Instant Loan in Lagos – How to Source it Fast

I always thank God for the existence of internet. If not for internet where can one go for instant loan in Lagos? With the help of simple online search you can get addresses of many money lenders that are willing to give out quick loan even without collateral.

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However, you’ve to make a diligent investigation on who gives best soft loans in Lagos or quick online loans in Nigeria.

Therefore, I’ve compiled list of reliable money lenders that can provide instant loans in Lagos today that have flexible plan. I investigated these loan providers in various aspects to know how really they have the borrowers in mind.

Before, going into details of these fast cash loans Lagos providers, let me offer you piece of advice regarding loans. The advises are:

  • Don’t ever go for loan with the purpose of starting a business. There are lots of uncertainties when it comes to starting and running a business. So, it’s better to start with whatever you’ve and if it’s successful then you can go for soft loans in Lagos to expand.
  • Pay much attention to the interest rate and flexibility of payment. Some may have high interest rate but have a very flexible payment plan. While some have low interest rate but have rigid payment plan. So be very careful when dealing with instant loan in Lagos providers.

Hope you’ve gotten the gist; let’s consider these quick online loans in Nigeria providers one after another.

  1. Paylater

Paylater.ng is at the top of the list because their process and payment plan are very simple, fast and flexible. Also, this instant loan in Lagos platform made the top list because you don’t need collateral or a commitment fee to get the loan.

Above all, it is open the every Nigerian whether you are a civil servant or not as long as you’ve a Nigerian bank account. And it takes between 5 minutes and 15 minutes to access the loan.

Paylater Instant Loan in Lagos -How Does it Work?

You must own an android phone because you can only access the loan through paylater mobile App. So, go to Google play store, download and install the APP.

Make sure you read the instructions, terms and conditions of using the platform. If you’re okay with the terms then accept and continue. But if you’re not okay with the terms then reject and delete the App from your phone.

Assuming you agree and continues, you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll input your details. Such as your name, state of residence, home address and BVN number. That is an online KYC.

After which youl’l fill a form on how much you need. As a starter or if you’re new to this instant loan in Lagos platform the maximum amount you can apply is N10, 000.

Once your application is approved then your account will be credited.



Make sure that your name and date of birth you’ve on your BVN will match with what you’ll input on the paylater application form.

  1. Zedvance

Zedvance is one of the Nigeria’s best and fast loan platforms you can approach for fast cash. What I love about Zedvance is that you can visit them at their office for over the counter loan or apply online.

If you’re not good with online form filling or protocols then you can approach them in person. My biggest challenge with this instant loan in Lagos platform is that they only consider civil servants. You’ll mortgage your salary account and pension account if you really want to get loan from them.

Their interest rate is low but repayment plan is rigid. As at the time of writing this report they only accept one time repayment. Though, people were complaining then, so they may have changed policy.

Anyway, go over to their website using the link below to find out for yourself.


  1. Kwikcash

If you’re interested in another quick loan without collateral in Nigeria platform then kwikcash is a place to go. The platform is very reliable because it was formed by partnership between banks, mobile operators and tech companies.

You can access loan up to N500, 000 without collateral. The interest rate ranges from 5% to 15%. The borrowing and repayment period is between 14 days and 30 days.

You can visit the site here

Though, they are reliable, but to my own opinion, their terms are rigid. In fact, this instant loan in Lagos platform is designed for those that are seeking for short term loan. That means you must be sure of getting the money before the short period elapse.


  1. CreditVille

CreditVille has lot of loan option for people. They have provision for business loans, cab hire purchase loan, advance salary loan and real estate loan. The process is a bit rigorous because you must do some documentation.

Their payment plan is very flexible. In fact, you can top –up your loan without waiting to pay off the previous loan. You can access a minimum of N250, 000 to a maximum of N2, 000,000 as long as you’re a salary earner.

Creditville has a lot to offer as long as you meet their demand. They are the instant loan in Lagos platform with the highest number of branches in Nigeria.

Check them out Here

  1. KiaKia

Kiakia is another fast cash loans Lagos platform that are equally reliable. Their process of granting loan is also flexible. Their only difference with others is that their interest count by day.


Instant Loan in Lagos – Wrap Up

Above is the list of instant loan in Lagos platform that you can apply soft loans in Lagos today. This list is based on Alexa ranking and user experience or customer reviews.

Some of them offer quick loans without collateral while some don’t. No matter any one you’ll go for, take time to read the terms and conditions because any failure on your part will spell doom to your credit score.

Also, pay much attention to the interest rate and the flexibility of payment by any of the instant loan in Lagos or quick online loans in Nigeria platform.

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