Jumia Online Shopping – Advantages and Disadvantages


Jumia online shopping platform is recognized as the largest online mall in the whole of Africa. As a matter of fact this store is one of the best and most reputable places to make purchases online. Jumia provides clients the opportunity to buy items at affordable rates in the most convenient manner.

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On the Jumia website, you get access to a variety of commodities like electronics, clothes, shoes, foodstuff, computers and computer accessories, mobile phones, cars, etc. You can buy almost anything on Jumia.

Most people do not know it but Jumia is a two-way market. You can sell your products on Jumia and you will not regret it.

To make purchases on Jumia online shopping mall, you can either visit the website or download the app. You also need to sign up on the site to carry out any transaction. This writes up will provide you some of the disadvantages and advantages of making purchases on Jumia online store.

Jumia Online Shopping – Disadvantages

I decided to start with the disadvantages of buying on Jumia because I really don’t want my fellow Nigerians to have bad experiences when buying online.

The first reason you may be afraid of buying from Jumia is that they offer just 15 days money-back guarantee, and they start counting the 15 days from the day the product gets to the state you are, even if you have not received the product.

A 15-day money-back guarantee is a pure act of wickedness because other shopping malls like Amazon have at least 30 days money-back guarantee policy.

My personal experience has shown that they don’t have most of the products on their website in stock. So, once you place an order they will place an order to foreign sellers. So, if they finally deliver your products and it is in bad condition and you report to them, their response will be “There is nothing we can do about that”

Finally, they no longer accept payment on delivery, which makes buying from Jumia very risky as buying from any other online shopping mall.

Jumia Online Shopping – Advantages

Reliable Services

There are several online stores in Nigeria and in Africa but what sets Jumia market apart is the fact that the services on the site are very reliable.

You hardly have complains when you make orders from Jumia because they will deliver the item on time and in perfect condition. Jumia ensures that you get the exact product you order for and it arrives when you expect it to.

Hitch Free Services

Jumia online shop is one of the very few online stores that you can trust a hundred percent. When carrying out transactions in Jumia market, you’ve no need to fear as they match up with any online store on the planet in terms of service delivery.

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Some other online stores do not respond to their clients or respond very late if the need arises. This is not the case with Jumia, you can be sure to get in contact with someone every time you’ve a complaint.

Jumia pays rapt attention to customers’ needs.

Everyone that visits Jumia online shopping platform does so because they have a need to be meet. This is the same for every online or physical store that you visit. Most of these other stores are more focused on getting profit than satisfying the needs of the customers.

Jumia’s online store is not one such stores. You’ve access to customer care numbers that you can call every time you have a need. You can also contact the customer care service via email. The company ensures that the interfaces on the mobile app and the website are customer friendly.

You do not need to be a computer whiz to use the store interface. All you need is to be able to read and to understand how to use your device. The jumia market app also helps give you updates on the latest promos and price drops on frequently checked items.

The company constantly update their website and app to ensure that that they satisfy their customers. Jumia App and website have a search feature which makes it easy to find any product you want. All you need to do is type the name of the product in the search bar and click the search button.

Jumia Online Shopping -Availability of products

Jumia online shopping store has established partnerships with different product vendors and manufacturers from all over the globe. These partnerships have enabled Jumia market have a plethora of goods at their disposal to satisfy the different customer needs.

They have so many products; you might get confused browsing through the site if you’re not sure of what you planned to buy initially. Therefore, make sure you have a list of what to buy on Jumia market before going to the site.

There are so many brands of the same class of commodities with different price tags. This enables customers have a variety of products to choose from. Asides the products being available, the products are best qualities money can buy.

You can be assured of this because Jumia ensures that it carries out security and quality assurance checks on every product before purchase.

Jumia Online Shopping -Affordability

When you compare the prices of products sold on Jumia to products on other online or physical stores, you’ll discover that Jumia offers the cheapest prices on the market. Interestingly, the products are of very high quality, yet affordable.

Jumia is reputable for giving its customers value for money. Best quality products at the cheapest prices are their aim. Some people consider this as one of the reasons Jumia online store is the most visited website in Nigeria and the most patronized online mall in West Africa.

To be sure you’re getting the best from Jumia online shopping store, read individual reviews from other buyers and users of the product you intend buying.

Jumia Online Shopping -Reliable Return Policy

Jumia return policy is top notch among other online stores in Nigeria and Africa in general. Sometimes there may be error in sending the desired product to the buyers or sending malfunctioning products to buyers.

If for any reason you experience any of the errors above, don’t panic because Jumia online store is their to help you to the point of enjoying your product.

Cheap Phones and Tablet Prices

To get a return on product or refund, take time and read the Jumia online shopping return policy carefully. Because it will help you follow the instruction carefully and to get a response in a very short time.

Jumia Online Shopping –Timely Delivery

This feature is one of the reasons most Nigerians chose Jumia market against others. Buying products on Jumia online store is almost like buying from the closet shop around you because you’ll get delivery of your product within the shortest period.

For those in Lagos and its environs get their products within 24 hours of purchase, which makes it the fastest among others. According to the Jumia delivery terms, it can take up to 21 days to deliver goods at some areas in Nigeria.

But, testimonies from buyers show that Jumia online store usually beat the deadline. In fact, Jumia Market has spread almost all corners of Nigeria making delivery fast as 7 days.

Flexibility of Payment

Jumia online shop offers the most customer-friendly array of payment options. The most lovable among customers is the payment on delivery option which allows the customer to inspect the item before paying for it.

Who doesn’t love that? Once the item fits the description of what you ordered and you are satisfied with the features and operation you can make your payment.

You could also decide to make payment using your credit or debit cards. This way the charge is placed directly on your bank account.

There you have it, the major advantages you derive from patronizing Jumia online shopping for your purchases. 


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