National Open University of Nigeria – Courses and Schools

National Open University of Nigeria – Courses and Schools

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The National Open University of Nigeria is a Federal Open Distance Learning university set up by the government to facilitate education at tertiary level. It was the first of its kind on the coast of West Africa. The National open university of Nigeria arguably is the largest higher institution in Nigeria in terms of student population.

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The university came into existence in July 1983 and till now runs with the mandate of top notch university education to the doorstep of every Nigerian. To this end the university has a reputation of providing flexible, cost-effective, functional and accessible education to improve the lot of the Nigerian population.

The establishment of National open university of Nigeria was the brain child of the then president, Alhaji Shehu Shagari. His aim was to give education to to all and sundry status and age as long as they are qualified

Sadly, in 1984, the government of general Buhari suspended the activities of the school with the claim that the action was corrupt.

Happily, in 2002, President Olusegun Obasanjo brought back the national Open University of Nigeria to life. The university offers several programs which provide different certificates on completion of necessary requirements.

National Open University of Nigeria- Objectives

The following are the objectives of the Open University of Nigeria:

  • Provision of Education for All and promotion of lifelong learning
  • Filling the gap created by the closure of outreaches/satellite campuses
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Improved economies of scale
  • Flexibility of delivery system
  • Maximum utilization of academic personnel
  • On the job teacher training
  • Poverty eradication, vocational and lifelong education
  • Provision of non-formal education
  • Reaching the unreached
  • Propagation of national orientation

National Open University of Nigeria – Faculties

Currently there are 7 faculties in the Open University of Nigeria. They include:

  1. Faculties of Science and Technology
  2. Faculties of Health Science
  3. Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences
  4. Faculties of Education
  5. Faculty of Management Sciences
  6. Centre for Life-Long Learning and Workplace Training
  7. Academic Certificate Programmes

National Open University of Nigeria- Courses

The National Open University of Nigeria has about 75 study centers scattered all around the country. The school offers about 50 programs with a total of about 750 courses. All of the courses offered in the university have been accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). The following are the courses offered by the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN):

  1. School of Arts And Social Science

i. Undergraduate Degree Programmes Programme Code
a) B.Sc. Criminology and Security Studies 2201
b) B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2202
c) B.Sc. Mass Communication 2204
d) B.A. English 2205
e) B.A French and International Relations 2206
f) B.A Christian Theology 2207
g) B.A Islamic Studies 2208
h) B.Sc. Political Science 2211
i) B.Sc. Economics 2212
  1. Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Criminology and Security Studies 2301
b) Journalism and Mass Communication 2302
c) Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2303
d) Christian Theology 2305

Masters Degree Programmes

a) Sc. Mass Communication 2401
a) Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution 2402

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) 4301
a) Postgraduate Diploma in Distance Education (PGDDE) 4302

iii.      Masters of Education (M.Ed.) Programmes

a) Educational Administration and Planning 4401
b) Educational Administration and Planning Science Education 4402
c) Educational Technology 4403

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes (By Research)

English (Language/ Literature)    2505

 School of Agricultural Science

Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
a) B. Agric. Agricultural Economics and Agro Business 4203
b) B. Agric. Agricultural Extension and Rural Development 4204
c) B. Agric. Animal Science 4205
d) B. Agric. Aquaculture and Fisheries Management 4206
e) B. Agric. Soil and Land Resources Management 7205
h) B. Agric. Crop Production and protection Sciences 7206

Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Programme

PGD Agricultural Extension and Management      5301/7301

School of Education
Science Education

a) B.Sc. (Ed.) Agricultural Science 4201
b) B.Sc. (Ed.) Biology 4202
c) B.Sc. (Ed.) Chemistry 4203
d) B.Sc. (Ed.) Integrated Science 4204
e) B.Sc. (Ed.) Computer Science 4205
f) B.Sc. (Ed.) Mathematics 4206
g) B.Sc. (Ed.) Physics 4207
h) B.Sc. (Ed.) Business Education 4212

Master of Science Business Administration

a) Master of Science Business Administration 3416

Arts & Humanities Education

S/N Undergraduate Degree Programmes Programme Code
a) B.A (Ed.) Early Childhood Education 4208
b) B.A (Ed.) English 4209
c) B.A (Ed.) French 4210
d) B.A (Ed.) Primary Education 2411

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme (By Course Work and Research)

Programmes Programme Codes
a) Educational Administration 4501
b) Educational Planning 4502
c) Educational Technology 4503

