a reminder message if registration starts



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