Investment For Real Investors

A real investor is a person who understands that investment is like a newborn baby that takes time, effort, persistence and patience to grow.

Financially, a real investor is a person that believes in constant ROI over a long time no matter how little it is.

This means that the minimum time an investor will wait for an investment to mature is one year and the maximum should be 5 years.

A lot of Nigerians lack this knowledge that is why they fall victim of failed investment year in year out.

I am sure you are aware of MMM, Umana and many others.

The most recent is  http//punchng.com/we-thought-forex-trading-would-bring-us-fortunes-n233m-fraud-victims/

Please take note. Forex trading is a wonderful business but it cannot generate 20% monthly ROI over a reasonable time.

One common denominator of all these failed investment scheme is that they promise between 20 and 30% monthly interest.

Do you know that a 20% monthly return on investment amounts to 240% ROI annually?

Do you know that a 30% monthly return on investment amounts to 360% annually?

Dear reader, that is crazy and unsustainable.

Warning: Never start a business with borrowed money. But you can invest in an existing and established business with a borrowed money or loan.

Real Investment

If you are here, you must have read how to start the transport business and grow it fast from me.

My write up is practically based on my many years of doing the transport business.

In fact, I wonder what I would have been doing if I hadn’t added a transport business in one of my lines of making money.

Now I am willing to open up this opportunity to serious and real investors.

I have a fleet of tricycles (KEKE) running in the city of Yenagoa Bayelsa state.

I am opening an opportunity for investors who are willing to tap into the world of transport business.

How it Works:

I am willing to give out a 25% ROI annually, which translated to 2.0% monthly. While your investment capital remains intact over the year.

An interested investor must start with minimum of 4 KEKEs, which amounts to the total sum of N3 million Naira going by the current price of KEKE of N715,000

Option 2

Buy a minimum of 4 Keke and give it to the company on a Hire purchase of N1M, which every payment must be made within 1 year.

This means we will be returning the sum of 300,000 monthly for the 4 Kekes.

This offer is just for a limited time and opened for the first 5 investors.

I am open to further discussion on 07033680227


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