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how to design email marketing campaign
How to design email marketing campaign

How to Design Email Marketing Campaign

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How to design email marketing campaign? Hardly will you succeed in your business if you do not know how to leverage the power of email marketing. Designing a successful email marketing campaign is a superpower most top businesses do not take for granted.

Being the most used marketing channel, you must put good efforts and resources into email marketing.

In this article, I will explain to you what an email marketing campaign is all about, how it works and how you can design an effective one.

What is an Email Marketing Campaign?

An email marketing campaign is an email or an organized series of emails a marketer sends to his contacts.

The marketer sends out these emails with one goal in mind. It could be to get his contacts to download a document, visit a web page or make a purchase.

That is why an email marketing campaign would never be complete without a clear and compelling call to action (CTA) because a CTA is what gets the contacts to take the needed action to make the marketer’s goals a reality.

How Do Email Marketing Campaigns Work?

Creating a successful email marketing campaign requires you to do these three things:

Build And Segment Your Email List

An active email list is a marketer’s greatest asset. To run a successful email marketing campaign, you need a list of contacts interested in what your brand offers.

To get these contacts, you need to offer something to your selected audience. It could be anything from a document or video to a discounted purchase voucher.

This thing you’re offering your audience is called an offer or a lead magnet. You offer it in exchange for their email addresses.

Once you’ve gathered the email addresses, you have to segment them based on the demographics and interests of the owners.

How do you know their demographics and interests? By asking. Yes, you can email them with a form requesting to get more information about them. In exchange for this, you can offer another juicy package to them.  

Create Your Email

Once you’ve built and segmented your email list, the next thing is to craft your email or series of emails. At this moment, you already know what different segments of your email list want.

However, this email or series of emails should be created with your campaign goals in mind. If your goal is to create brand awareness, then your email messages should be designed to achieve that.

And if your goal is to make a sale, craft your email to put your contacts in the buying mood.

Send, monitor and improve your campaign.

When you feel your campaign is ready, with your goals fully captured, you hit the send it. Once it is sent, the monitoring and improvement stage kicks in.

You monitor to know what works and what doesn’t. Then you make changes and monitor again. You do it continually until the campaign starts giving you the expected results.

So, this is basically how an email marketing campaign works. You build an email list, segment it, craft a series of compelling emails, and then send and monitor how it performs.

Tips for on How to Design Email Marketing Campaign Effectively

To achieve a successful email marketing campaign, take these tips seriously:

Personalize Your Emails

Personalizing your emails makes your contacts think you’re addressing them personally.

It makes it feel like they are having a face-to-face conversation with someone who knows much about them.

Because how else would you be sending them a message capturing their first names, locations, purchasing interests, etc.? Personalized emails have proven to be the most converting ones.

Optimize for Mobile

Most people would be reading your emails with your mobile phones. I’m sure you don’t want an important part of your message cropped out on their phones.

Optimize your emails to be responsive to both mobiles and desktops. It will improve readability and, eventually, conversions.

Re-engage Your Inactive Subscribers

Sometimes your email does not get to your contacts due to some errors.

It could be you sent at an odd hour, probably when they were sleeping. By the time they are up, many other emails have replaced yours in the first few pages of their inbox.

Approximately 333.2 billion emails are sent in a day. Your contacts might be receiving over 50 emails a day. What makes you think they would scroll until they see yours?

That is why you should always re-engage inactive subscribers. Your email service provider might have a feature that automates this for you.

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Automate Your Emails

Now, this is very important. Managing an email list can be a daunting task. All your emails won’t get read at the same time.

Even if they are, they won’t be responded to at the same time. So you might not have the time to reply to the responses at different times.

That is why you should automate your emails. You can automate it based on the behavioural responses of your subscribers. You can activate email automation in your email software to send certain emails once a subscriber performs certain actions.

Use Stories and Emotions

Stories and emotions are deep connection strategies. Everyone likes a good story. Use stories and emotions to drive home your sales message, and you’d see results.

Send Emails at the Right Time

Your subscribers can be from different time zones. This is why email segmentation is important. If your email list is properly segmented, you’d know the best time to send out emails to your contacts.

Sending emails to your contacts when they are probably sleeping in the middle of the night will always be the worst email marketing strategy.

What Makes a Good Email Marketing Campaign?

An email marketing campaign is seen as good or effective if it has the following qualities:

  • Clear-cut goals
  • Relevance
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Great subject lines
  • Good readability

Email Marketing Campaign Strategy and Design

An email marketing campaign strategy refers to the series of procedures or steps you take to send emails to your contacts.

A good email campaign strategy has a given goal or objective. This makes it easy to measure the progress of the campaign.

To design an effective email marketing strategy, you simply have to follow these steps:

  • Set clear goals and objectives
  • Build an email list
  • Segment your email list
  • Create a good email marketing calendar
  • Create your email marketing campaigns
  • Launch and test your email campaigns.

It is important that you know that a series of strategies without a particular goal in mind are mere tactics. They can achieve results, but you won’t be able to measure the results.

If you can’t measure your results, you won’t be able to know whether your campaign strategy is successful or not.  

How to Design Email Marketing Campaign -Conclusion

Here are the exact steps on how to design email marketing campaign that works. It has been tested and approved as the most reliable way of growing a business via email marketing.

In case you need help in any way, use the comment section below to ask your question

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