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Nigerian Custom Service – Recruitment and Ranks

Are you searching for information regarding the Nigerian customs service recruitment portal or replacement? Or are you interested in having general knowledge about Nigerian customs services such as ranks, phone numbers, or history? Whichever one you’re searching for, you’re welcome because this post is dedicated to you.


You’ll have comprehensive information about the organization because I’ve researched it for your benefit.

To make life easier for you I decided to take up this topic and have an interview with one of the officials of the Service. In this discussion, we were able to discuss several key pieces of information about the Nigerian Customs Service. Therefore, let us meet our guest for today.

Today I have with me Mr. Danlami Lawal, an officer of the Nigerian Customs Service. He has been with the organization since 2009 and has grown through the ranks. Today he shall be answering several key questions related to top searches about the organization. So, you’re welcome.

Can you Introduce to us The Nigerian Customs Service?

Thank you for the opportunity to speak about Nigerian Customs. Without further delay let me answer your question. The Nigerian Customs Service can be traced far back to 1891. At this time the body was tasked with the role of collecting revenue, accounting for revenue collected, and handling anti-smuggling activities.

Fast forward to the present day, the organization is not just saddled with the above responsibilities alone. The body is seen as a major player in bilateral trade playing a key role in the chain of international supply of goods and services. The body has faced several challenges over time. Some of these challenges include maintaining systemic control of intervention while ensuring improvement in service delivery.

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The body has also had to tackle challenges of money laundering, dumping of hazardous waste, violation of property and intellectual rights, amongst others. Currently, the organization has the responsibility of manning the Nation’s borders to ensure law and order in every sense of the word.

What is their Mission?

To answer this question permit me to quote directly from the Nigerian Customs Service website. The mission of the body are as follows:

  1. Nigeria Customs Service is a reference and model administration with excellence in providing effective and efficient service to accomplish all dimensions of its mission.
  2. That the Service is a modern, compact and dynamic Service that influences policy and contributes to Nigeria’s development.
  3. That the Service is recognized as being in the vanguard of Customs best practices and international standards.

What is The Vision of The Nigerian Customs Service?

To provide you with the answer to this question, I will once again refer you to the official website of the Nigerian Customs Service. The vision of the body states and I quote:

  1. To excel in the efficient and timely collection of and accounting for revenue.
  2. Implementation of and advice on Governmental trade and fiscal policies;
  3. Promotion of trade facilitation;
  4. Protection of Nigerian society, generation of accurate and precise statistical data by developing a professional, transparent administration that implements international best practices and obligations.

What Are Their Functions? 

I really appreciate this question. Though we have previously stated some of the responsibilities of the Nigerian Customs Service it is still important to discuss the statutory functions of the body.

Without doubt the Nigerian Customs plays a very important role in the economic affairs of this country. There is almost no sector of the economy that is not affected by the activities of the Nigerian Customs Service directly or indirectly. Without further ado let me briefly enumerate the statutory functions of the Nigerian Customs Service:

  1. Conduct anti-smuggling activities.
  2. Collecting revenue. The revenue collected by the organization includes import and excise duties, levies, and other taxes. The body is also required to account for all of these.
  3. Generation of statistics for budgetary and planning purposes.
  4. Security of the borders.
  5. Monitoring the utilization of Foreign Exchange.
  6. Carrying out research, planning, and enforcement of the Fiscal policies created by the Federal Government.
  7. Registration and licensing of Nigerian Customs Agents.
  8. Processing of manifests.
  9. Designation and registering of collecting banks.
  10. Working in conjunction with other approved government bodies at the ports and borders.

What Are The Nigerian Customs Service Ranks?

We get this question a lot because most people want to know the salary structure before applying to be part of the Nigerian Customs Service. We all know that salaries are according to ranks so it is not strange when you ask about the Nigerian Customs Service ranks.

The officer ranking highest in the Nigerian Customs Service is the Comptroller General. Here is a list of the top Nigerian Customs Ranks:

  1. Comptroller General.
  2. Deputy Comptroller Generals.
  3. Assistant Comptroller Generals.
  4. Comptroller
  5. Assistant Comptroller.

The Comptroller General oversees the activities of the organization. And there are 6 Deputy Comptrollers and they oversee the following departments:

  1. Tariff and trade.
  2. Finance administration and technical service
  3. Strategic research and policy.
  4. Enforcement, investigation, and inspection.
  5. Human resource development.
  6. Excise, FTZ, and industrial incentives.

I expect after this that you will ask about the salary structure of the Nigerian Customs Service. What I can say about the customs salary structure is that the comptroller earns more than every other person. Because he is the highest-ranking officer. But for sure, educational qualification plays a great role in how much an officer earns

Is There ongoing Nigerian Custom Service recruitment 2018?

To be sincere with you there is nothing out presently about the Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment 2018. Regardless of this, prospective applicants should constantly check the Nigerian Customs Service recruitment portal for information.

This is still the most reliable source of information about recruitment because it is for it. Also, take note of the fraudsters that will ask you for money to help you get a job with the organization

That will be all for now Mr. Danlami Lawal. Thank you for your time. To all our readers we believe this interview has been helpful in your quest for knowledge about the organization.

If you have any further questions please visit the Nigerian Customs website. in addition, you can also call their helpline 09 4621597, 09 4621598, 09 4621599.

You can also visit the Nigerian Customs Headquarters at:

Nigerian Customs Headquarters,

Abidjan Street,


P.M.B. 26,


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