How to Create a Catchy Email Newsletter Design Layout
How to Create a Catchy Email Newsletter Design Layout
How to Create a Catchy Email Newsletter Design Layout

How to Create a Catchy Email Newsletter Design Layout

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Are you wondering how you can create a catchy email newsletter design layout? Continue reading this post to find out.

The potency of a great email newsletter design layout cannot be overemphasized. This is because emails are still the most important marketing tool out there.

The problem is that your email marketing campaigns will not deliver great results without a top-notch newsletter design layout. This post will provide helpful tips and guidelines to help you out.

Email Newsletters Explained

In case you are new to the email marketing world, let’s first explain what email newsletters are. These pieces of content inform your audience about specific sales, news bits, promotions, and events.

You can also use email newsletters to distribute content from your websites such as videos, articles, or even social media posts.

In simple terms, email newsletters help you to build a relationship with your target audience. The good news is that there are no limits to what you may add to these newsletters.

Newsletters are different from regular emails since you have to use a design layout and follow certain rules to achieve success.

How to Create a Catchy Professional Email Newsletter

Now that you know what email newsletters are, let’s show you how to create a catchy professional email newsletter. The steps below should guide you:

Step 1: Outline your goals

Every marketing campaign, including email marketing, should have specific goals. Do you want to gain more leads, generate traffic, or boost your contact list? Your priority will drive your email newsletter design layout and the newsletter content.

Step 2: Choose the kind of content you want to work with

As mentioned earlier, email newsletters are so versatile because they can contain any kind of content. However, you don’t just pick any kind of content because you like it. You should choose the kind of content based on the goals of your email marketing campaign. Check out some examples below:

  • To provide value and educate customers: You should choose valuable content that educates your audience such as blog articles.
  • To establish credibility: In this case, you need to choose content that helps you to stand above the competition. You can also include case studies and testimonials.

Step 3: Choose your email marketing platform

The market is filled with loads of email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Convertkit, Sendinblue, etc.

We suggest that you should check the capabilities, features, and pricing of each platform. After doing this, you can pick out a platform that suits your purposes the most.

Step 4: Customize or create an email newsletter design template

Many email marketing platforms come with email newsletter design templates. You can choose from existing templates and customize them for your content. Alternatively, you can create a new template from scratch.

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Step 5: Carry out testing

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an email marketing platform is testing. You should only choose a platform that allows for A/B testing.

When you are done crafting your newsletters, you should carry out tests. These tests help you figure out what works and where you need to make adjustments. Fix everything that you should before going ahead.

Step 6: Make your newsletter GDPR compliant

Creating email newsletters is just one step of the way. You also need to ensure that your email newsletters are GDPR compliant. Some laws guide email newsletters and yours should meet these requirements. The emails should also display correctly and be responsive on different devices.

Step 7: Track performance

What’s the point of running marketing campaigns without tracking performance? Tracking performance helps you to measure success and figure out if you are hitting your KPIs. Analyze the results then work on improvements where necessary to get better results in the future.

How to Create a Basic Catchy Email Newsletter Design Layout

Do you want to design a professional email newsletter? One of the most important factors is your email newsletter design layout. This section will show you how to create a basic catchy email newsletter design layout.

Make your email newsletter design layout user-friendly

When choosing an email newsletter design layout, you should go for one that is user-friendly. The idea is that your reader should enjoy going through the newsletter with ease.

This means that you should work with a fluid pattern in your designs. While many templates provide this, you should consider one that presents a Z-pattern.

This type of layout splits your newsletter into chunks and mixes it with images. With this, your readers can easily focus on a content item at a time. This pattern also provides sufficient breathing room for your content which makes it easy on the eye.

Place the most important information first

One of the most important rules of crafting a catchy email newsletter design layout is putting important information first. To achieve this, you need to place the featured content first, just beneath the header.

Place your main message here as well. You should also add a CTA button just beneath this information so that your readers can see it early enough.

Include engaging graphics

Ensure that you display your content in blocks that mix text with images. Don’t make your text too overbearing and ensure that there is a proper balance between graphics and text. Graphics can be images or videos, depending on which you think will appeal more to your audience.

Work with clear CTAs

As mentioned earlier, ensure that your CTA comes up as early as possible in your newsletter. When adding CTAs, ensure that they are clear enough for the reader to understand. As such, you should consider using buttons or promotional text that are catchy.


Your email newsletter design layout determines if your email marketing campaign will be successful or not. This post has shown you how to create a catchy layout for your emails to attract the engagement you seek. It has also provided a set of guidelines for crafting professional email newsletters.

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