Lead Generation through Email Marketing-The Best Approach
Lead Generation through Email Marketing
Lead Generation through Email Marketing

Lead Generation through Email Marketing-The Best Approach

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The whole process of making massive sales using email marketing begins with one thing – lead generation.

In fact, the success of your email marketing depends majorly on your ability to generate high-quality leads. To do this, you need to understand what lead scoring or grading is all about. And that will help you avoid some obvious pitfalls in email marketing.

In this article, I will take you through different aspects of lead generation and how you can effectively generate high-value leads for your email marketing campaigns.

First, we’ll understand email leads and how to generate them. Then we will look at how to create effective email marketing campaigns. The email writing aspect won’t be left out, as I’ll explain to you how to write better lead generation emails.

So, stay with me as I take you through this process of securing quality leads for your email marketing.

What are Email Leads?

Email leads are people who indicate interest in your products or services by sharing their contacts with you. They do this by filling an opt-in form you provided at strategic points on your website or socials.

Once they are in, it is now your duty to nurture them into loyal customers, and you do this using valuable, persuasive (not spammy) emails.

What is Lead Generation in Email Marketing?

Lead generation in email marketing is the act of accumulating the contacts of people who would turn out to be your loyal customers.

The most important information you should look for is their email addresses and names. During the point of nurturing, you can request more information. This will help you in segmenting the contacts properly for effective email marketing.

Can I Buy Email Leads?

To be frank, buying email leads should not be in your plans at all. This is because it has more negatives than positives.

Let me explain.

A purchased email list is just a list of contacts who do not know about your business. But even if they do, they do not indicate interest in your products or services.

It is like offering to sell shoes to a man with both legs amputated. He can only see it as an insult. So what would his reactions be? He will either ignore you or say something you won’t like.

In this case, the contacts would either ignore you (which will affect your open rates and sales conversion) or report you as spam.

Believe me, generating and nurturing a few hundred contacts is far better than purchasing an email list of a million contacts.

Email Marketing Tips for Lead Generation

Lead generation is a strategic aspect of email marketing. If you do it well, you will reap the benefits for a very long period. So here are tips to help you generate quality leads for your email campaigns:

Use Lead Scoring or Grading to Get Quality Leads

Lead scoring or grading is a method of rating the quality of leads based on a number of factors. Things like their previous purchasing behaviours and interests are the most considered factors.

So, you have to figure out the worthiness of your leads and know if nurturing them will yield good results for your business.

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Exchange Value for Their Contacts

Except you’re buying email lists, there is nobody who will willingly give you their contacts without receiving anything in return.

That is why you should prepare lead magnets like information documents, videos or other valuable incentives. So, in trying to get these items, they happily give you their email addresses and names.

Now the good thing is, if they indicate interest in a video or document relating to what you sell, they will surely be interested in what you are selling.

Use Triggered Responses

Using triggered responses is a valuable technique in the lead generation process. Let’s understand better how it works.

When a contact joins your newsletter by filling out an opt-in form, you send them a welcome email. It will give them an overview of what to expect from you and how frequently you’d message them.

Now, you might want to get more information from them aside from their email addresses and names. So you’d embed some incentives under compelling call-to-actions; when they click, you redirect them to another page. Along the line, they’d eventually land on your sales page.

But the issue is that you can’t do this manually for every contact that joins your email list. That is why you should automate these processes. Every action they take would trigger something that will take them a step closer to the sales page.

Personalize Your Emails

Personalization is also essential in the lead generation process. This is because your contacts are humans from different parts of the World.

They have different interests, demographics, and behaviors. You must respect that by crafting your emails to meet their individual characteristics.

Use Attention Grabbing Subject Lines

You can’t get your newly generated contacts to read your emails if you don’t grab their attention from the beginning.

Your subject lines should make them feel they’ll be missing out on important information if they don’t open your emails.

How Do You Create a Lead Generation Email Campaign?

Creating your lead generation campaign requires you to follow the following steps:

Set Your Campaign Objective

Every email marketing campaign you’re creating should have a clear objective. In this case, your objective is to generate leads.

But you should be more specific by setting up goals for the campaign. How many leads do you want to generate at the end of a campaign, and how long will it take?

Determine Your Campaign Target

Once you’ve set your objective and goals, you should map out your target audience. Where are they from? What is their age bracket? What are their interests? This and more are the questions you should be asking.

Which Media Outlet are You Using?

You have to show up in their faces to get people to see your valuable content and opt-in to receive more.

Which media outlet can you use to reach your target audience more? Is it mainstream or social media?

Figuring this out will help you determine how to approach them. 

What is Your Offer?

You should be offering something in exchange for your audience’s contact information. In this case, we call it a lead magnet.

It could be a document or video or anything valuable enough to make your target audience give up their personal information to you.

What is Your Follow-up Strategy?

Once you’ve gotten their contacts, you need to follow up with them. It is called lead nurturing.

You need to follow them up until they make their first purchase, then second, and maybe third till they eventually become loyal customers.

How to Write a Lead Generation Email

Writing is a crucial aspect of lead generation. You have to be strategic in your writing to ensure you’re not boring your contacts at any time.

These tips could help:

Segment Your Audience

When you segment your audience into different email lists, you will find it easy to write to them. That is because you will know the right tone and message to convey to any group.

Use Compelling Subject Lines

As I said earlier, your subject lines determine whether your prospects’ emails will open your email or not. You should strive to make them compelling and valuable.

Create a Sense of Urgency

The human mind is wired to relax when there is no urgency attached to a thing. You should make your leads feel like they’ll be missing out if they don’t read your emails or answer your CTA at that moment they’re seeing it.

Keep it Short

Keep your emails as short as possible. It will encourage your readers to read and pay attention while doing it.

However, you shouldn’t leave out valuable information because you want to keep your message short.

Inform or Educate

You should use emails to nurture your audience to become loyal customers. To do this, you have to inform and educate them on your product’s benefits.

Customers usually do not know what they want or why they want a product. You have to clear their ignorance using your write-ups. 

Lead Generation Email Marketing Tools

Here are lead generation email marketing tools that could be very useful to you:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Drip
  • MailChimp
  • LeadPages
  • Unbounce. 

Lead Generation through Email Marketing-Conclusion

Lead generation, when done correctly, can bring an end to all your email marketing worries. Issues like low open rates, poor sales conversion, low clickthrough rates etc., will become things of the past. 


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