Nigerian Ports Authority: Functions and Recruitment

If you’re reading this article then it is likely you’re in search of information about Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA). If so, welcome because I have comprehensive details of the NPA for you here.

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The essence of this post is to reveal to you all about Nigerian ports authority. In addition,if you’re seeking for job with NPA, you will have access to the recruitment portal link below

You will get to know several key information, like the Nigerian Ports Authority Managing director and how to get the Nigerian Ports Authority latest news. We shall also see the functions of the Nigerian Ports Authority.

To help us today is one of the officers of the  Ports Authority. Her name is Mrs. Sola James. You are welcome Mrs. James.

Tell us about the Nigerian Ports Authority

Thank you very much for the opportunity. The Nigerian Ports Authority is a Federal Government Agency. The agency is in charge of all the Nigerian ports. In other words the agency helps to control and operate all the ports in the country. Also, the agency works in conjunction with the Ministry of Transport and the Nigerian Shippers Council.

The different ports under the control of the  Ports Authority include “the Lagos Port Complex and Tin Can Island Port in Lagos, Calabar Port, Delta Port, Rivers Port at Port Harcourt, and Onne Port.” The  head office is located in Marina, Lagos.

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Can You Give us a Brief History of the Nigerian Ports Authority?

Alright. To talk about the history of the Nigerian Ports Authority we have to get to the inception of the agency which dates back to the middle of the 19th century. Early in 1909 there were efforts to ensure that ocean going vessels were duly provided for. This provision brought about the opening of the Lagos Lagoon. Next was the development of the Apapa port which was planned for 1913. However the construction of the first four deep water berths began in 1921.

The need for Port in Port Harcourt was because of the discovery of coal in Enugu. Therefore, the port was opened for business in 1913. The Nigerian Ports Authority came into existence 1954 as a continuous Public Corporation. The agency was established by the Ports Act of 1954. The main purpose for the institution of the body was to curb the lack of coherent policy framework which plagued the establishment and maintenance of ports in the country.

The Federal Government of Nigeria moved to improve the efficiency of the agency in 2003 and thus adopted the Landlord model. Due to this operation 25 of the existing terminals were conceded to private Terminal Operators. This based on a 10 -25 year lease agreement. to further improve efficiency the 8 ports in the country were cut down to 6.

Bids were made following the announcement for private investors by the National Council on Privatization. All successful bids were sealed and thus the Nigerian Ports Authority handed over some of her primary responsibilities to private companies.

Can You Tell us The Statutory Functions of Ports Authority?

These are the statutory functions of the Nigerian Ports Authority as culled from the NPA official website:

  1. Develop, own and operate ports and harbors.
  2. Provide safe and navigable channel.
  3. Offer cargo handling and storage services.
  4. Maintain Port facilities and equipment.
  5. Ensure safety and security.
  6. Develop and own property.

The above were the initial functions of the Nigerian Ports Authority however due to lack of efficiency there was a need for Privatization of the body. The privatization of the Nigerian Ports Authority brought about a split in functions between the Nigerian Ports Authority, the Private Sector, and Federal Ministry of Transportation. The functions of these three are stated below but you can see more of these on the website.

Functions of the Nigerian Ports Authority

  • Ownership and administration of land and water within port limits.
  • Planning and development of port operational infrastructure.
  • Leasing and concession of port infrastructure and setting bench mark for tariff structure
  • Responsible for nautical/Harbour operations and hydrographic survey.
  • Marine incidents and pollution
  • Maintenance of safety and security at the common user areas.
  • Enacting port regulations and bye-laws as well as monitor and enforce them
  • Day to day monitoring of operations and enforcement of relevant sections of respective agreements.

Functions of the Private Sector

  • Cargo handling, stevedoring, warehousing and delivery.
  • Acquisition of cargo handling and operations related equipment
  • Development and maintenance of ports’ superstructure
  • Maintenance of safety and security within the terminal
  • Towage, mooring, bunkering, ship chandelling and ship repairs

Functions of the Federal Ministry of Transportation

  • Policy formulation and planning at national level of basic marine infrastructure.
  • Legislation
  • International relations

Can You Briefly Tell us About The Leadership of the Ports Authority?

The head of the The Nigerian Ports Authority is the Managing director and the assistants is  executive directors. These are the names of the current individuals leading the Nigerian Ports Authority and their positions.

  1. Hadiza Bala Usman –            Authority Managing Director
  2. Mohammed Bello-Koko –    Executive Director (Finance and Administration)
  3. Sokonte H. Davies –              Executive Director (Marine and Operations)
  4. Professor Idris Abubakar –  Executive Director (Engineering and Technical Services)

What is the Recruitment Requirement?

Firstly, I will say to get authentic firsthand information about the Nigerian Ports Authority recruitment requirement visit the recruitment portal. You will get all you need to apply for a job with the ports authority.

Please note that application for any job with the Ports Authority is free of charge.

I believe this interview must have been helpful to you. If you have any further questions visit the official website . You could also visit the Nigerian Ports Authority Head office at:

26/28 Marina, Lagos.

P.M.B 12588 Lagos.

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