Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Marketing Cloud Email Specialist

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist-6 Extraordinary Certification Suggestions

This post is for you if one of your goals this year is to get your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification. Marketing is becoming one of the most valuable skills in the market, and more and more CEOs are coming from the marketing side of the business.

My main goal has been to teach new students, both employees, and customers, how to use the Marketing Cloud. I hold certifications as a Marketing Cloud Email Specialist, Marketing Cloud Consultant, Marketing Cloud Administrator, Administrator, Pardot Email Specialist, and Advanced Administrator.

My experiences as a teacher, mentor, and student have taught me how to prepare for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification exam and take any Salesforce Certification exam practically.

How do you get marketing cloud email specialist skills?

If you ever go to London, you’ll hear the phrase “Mind the gap” a lot when riding the Tube. Please do the same thing before I tell you these tips. Are you new to marketing?

You’re a pro at digital, but you’re new to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Or do you want to show that you are an expert by getting this credential? No plan works for everyone. So, make sure you pay attention to any holes in your project.

Read the test guide

You wouldn’t go on a trip without a map. Exam guides are a great way to determine what will be on the test and how much of each topic will be covered. You want to focus on the essential things, not the small ones.

Also, many of our clients use the Marketing Cloud differently. Even if you know how to get around part of the covered landscape, there may be parts you haven’t been to yet.

You can figure out what to do next with the help of the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Exam Guide.

Hit the trails

Don’t you want to stay in front? Start preparing for your Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification is a great path covering important information you need to know. But don’t stop here! If you haven’t noticed, the amount of Marketing Cloud content has grown over the past year, a trend that will continue.

Go to the search bar and find the subject you want to learn more about. Then, choose the path that fits you best. Email Deliverability Ideas and Quick Start: Start creating and Send a Message in Journey Builder are two of my favorites.

Go live

Trailhead Live is one of the most incredible things in the last few years. It gives you a chance to watch our pros dig into exciting topics. Think of the content on Trailhead Live as bite-sized training snacks based on a complete training course.

It’s a great place to go if you want to go over some course ideas that might not be clear. You can find some of the things I’ve posted and some great things that my colleagues have written.

The following sessions will be beneficial:

  • The Marketing Cloud: Roles and Permissions
  • Obtaining Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification: Data Designer and Attribute Groups

Don’t be confused by that last title. The idea of Contact Builder and attribute groups is also essential for the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification.

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Marketing Cloud Email Specialist-Take a webinar

In addition, Salesforce provides a significant number of webinars that you can participate in to acquire additional information regarding the Marketing Cloud. Check-in to find out what new subjects are being discussed, as many previously covered topics are available on-demand.

The webinar that covers preparing for your Marketing Cloud Email Marketing Specialist Certification is an excellent method to go over the principles you need to know to pass the test. Additionally, keep an eye out for our Certification Days.

You could find yourself wondering, What exactly are Certification Days? The information you will need to know to complete the certification exam is the primary emphasis of these one-day workshops. One day is not enough for us to teach you everything.

We also cannot go into detail about every topic that will be on the test. In any case, the best thing that we can do is separate the themes and begin exchanging hints and suggestions for mastering a subject. Teachers are also able to offer guidance.

Completing certification is like possessing all the necessary numbers for a combination lock. Students have sent me comments saying that Certification Days provided them with the final motivation they needed to move on to the next level.

Learn from the professionals

If you get the chance, you should enroll in the MKT101 class and learn how to build and analyze customer journeys utilizing the marketing cloud. This is one of the most critical pieces of advice I can give you.

This training began in the year 2020 and is lovely for five days. You will have the chance to examine the fundamentals of data, management, segmentation, email production, and automation, in addition to a great deal of other information.

 Take the test as a practice

By completing the Email Specialist Practice exam in advance of the actual examination, you will be able to determine the areas in which you excel and those in which you have more room for improvement.

Even if you have a significant amount of knowledge regarding the Marketing Cloud, you might not make use of all of its features.

When you begin taking a certification test, you must apply what you already know to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Certification examinations need us to think differently than we do daily, and the testing itself might help you focus on that particular ability.

Marketing Cloud Email Specialist-Conclusion

With this article, I am sure you’ve gotten the basic knowledge on what you need to become a marketing cloud email specialist.

It take a focus and determination to get it done. As you know nothing good comes easy. I usually advice to pick one of the methods mentioned above. Stick to it until you master what it takes to be success specialist in cloud email marketing.


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