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If you are looking for a loan app for Nigerians, this is the exact post you need. The coming of the internet has led to an evolution in the financial sector. Before you had to visit a bank to get a loan, even at that, you weren’t sure of getting it.

Loan app for Nigerians


These days, by downloading the new loan apps for Nigerians, you can get access to an urgent loan. Life has become easier, especially for low-income earners. You no longer have to wait until the end of the month to meet some of your financial needs.

The evolution we are experiencing in the financial sector is a result of Fintech entrepreneurs investing in the sector. They have been able to create mobile apps that help the man on the street get quick online loans in Nigeria.

We have put together a list of the top loan apps for Nigerians in this post. You will also learn how to use them when you are in need of an urgent loan.

Top loan App For Nigerians

What do you do when you are stuck midway through the month with no cash and needs to meet? You will agree that no one wants to lend another person any cash with the current state of the economy. Getting a loan from the bank at this point is completely out of the question too.

This is the exact problem these loan app for Nigerians were designed to solve. You no longer have to suffer until your next payday before you solve that problem. With a few steps on any of the new loan apps in Nigeria, you can get an urgent loan. It is that simple.

Let’s go through a few of these loan apps together in the next few paragraphs.

1. Branch Loan App

If you are looking for an efficient loan app for Nigerians, look no further. Branch loan app provides you loans with a few minutes of application. The good news is that you don’t need a guarantor or collateral to get a loan from Branch.

This is one of the best ways to get a 24hrs loan in Nigeria. The loan application process is as simple as A-B-C and once you are done, your funds hit your account.

Branch loan app functions in Nigeria, Kenya, and Tanzania. The company is looking to expand to other African countries in the nearest future. This is the trick with getting a loan from Branch, repay your loan early and increase your credit limit.

You can start borrowing from N5,000 which you repay in a month. The great thing with Branch is that you can repay your loan in installments. This makes it easier to meet up to your payments and avoid defaulting.

To get a loan from Branch, visit the company website here. You can also download the app and submit a loan application here.

2. Palmcredit Loan App

This is another really good loan app for Nigerians that offers you an urgent loan in Nigeria. Just like many other loan apps, there is no need for excessive documentation or collateral. Palmcredit gives you a very simple process to get a loan. No wonder many Nigerians like to use the app.

In a few minutes, you can apply for a quick loan. All you need to do is download the app from the Play Store. After this, register by following the instructions. This process shouldn’t take up to five minutes.

When this is complete, apply for your first loan from the app. The highest amount you can get from Palmcredit is N100,000 for now. To achieve this level, you need to be faithful with each repayment.

The more you repay, the higher the money you are able to get. Doesn’t this make life easier? Now you can access a loan from anywhere at any time you need it. When you begin, you have to repay loans between 7 and 14 days. As you grow with the app, this period is extended to 1 month.

You can also pay utility bills, load your phone, and transfer money through the app. The versatility of this app makes it one of the best new loan apps in Nigeria.

3. Carbon App

When this loan app first hit the market, it was known as Paylater. However, during a rebranding process, the company renamed the app Carbon. The app offers you a lot more than loans which is a huge advantage.

It is one of the only new loan app for Nigerians that allows you to invest in the app. The app has a feature known as the Carbon Wallet where you can save money. When transferring money from one wallet to another, there is no charge.

An investment in the app yields 15% every year which is a better interest rate than banks will offer. Let’s talk about getting a loan from the Carbon app. The process is simple and reliable. Download the app from the Play Store and register. There are simple instructions to follow during the registration process.

Once the registration is complete, apply for your first loan. When it is approved, you get your funds within five minutes or less. Repay this loan on time and you can get a higher loan. Keep doing this until you hit the highest amount you can borrow which is N1,000,000.

Carbon or Paylater also functions in Ghana and it plans to spread to the rest of Africa. Click here to visit the official website of Paylater to learn more about their rates and benefits. If you are in Ghana, you can click here.

4. Aella Credit Loan App

The first time this mobile app was launched, it only provided loans to the staff of companies that were linked to their network. With the expansion and evolution experienced in the financial loans sector, Aella Credit transformed its services.

Now, you have the opportunity to get a loan from Aella whether you have a job or not. The process is pretty straightforward and the rates are competitive. With this quick loan app, you can get access to the money you need to solve financial issues anytime.

Visit the Play Store to download the app and follow the instructions to register. Request for a loan after this and ensure you repay that loan on the due date or before. This way, you can improve your credit score and get more money.

5. FairMoney Loan App

Looking for a reliable loan app for Nigerians, one of your best options is the FairMoney Loan App. It is quick, straightforward, and very efficient. Through this app you can get a loan to service personal, educational, health, vehicle, and business needs.

Just like the other loan apps on this list, there’s no need to present collateral or a guarantor before getting a loan from FairMoney. Simply download the app and register. After doing this, submit a loan application which should be approved within minutes.

As long as you are creditworthy, you will always get a loan from this mobile loan app. The more you repay loans, the higher the amount of money you can get, just like the other loan apps.

One thing sets the FairMoney Loan App from the others, you can get loans specifically for educational purposes. You can also get a loan to sort out business issues. Visit FairMoney official website to learn more and download the mobile app. The highest amount of money you can get from FairMoney is N150,000.

6. Quickcheck App

From educational bills to medical bills to solving personal loans, the Quickcheck Loan App provides money for everything. This is why it is regarded as one of the best new loan app for Nigerians. Quickcheck loan app is very easy to use and it is reliable and efficient too.

By downloading the mobile app, you can get about N30,000 at a go. Simply register on the app and submit your loan application. Within a few minutes your application is evaluated and if your credit score is fine, you the application is approved.

Upon approval, you get the amount you applied for in your bank account without any hidden charge. You can also do a lot of other things with the app like loading airtime on your mobile line. Click here to download the Quickcheck loan app. Learn more about Quickcheck loans on the official website.

7. ALAT  App

If you are in search of a loan app for Nigerians owned by a bank, then you are looking for ALAT. This loan app was developed by WEMA Bank and it performs several functions.

When it was designed, it was meant to be a digital bank. With the evolution of the financial space by reason of technology, ALAT now provides loans. The highest amount of cash you can get from this loan app is N200,000.

You can do other things like open an account, transfer money, pay utility bills, and apply for an ATM card. This is how versatile the app is and lest we forget, you can also save money on the app. Click here to learn more and download ALAT.


A loan app in Nigeria is the new way to meet your urgent financial needs. There is so many loan app for Nigerians. Pick one of them and enjoy their amazing services.

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