Landing Page in Email Marketing
Landing Page in Email Marketing

Importance of Landing Page in Email Marketing

The importance of a landing page in email marketing cannot be overemphasized. That is why I crafted this post to deeply understand what a marketing landing page is.

Also, you will learn the types of email marketing landing pages and how to create an attention-grabbing landing page.

One indisputable fact established among online marketers is that email marketing is the most profitable channel for promoting digital and physical products. 

There are lots of factors that make email marketing very profitable. One of the factors is the landing page.

Without mincing words, a marketing landing page contributes to over 80% success of your email marketing campaign. So, it is a factor you must pay serious attention to when creating an email marketing campaign. 

Without further ado, let’s deeply consider the details of the landing page in email marketing.

What is a Marketing Landing Page

The name said it all. However, let me throw more light on a marketing landing page. It is a stand-alone page on a website designed to market your products.

Visitors or prospects land on the marketing page when they click on the link in your email series.

That is the relationship and one of the importance of landing pages in email marketing. The landing page acts as the salesperson for you because it contains all the fact that convinces a prospect to buy.

Elements of  a Landing Page

 The landing page in email marketing is designed to covert or sell for you. Therefore, there must be an essential point that will convince your readers to entrust you with their hard-earned money.

Here is the list of the elements of a landing page:


An attention-grabbing landing page begins by telling the reader exactly what he is going through. That means you have to mention the problems as they affect the reader. It shows that you really understand your prospect’s feelings.

Personal Introduction                           

A personal section is where you fully introduce yourself and why your prospects should listen to you. At this point, you have to show you’re an expert in the field you are marketing.

Your Success

From the onset, you claimed to have known your prospect’s pains because you were once there. The success section tells a story of how you overcame the situation, which is why you have the right to sell it.

Product Introduction

At this point, your reader must have been fired up to see the solution to the problem. So it is time to introduce the product. You have to explain in detail the benefits and features of your product at this point.


You have to prove that your product really works. And that you do by presenting honest reviews for your previous clients.

Guarantee and Bonus

To prove you are confident in your product, you must back it up with a full money-back guarantee. In addition, provide bonuses that will add up to the benefit of your product.

Types of Landing Page in Email Marketing

There are majorly two types of a landing pages in email marketing. The first is squeezed or lead capture page, and the second is called a sales landing page. 

The lead page is designed to capture prospects’ vital information. Such as name, phone numbers, and email addresses by offering a gift such as an ebook.

The lead page works great when you engage in email blasting. Email blasting is the sending of random and unsolicited emails to people.

Such emails contain links that lead to a squeeze page that collects emails from interested fellows.

I have discussed the sale landing page in email marketing extensively above. So, it plays the role of selling your product for you.

As I earlier said, the importance of a landing page in email marketing cannot be overemphasized. As you can see, a landing page serves as a middle man between you and your prospect.

So you have to treat it with utmost care. But then, how do you get a landing page in place? That leads us to how to create a landing page.

How to Create an Email Landing Page

Before now, creating an email landing page cost a fortune, but with many tools available now, you can create one easily.

The fastest way to create an email landing page is to use the tools available in your email marketing platform.

Almost every email marketing platform out there has an email landing page creation feature. As an email marketing expert, I am, I have used so many email marketing platforms. 

I will tell you that the easiest among them for creating email landing pages are Aweber and Getresponse.

These two platforms have a comprehensive video tutorial on how to create an email landing page in a jiffy. 

Another way to create an email landing page is to outsource it to professionals. You can get reliable email landing page creators on Fiverr.

Importance of Landing Page in Email Marketing-FAQ

Do you need a landing page for email marketing?

Yes, you need it. It is compulsory and must be of a high standard. Without a landing page, there is no way you can make sales.

Due to the its importance , I usually suggest you outsource it to a professional.

Which is the most Important Function of Landing Pages in Email Marketing?

The important function of a landing page depends on your marketing objective. If you are in for conversion, the important function is selling.

If your objective is to sieve your email contacts, then the important function should be to capture emails.

Importance of Landing Page in Email Marketing-Conclusion

Obviously, you can’tcan’t have smooth and profitable email marketing without a standard landing page.

A landing page is technically having you standing before your prospect. So, you have to make it convincing and adorable.

With this, you can tap into the profitability of email marketing.

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