MTN Data Plan Updated: Codes, Validity with YouTube Pack

Note: I’ve tried my best to make sure that information regarding MTN data plan found here are up to date and correct.  But it is obvious we’ve no control over the service providers. So, they can decide to change their codes or remove a plan at their will.

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Therefore, if any of the MTN data plan codes, subscription and price did not work, use the link at the end of this post to visit MTN data plan webpage. You’ll always have real time updated MTN data plan and changes there.

If I say that MTN internet service remains the best in Nigeria today I may not be wrong. Reason being that users’ testimonies indicate that they enjoy fast and reliable internet speed.

Though, some subscribers complained that MTN tariff is high. But I usually ask them, of what benefit is a cheap and plenty data without speed? In addition, some MTN data users also complain of their data finishes’ fast.

If your data is running faster or finishing fast, Click Here to Learn how to save or manage your data.

MTN Data Plans, Subscription Codes and Validity Period

MTN has daily, weekly, monthly and 60 days/quarterly plans. In addition, the provide subscribers with special Youtube and other social media data plans. Let’s take a look into each of the plans.

MTN Daily Data Plan

50MB @ N100 For 24 Hrs

This plan comes with 25MB bonus that you can use anytime within the validity period of 24 hours.

Activation code SMS “104 “to 131

150MB @ N200 For 24 Hrs

Subscribing into this plans means you will enjoy 75MB bonus data with the validity period of a day.

Activation code is SMS “113” to 131

MTN Weekly Data Plan

150MB @ N300 For 7 Days

The weekly plans do not come with bonus. You stand to enjoy the validity of uninterrupted and reliable internet service for 7 days. Remember, usage determine how long your data will last.

To activate this plan send SMS 102 to 13

500MB @ N500 For 7 Days

For 7 days you’ll enjoy 500MB with N500. Though, this package doesn’t come with bonus.

To activate this plan SMS 103 to 131

MTN Data Plan – Monthly Subscription

1GB @ N1000 For 30 Days

The activation code is SMS “106” to 131

1.5GB @ N1,200 For 30 Days

Activation code is: SMS “130” to 131

2.5GB @ N2000 For 30 Days

Subscription code is: “110” to 131

5GB @ N3, 500 For 30 Days

To subscribe to this plan send SMS 107 to 131

10GB @ N5,000 For 30 Days

Activation Code is: SMS “116” to 131

22GB @ N10,000 For 30 Days

The subscription code is: SMS 117 to 131

MTN Data Plan – 60 and 90 Days Subscription

50GB @ N20,000 For 60 Days

This plan is for heavy data users. If you belong to this group then you stand to enjoy uninterrupted internet service from MTN for 60 days. The data will last base on how you use it.

Activation code is: SMS 118 to 131

85GB @ N50,000 For 90 Days

This is the quarterly plan for heavy MTN data users.

Activation Code for the plan is: SMS 133 to 131

If you need clarification on anything, Visit the Frequently Asked question of MTN data page Here

MTN Data Plan – YouTube Pack

It is clear that watching YouTube videos on line drains data crazily and we can’t stop watching videos. To ensure that subscribers watch live streaming or videos on YouTube, MTN has developed a special Data plan for You-tubers.

Yes, with the data plan below, you can enjoy watching YouTube videos at affordable and reliable rate. This YouTube MTN data plan is time bound, which means it is within a specific time frame in a day.

1 Hour YouTube Pack

With this plan you’ll enjoy uninterrupted I hour video streaming from Youtube, which last for 24 hours. In order words, you’ve 1 hour to watch videos on Youtube everyday you subscribe to this plan and it expires daily.

1 Hr Stream @ N150 Valid for 24 hours

To Activate, SMS VP1 to 131

3 Hour YouTube Pack

Subscribing to this MTN data plan for YouTube means you’ll enjoy 3 hours of watching videos in 24 hours. Any day you subscribe to this pack then 3 hours of uninterrupted live video streaming will be allotted to you

3 Hrs Stream @ N400 Valid for 24 hours

The activation Code is: SMS VP3 to 131

Because the YouTube pack is a daily subscription, you cannot roll it over. It is a data for immediate use.

To check your YouTube video streaming bundle balance then simply dial *559*18#. Also, you cannot share the data with anybody and it is not auto renewed. It starts reading or counting once you start watching video on YouTube.

For any question or clarification, Click here to visit the FAQ page on MTN official website

MTN Data Plan – Goody Bag Social

This package or data plan is for those that love chatting, twitting, sharing and commenting on social media. You’ll enjoy unlimited and reliable socializing from any social media of your choice through the APP.

The list of social Apps you can enjoy using this plan are Whatsapp, facebook, instagram, 2Go, Wechat and Eskimi.

This data plan has a daily, weekly and monthly subscription prices. The daily price goes for N25, while the weekly plan is N50 and monthly plan is N150.

Goody Bag – Daily Subscription

To unlock unlimited daily browsing on any of the Apps mentioned above, you need to subscribe with N25

To Unlock Whataspp

SMS “WAD” to 131 and to Stop or deactivate SMS “STOPWAD” to 131

To Unlock Facebook

SMS “FBD” to 131 and to Stop or deactivate SMS “STOPFBD” to 131

To Unlock Instagram

SMS “INSD” to 131 and to deactivate SMS “STOPINSD” to 131

To Unlock 2Go

SMS “2GoD” to 131 and to deactivate SMS “STOP2GoD” to 131

To Unlock Wechat

SMS “WCD” to 131 and to deactivate SMS “STOPWCD” to 131

To Unlock Eskimi

SMS “ESKD” to 131 and to deactivate SMS “STOPESKD” TO 131

Goody Bag – Weekly Subscription

To enjoy weekly or 7 days socializing with your favourite APP, you’ve to subscribe to this MTN data plan.

The price for the weekly subscription is N50.

To enjoy uninterrupted weekly WhatsApp chat for N50

SMS: WAW to 131 and to stop or deactivate SMS: STOPWAW to 131

To enjoy uninterrupted weekly Facebook chat for N50

SMS: FBW to 131 and to deactivate SMS: STOPFBW to 131

To enjoy uninterrupted weekly Instagram chat for N50

SMS: INSW to 131 and to deactivate SMS: STOPINSW to 131

To enjoy uninterrupted weekly 2Go chat for N50

SMS: 2GoW to 131. To deactivate, SMS: STOP2GoW to 131

To enjoy uninterrupted weekly WeChat chat for N50

SMS: WCW to 131. To deactivate, SMS: STOPWCW to 131

To enjoy uninterrupted weekly Eskimi chat for N50

SMS: ESKW to 131. To deactivate, SMS STOPESKW to 131

Goody Bag MTN Data Plan – Monthly Subscription

 To enjoy non-stop chatting and socializing through any of the APPs listed above for one month, then you need to subscribe with N150

WhatsApp Subscription

SMS WAM to 131. To deactivate, SMS STOPWAM to 131

Facebook Subscription

SMS: FBM to 131 and to deactivate is SMS: STOPFBM to 131

Instagram Subscription

SMS: INSM to 131. To deactivate, SMS STOP INSM to 131

 2Go Monthly Subscription

Text 2GoM to 131 and to cancel, text STOP2GoM to 131

WeChat monthly Subscription

Text WCM to 131. To Cancel, text STOPWCM to 131

Eskimi Monthly Subscription

Text ESKM to 131. To cancel, text ESKM to 131

MTN Data Plan – Conclusion

Click Here for real time updated data plan from MTN, in case you did not find what you are searching for on this post.

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