School of Science And Technology

Undergraduate Programmes Programme Code
B.Sc. Computer Science 5202
B.Sc. Communication Technology 5203
B.Sc. Data Management 5204
B.Sc. Environmental Science & Resource Management 5205
B.Sc. Mathematics 5208
B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer 5209
B.Sc. Chemistry 5212
B.Sc. Biology 5213
B.Sc. Physics 5214
B.Sc. Financial Mathematics 5215

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Digital Communications 5302
b) Mobile Communications Technology (Wireless) 5304
c) Information Technology 5305

Masters Degree Programme

a) Information Technology (with Internet Options) 5401

School of Health Science

Undergraduate Programme Programme Codes
a) B.Sc. Community Health 5211/8201
b) B.Sc. Dental Technology 8202
c) B.Sc. Environmental Health 8203
d) Mathematics Education 4504
e) Science Education 4505

 Postgraduate Diploma Programme

a) PGD HIV/AIDS Education and Management 5303/8301

NOUN School of Law

i) Undergraduate programme Programme Code
a) LLB (Law) Degree programme 6201

NOUN Postgraduate Diploma Programme

a) Legislative Drafting 6301

 School of  Management Science

i Undergraduate Programme Programme Code
b) B.Sc. Cooperatives Management 3201
c) B.Sc. Entrepreneurship 3204
d) B.Sc. Accounting (in Collaboration with ICAN) 3205
e) B.Sc. Hospitality Management 3206

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

a) Financial Management 3309
b) Public Administration 3311
c) Business Administration 3313

NOUN Management Science Masters Degree Programmes

a) Master of Public Administration (MPA) 3411
b) Master of Business Administration (MBA) 3413
c) Master of Science Public Sector Management 3414
d) Master of Science Public Administration 3415

Center For Lifelong Learning (CLL)

Certificate Programmes

i. Proficiency Certificate Programmes
  1. Programme Code
a) Call Centre Skills 0004
b) Mobile Phone Repair 0005

 University (Academic) Certificate Programmes

a) Computer Literacy 1004
b) Dental Office Practice 1017
c) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1022
d) Christian Theology 1023
e) French 1024
f) Hotel and Catering Management 1025

Diploma Programmes

a) Business Communication 1201
b) Entrepreneurship 1205
c) Financial Management 1206
d) Marketing 1207
e) Medical Office Practice 1208
f) Arabic and Islamic Studies 1218

Technological platforms of the Open University of Nigeria of Nigeria

  1. The university developed an iLearn platform to facilitate smooth students learning experience. The platform creates ease of access to excellent education. It provides the following:
  2. Online class discussions organized by NOUN facilitators.
  3. Provision of answers to questions asked by students especially on difficult issues regarding their courses of study.
  4. Collaboration tools to allow for communication among students, facilitators, faculty members, etc.
  5. More efficient study tools, audio and video resources, online materials that can be printed or downloaded.
  6. Access to assignments, quizzes and self-study assessment tools.

National Open University of Nigeria- Exams

The university conducts its exams using the Computer Based Test method for the initial two years of study. The only faculty that is exempted is Law which conducts pen-on-paper exams from year 1 of study. Other courses start POP exam format from the third year of study till they round up their programmes.

National Open University of Nigeria- Facilities

The Open University of Nigeria provides the students the following facilities:

  1. E-library
  2. Radio station
  3. E-courseware

The university also offers scholarships to students based on requirements prescribed by the Vice Chancellor.

How to Apply to Open University of Nigeria

To apply to the university take the following steps:

  1. Visit the site
  2. On the Home Page, go to the Menu Bar, Click on Apply for Admission
  3. Select either Undergraduate Programme or Postgraduate Programme. Other programme is not available at the moment
  4. Goto “Choose Faculty” (note it can be found at the left hand side of the screen)
  5. Select Faculty
  6. Fill displayed form
  7. Click below to view admission criteria
  8. Click “Apply” to proceed.
  9. Take note of the UNIQUE ID displayed
  10. Click ‘Continue’ button
  11. Select Bank Branch as payment type
  12. Click “Pay”
  13. Copy and take your RRR number to any bank branch for payment.

After payment

  1. Perform step 1 to 3
  2. Goto “Continue After Payment”
  3. Input Unique ID, RRR number and Programme
  4. Click “Proceed”
  5. Fill Form.  Note: all fields marked with red star are compulsory.

After filling the form

  1. Click “Submit”
  2. Print Admission Letter
  3. Visit the nearest study center for screening

National Open University of Nigeria – Final Words

If you are considering furthering your studies, then National Open University of Nigeria is a good option. More especially, if you’re a very busy person. The study pattern is flexible and the fee is affordable.

Above all, all the courses they offer are NUC accredited, which is the highest body that regulates universities in Nigeria. So, feel free to increase your knowledge in your area of endeavor from the Open University of Nigeria

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