Nigeria Postal Code – Postal and ZIP Code Difference

The real concept behind Nigeria postal code and Nigeria zip code has left a lot of Nigerians confused. In fact, the two words have been interchangeably used by many.

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Mostly, the need for you to use the Nigeria postal code or Nigeria Zip code usually occur if you are filling an online and offline form.  To many Nigerians, +234 or 234 are the figures that come to their brain when they get to that point.

But is that really the Nigeria postal code or Nigeria zip code? Anyway before, we go into details of the major difference between Nigerian postal code and Nigeria zip code, you need to understand what really they are.

What is a ZIP Code?

The word ZIP stands for zone improvement plan. Therefore, ZIP Code is a postal code used only by united State postal services. As the name implies, it is the language with which United States postal service workers understand where or region to deliver a mail or parcel.

With the ZIP code, the United States postal services effectively and efficiently deliver mail and parcels to their various destinations. The concept of classifying the entire regions into codes came into existence in the year 1983.

The ZIP code is 5 digit numbers or code and as at 2015 there were over 42000 ZIP codes in the United States of America. In fact, ZIP Code does not only ensure effective and efficient mail delivery but also help in gathering geographical statistic in United States.

With this brief description of ZIP code, it is obvious that Nigeria has no ZIP Code, what Nigeria has is postal code.

234 or +234 is not a zip or postal code rather it is an international dialing code. Also, Nigeria has international postal codes, which are:

  • 23401
  • 110001
  • 00176

Therefore, if you are filling a form online or offline and came across ZIP code section, please use any of the codes above because it works. Don’t get confused, most online forms are designed based on American standard, which is why you always see ZIP code.

What is Nigeria Postal Code?

As in the case of ZIP code, Nigeria Postal code is the language or code with which Nigeria postal service workers (NIPOST) detects where or region mail and parcel are meant for. The Nigeria postal codes help in identifying, states, local government and towns in the country.

Therefore, if you write a postal code on your mail or parcel , without being told the NIPOST workers have known where it is going.

Please take note that postal codes are not the same with address. Your mail should contain the real address and if need be with a postal code.

Most times, you will only use Nigeria postal code when filling a form online or offline.

The Difference

It is obvious that both Nigeria postal codes and ZIP code of United States does the same job. But the major difference is that Nigeria Postal code is for Nigeria states, and local governments and towns. While ZIP code is applied only in United States.

But in case you are filling an online form, use the codes above at the ZIP code section because United States postal services recognized them as international postal code for Nigeria.

Having known what a ZIP code is and what a Nigeria postal code is and having known the difference, let take a look at the Nigeria postal codes of all the Nigerian states:

Nigeria Postal Codes of All The States in Nigeria

  1. Abuja postal code – 900001.
  2. Abia Statepostal code – 440001
  3. Adamawa State postal code – 640001
  4. Akwa-Ibom State postal code – 520001
  5. Anambra State postal code – 420001
  6. Bauchi State postal code – 740001
  7. Borno State postal code – 600001
  8. Delta State postal code – 320001
  9. Edo State postal code – 300001
  10. Enugu State postal code – 400001
  11. Imo State postal code – 460001
  12. Jigawa State postal code – 720001
  13. Kano State postal code – 700001
  14. Kaduna State postal code – 800001
  15. Katsina State postal code – 820001
  16. Kebbi State postal code – 860001
  17. Kogi State postal code – 260001
  18. Kwara State postal code – 240001
  19. Lagos (Island) postcode – 101001
  20. Lagos State (Mainland) postal code – 100001
  21. Niger State postal code – 920001
  22. Ogun State postal code – 110001
  23. Ondo State postal code – 340001
  24. Osun State postal code – 230001
  25. Oyo State postal code – 200001
  26. Plateau State postal code – 930001
  27. Rivers State postal code – 500001
  28. Sokoto State postal code – 840001
  29. Taraba State postal code – 660001
  30. Yobe State postal code – 320001
  31. Ebonyi State postal code – 840001
  32. Bayelsa State Postal Code-560001
  33. Nassarawa State Postal Code-95002
  34. Cross River State Postal Code-540001

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