Nigeria Zip Code – All You Need to Know

Most times, when we are filling online forms we usually come across the Nigeria zip code section. In fact, most of us get stuck because we don’t know what exactly Nigeria zip code is. To some people it is 234 and to some people it is +234.

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For your information, 234 and +234 is Nigeria international dialing code. So you cannot use it in place of zip code. Therefore, read below to know what Nigeria zip code is.

But the question is, what exactly is Nigeria zip code? It will shock you to know that Nigeria has no Zip code instead it has postal code.

In fact, ZIP Code is only used by the United States, while other countries of the world use postal codes.

That does not mean if you are filling an online form you will leave the ZIP code section blank or empty. Instead you will learn Nigerian international postal codes that are generally accepted. Nigeria international postal codes are:

  • 23401
  • 110001
  • 00176

These are the codes you can use anytime you are filling a form that requires you to input Nigeria Zip code.

Having known the codes, it will interest you to know more about zip code because it will add to things you know.

After all, why using codes without knowing anything about it.

What is ZIP Code?

ZIP stands for zone improvement plan. Therefore, zip code is a postal code that is only used or accepted by the United States postal service (USPS). The United States postal service introduces zip code in the year 1963.

As of 2015, there were over 42,000 ZIP Codes in the United States. ZIP Codes are used not only for tracking of mail but also in gathering geographical statistics in the United States.

The purpose of introducing ZIP code is to ensure that mail travels or sent effectively to the right destination. As long as the code is on the mail or parcel then United States postal service knows exactly where it is going to.

In other words, the United States postal service classified their territories or state and region using codes.

In United States, there are basically 4 types of ZIP Codes, which are:

  • Unique
  • Post office box only
  • Military
  • Standard

The unique zip code is assigned to a single high-volume address such as universities, businesses, governmental agencies. While post office box only zip codes are for individual or private mail boxes. The military zip code is just assigned to United States military.

There are more to zip codes, which you can find HERE.

Just bear in mind that what Nigeria has is Nigeria postal codes not Nigeria zip code. ZIP Codes are only recognized and used in United States of America.

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