Lead Nurturing Email Campaign
Lead Nurturing Email Campaign

Lead Nurturing Email Campaign With Examples

A lead nurturing email campaign is the most important aspect of an email campaign. It is important because it determines the extent the contacts on your list will be converted to buying customers.

The popular saying among online marketers that email marketing is the most profitable marketing channel depends on how your nurture your list.

In this post, I will provide answers to some questions related to lead nurturing. The questions are:

  • What is an email nurture campaign?
  • How to create a lead nurturing campaign?
  • How to write a lead nurturing email
  • What are the key elements of creating a lead nurturing strategy?
  • How many emails should be in a nurture sequence?

Follow me as we dissect each of these questions gradually.

What is an Email Nurture Campaign?

It is a series of emails arranged to automatically educate, remind, and promote goods and services to your prospects over a period. The email series is usually triggered once a prospect performs a particular action.

The lead nurturing campaign is the second stage of every email marketing campaign. The first stage is the welcome or introductory emails. 

And the second stage is designed to educate or promote the service or product in detail. 

How to Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign?

Remember, I said earlier that this is a very important section of email marketing. To stand out, you need to plan and prepare very well.

You will start planning by fully understanding your product’s features, benefits, pros, and cons. 

Educating your prospect entails explaining how your products will solve their problem. And that is what nurturing means in email marketing.

The next step is to utilize the automation function of your email marketing platform. Yes, the lead nurturing emails are a series you will send out on schedule.

Some of the best email automation software that will help you are Getresponse and Aweber. I strongly recommend these 2 because they have proven high email deliverability over the years.

After the education comes to the testimony or evidence emails series, part of your effort to nurture your email list is by showing them evidence that your product works.

Ensure you present to your leads real-life evidence that supports your claim that your product works. 

How to Write a Lead Nurturing Email

You must be careful when writing lead nurturing emails because your reader sees your sincerity in your write-up.

The first thing you should have in mind is to write in a simple way for easy readability. Your duty is to reveal your product in a simple manner as possible.

Always write to prove that you understand your prospect’s pains. So, be mild and concerned with the choice of words you use.

Also, when writing a lead nurturing campaign, you must explain your products’ benefits. Also, the features should be well explained in one of your email series.

Don’t shy away from telling your prospect the cons or disadvantages of your product or services.

You should also talk about how to use and assemble or disassemble in the case of physical products. 

Be as detailed as possible because your goal here is to prove that your product works. Or it solves the problem of your potential customer.

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How Many Emails should be in Nurture Sequence?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding how many emails should be in a nurture sequence. But market research by Noldus shows that most people say Nos nine times before a yes.

If you will consider this, it then means that you should have at least 10 email series in a lead nurture campaign.

As for me, I set at least twenty because after nurturing, I keep reminding my prospects. So, I have an email reminder sequence.

Again, the frequency at which you send your emails matters a lot. Most people feel disturbed when you send emails irrationally.

Therefore you should know how to space your email campaign.

This is how I send my lead nurturing email campaign. Once you get on my list, I will send you familiarity emails for 3 days. I will prepare your mind for my email series’s educational part.

After that, I send out 2 educational emails weekly for 2 to 3 weeks. Followed by testimonies emails from clients, and finally comes the promotional and reminder email for as long as you are on my list.

Lead Nurturing Email Campaign-FAQ

Do email nurture campaign work?

Yes is the answer to this question. Research by GC Beri shows that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you return $44.

The only reason this is possible is that an email nurture campaign works. You must nurture your prospects before they can buy from you.

Once you apply the right lead nurture strategy, you will get the desired result every marketer needs. And that is a very high return on investment. 

Lead Nurturing Email Campaign-Conclusion

Here are my lead nurturing examples that have worked for me over the years. It is obvious that you will get a high reward once you do the right things.

Email marketing is a marketing channel I encourage every online marketer to master. 


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