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Godaddy Email Marketing

How Does GoDaddy Email Marketing Work?-Learn and Earn

Goddady is a household name for hosting websites and registering a domain name. What most people don’t know is that they also offer world-class email marketing services. In this post, we will examine what GoDaddy email marketing is and how it works.

As you know, no other marketing channels can be compared with email marketing. Yes, if done rightly, email marketing can generate thousands, even millions of dollars as profit for businesses.

The success of this marketing channel is all about building strong relationships and trust between both parties before selling.

Goddady provides a wonderful platform for every business to utilize in acquiring, nurturing, and finally selling to the customer. Hence the reason for this GoDaddy email marketing review.

What is GoDaddy Email Marketing?

GoDaddy email marketing is the use of the Godaddy platform to carry out your email campaign. The platform is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, which offers world-class email services.

The GoDaddy email marketing tutorial walks you through each step of setting up a campaign: from the point where you capture email addresses to where you create email content and to where you analyze the results of the performance of the  emails you sent. 

Furthermore, it guarantees high deliverability. It means that most of your email campaigns will land in the receiver’s inbox. 

How does Godaddy Email Marketing Work?

You start your journey to building a profitable email marketing campaign on GoDaddy by visiting the website.

Sign up for free, 30-day access to the digital marketing suite. For 30 days, you’ll have unlimited access to every function and feature of the Godaddy email marketing tools.

Once you are logged in, click on the bold compose button steering at you to start. A plain page will come up that is where you start composing your email.

By clicking the plus sign at the top left, you can add texture to your email campaign by adding banners and images. Yes, images and banners make an email look professional and business-like.

A dialog box automatically appears after adding a banner. The purpose is for you to add the banner link that will direct your readers to where you want them to visit from the mail.

After that, you click the save button below. 

You continue by clicking the “This is your headline” space to add your email headline and click the ok.

After that, proceed to choose your campaign layout. Different modules are available.

There’s a module with an image plus text on the right. And there’s one where the image is on the right and the text on the left. 

There’s also an all-text module and an all-image module. Choose the one you prefer. Then proceed to key in your section title, CTA button, and a divider (the line that separates different sections of your campaign).

Now, this is the stage where you add your text if you choose a text layout. If you chose an image plus text layout, you must upload and drag it to the provided image placeholder, just like you did with the banner image.

Finally, you are at the stage where you can format your campaign. Choose the style and display color of your choice. Preview your campaign and click continue, then click Save.

At this point, you are at the final stage of how GoDaddy email marketing work. In other words, you can click the send button to distribute your email to your target.

What is GoDaddy Email Marketing – Starter Plan

The GoDaddy email marketing starter plan, also known as the basic, goes $9.99. You can make the payment monthly or yearly.

This is the best plan to test the waters if you are a newbie to email marketing. Also, never forget to use the GoDaddy email marketing help guide provided on the website for beginners.

Do you get an Email with GoDaddy Domain?

This is the question most newbies to online marketing ask. But the fact remains that you can’t get the GoDaddy email marketing tool just for buying a domain name with GoDaddy.

However, a GoDaddy Digital Marketing Suites subscription comes with a free email account. And it is limited to only 100 emails per month. 

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What is the Godaddy Email Marketing Stat?

You can only measure the success or failure of your email marketing campaign through the stat. So, you need to know the basic GoDaddy email marketing stats to put your eye on when doing promotions.

Interestingly, every figure and performance of your email campaign is found on the dashboard.

Some of the basic stats to watch are:

  • Click performance
  • The bounce rate
  • The engagement rate
  • Forwarded
  • The open rate
  • Marked as spam

How Much Is Godaddy Email Marketing?

GoDaddy’s email marketing pricing is affordable when compared with its competitors. Also, it is flexible because you can pay monthly or yearly. Here is the pricing list of the 3 subscription layers in Godaddy. 

The Beginner Plan

This is a perfect fit for small and medium enterprises. It offers a maximum of 500 subscribers and 5,000 emails per month. This plan is embedded with the following features:

  • Single signup form
  • Mobile-responsive designs
  • Unsubscribe management
  • Professional templates
  • Basic image storage
  • Integrates with Facebook, Etsy, etc.
  • Maximum of 500 subscribers
  • Maximum of 5000 emails in a month
  • Campaign analytics

The Beginner plan costs $9.99 per month. You can pay for a month, a year, two years, or even three years at a time. However, there’s no discount for paying ahead of time.

The Up & Running Plan

This is a massive upgrade on the beginner version. And to even consider that the price is only about 50% higher than the beginner plan, you would wonder why anyone would choose the beginner’s plan in the first place. Here are the awesome features GoDaddy offers on this plan:

  • Maximum of 2,500 subscribers
  • Unlimited signup forms for audience segmentation
  • Unlimited image storage
  • Maximum of 25,000 emails per month
  • Professional templates
  • Unsubscribe management
  • Mobile-responsive designs
  • Email campaign automation
  • Integrates easily with Facebook, Etsy, etc.
  • Blog post-conversion to emails

This plan costs $14.99 per month, and just like in the beginners’ plan, you can pay per month or year, and you can even pay up to three years. It is really an awesome plan for small and medium enterprises.

The Professional Plan

This is for bigger firms with a minimum of 5000 subscribers. These features available on this plan are:

  • Maximum of 5000 subscribers
  • Unlimited signup forms for audience segmentation
  • Unlimited image storage
  • Maximum of 50,000 emails per month
  • Professional templates
  • Unsubscribe management
  • Mobile-responsive designs
  • Email campaign automation
  • Integrates easily with Facebook, Etsy, etc.
  • Blog post-conversion to emails
  • Email Scheduling
  • Records signup IPs
  • Export or share statistics with others
  • Unsubscribe options

The price of the professional plan is $29.99 per month. There’sThere’s an option to increase the number of subscribers on any of the plans by 1000 but it comes with an additional cost of $3.99 per month.

How does Godaddy Email Marketing Work? -FAQ

How do I Set up a GoDaddy Email Marketing Plan?

Go to your GoDaddy product page, open your site, and navigate your email marketing area. Choose “Compose Campaign,” select a template and name your campaign.

When you’re done with that, you can add all the contents you want to your email. The texts, pictures, title, and CTA buttons. Click on “Continue,” and you’d be taken to the stage where you add your recipients.

Go to the Details tab and format your From the name, From email, and subject line. At this point, you can choose to send the email or schedule it for a later date.

How do I Send a Marketing Email Through GoDaddy?

Sending a marketing email through GoDaddy is very straightforward. You have to go to the email marketing area of your website and compose your email.

Add all the relevant contents you need to pass across your message. Contents like logo, text, images, and any other content you wish to add.

When you finish the content, you format it to your taste. You can change colors, fonts, and CTA buttons for your email.

The next thing to do is to add the recipients. Depending on your segmented audience, you can choose the email list to which you intend to send the email.

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