Latest Online Money Making Opportunities In Nigeria

Providing and selling useful information and rendering of services are the latest online money making opportunities today. Virtually 95% of people that surf the internet do so with the intent of getting useful information. In fact, many of them are ready to pay for useful information.

Therefore, if you have the ability to provide useful information then it is a money making opportunity. The question many people seeking for latest online money making opportunities ask is, What kind of information am I talking of, and how can they provide it?

Kind of Information that pays

People are ready to pay for problem solving information. In fact, learning the act of sourcing and presenting problem solving information will definitely change anybody’s financial situation for good. In other words, it is called information marketing.

Nowadays the level of internet penetration in Nigeria is high. Over 50% of Nigerians turn to internet for solution to their problems. Men go online to search for information on how to stop premature ejaculation. Youths and unemployed turn to the internet to search for how to make money online.

In addition, women turn to the internet to search for information on how to overcome infertility. The aged and some unfortunate young people turn to the internet for information on how to cure diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure and many more.

In general, a lot of people turn to the internet to get information on how to overcome one problem or the other.

So, your ability to source, package and present worthy information will really make you some good money. The good news is you can package any type of information even without being an expert on that area or field.

For instance, I have personally sold thousands of forever living products online posing as a doctor. But of a truth, I am a trained engineer. All I do is to get real information on the product I am marketing, equally get good knowledge of the illness the supplement cures and off I go selling it.

Therefore, if you’re still searching for latest online money making opportunities in Nigerian then start considering going into information marketing.

How to Present the Information?

The first step in presenting your information is through the use of the right platform. And the right platform to use is CMS (content management system) otherwise known as blog. So, blogging is all you need to start from today.


Blogging is an act of presenting your information on an electronic journal for public consumption. It is the latest and always the sure means of making money online as a Nigerian.

There are basically 5 steps to becoming a good blogger. Before then, I will like to inform you that it is always good to start with paid hosting blog.

Paid hosting blog means that you have to buy a domain name, which is equivalent to normal shop name. For instance, “relaxedmode.com” is a domain name. “google.com” is a domain name and many more. In addition, you need to buy a hosting package with any of the hosting companies such as namecheap.com, bluehost.com, and many more.

The reason for paid hosting blog is that you will have total control over your website. You can easily tweak it to your taste without anybody saying you have gone contrary to their policies.

If you’re a beginner and you’re under tight budget then you can start with the free version. The free version also works but you’ll be restricted in some cases. For instance, lindaikeji.blogspot.com is a free domain and she makes hell lot of money from it. Though, she has redirected it to a paid hosting package.

2 Steps to successful Blogging

  • Passion
  • Mentor


Successful bloggers make money blogging on what they love (passion). Their love for a particular area of life will make them dig deep in sourcing information that will help others. Yes that is true. But my personal experience show that the passion you need to succeed as a blogger is passion for blogging.

So, if you want to blog, you should have passion for blog and that will make you blog about any topic. I have blogged about dating, health issues, safety, survival and making money online because I have passion for blogging.

Therefore, one of the latest online money making opportunities is developing passion to blog your way to success. The passion for blogging will make you continue even when the result or money is not fast coming.


The fastest way to make money in life is by learning from the rich. Therefore, if you want to make money fast as a blogger then you must get a successful blogger as a mentor. A mentor shortens your learning curve by over 80%.

My candid advice is that you should make sure that the mentor is a practicing one. You should go for a mentor that is doing what he or she preaches.

It is your mentor that will introduce you to other things to do such as domain name registration, hosting, installing, configuration, keyword research, content writing and many more.


The next latest online money making opportunity is freelancing. Some writers are of the opinion that freelancing is the top most money making opportunity in Nigeria today but I usually disagree because the income is not passive.

Freelancing means rendering particular professional job(s) for exchange of money, in other words, you get paid for working for somebody online. Presently there are high demands for copywriters, web content developers, web designers, graphic designers, social media marketers, logo designers, virtual assistance and many more.

Therefore, if you’re skilled in any of these mentioned above then you stand the chance of making money online today.

One good thing about this latest online money making opportunity in Nigeria today is that you don’t need a blog to start. There are established platform for you. All you have to do is to sign up and tell the world what you can offer for money.

The only shortcoming freelancing have is that if you‘re really good in your area of endeavor, then you’ll always work round the clock. Do you see why I said the income is not passive? Online freelancing is work and earn process.

Findworka.com, jo-lancer.com, justfrom5k.com, sourcegig.com, alance.co, gigsnigeria.com, backendskills.com are some of the freelance website you can easily sign up and start making money today.

Latest Online Money Making Opportunities- Wrap up!

I am convinced that latest online money making opportunities mentioned above will really help you make some money. But I will not hesitate telling you, that if you’re desperate to get rich today, don’t even bother venturing into any of them, because genuine online businesses are not get rich quick programs.

Making money online is like every other business you can think of. It involves planning and execution and waiting for it to mature. Therefore, if you are seriously searching for latest online money making opportunities that will change your life for good then be ready to work it out.

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