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In the First place, are there successful bloggers? Watch the video below to start with.

Without any doubt, blogging is one of the best professions we have on this planet today. Why? Because we are in the information age and billions of Naira or Dollars are spent daily by people searching for information online.

So, any good blogger stands the benefit of sharing from the billions of Naira and Dollar that  is meant for bloggers.

Let me throw more light on this. Do you know the amount of billions of Naira people pay every day for internet subscription? Do you know that over 90% of people that goes online go to search for valuable information? Are you aware that most people go to internet to get information that will solve their problems? Finally, do you know that over 95% percent of people that goes online are ready to pay for any information that solves their problems?

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, pastors, and any other profession you can think of have taking their services to the internet because that is the easiest ways to get clients and followers.

How do they get clients from the internet? They start by creating blog, writing informative contents and publishing on their blog. People read and probably subscribe to their future write ups, which usually end up in paying the professional for a service or information, resulting from his blog post or publication.

I have talked of the professional. What about non-professionals? The greatest benefit of the internet and blogging is that anybody can pose as anything. What I mean here is that even you can blog as a doctor as long as you have the right information to blog about and people are ready to pay you. Who knows if you are a doctor or not as long as you have the right information on your blog.

Is Blogging Easy?

Without mixing words, blogging is not an easy job. It is one of the ways of making millions of Naira or Dollar on the internet. Hence, you don’t expect it to be an easy ride. It is like every other genuine business out there. You need to start small and build it to your taste.

But the truth is that there is a fastest way to blogging that guarantees you make money faster than you may think. What could that fastest way be? Is it a get rich quick way?

No is the answer. It is not a get rich quick way. The fastest way of making money as a blogger is applicable to every facet of life. The fastest way is learning the curve from an expert as a mentor.

With a good mentor you can start making money as a blogger faster than when you want to figure it out alone.

So, I can authoritatively tell you that if you fail to get a mentor who will treat you as a partner then making money as a blogger can be hard.

What Are The Benefits of Blogging?

There are various benefits of become a blogger, which cannot be overemphasized. The known benefits are:

  • It is highly rewarding. If you work hard with the right mentality as a blogger you can easily become a millionaire in no distant time
  • It is scalable. Yes, with blogging you can determine how much you love to make. If you are making N10, you can double your effort to make N1000
  • It generates passive income. It is a onetime work that keep bringing money as long as your topic is evergreen
  • You work according to your terms. As a blogger you are out of the hook of reporting to work 7 AM and closing 5 PM
  • You can blog about anything and make money.

How Much Can One Make as a Blogger?

The day you make up your mind to take up blogging as business then you have collected a blank cheque. How much you make depends on you. Did I answer your question? Anyway, I will still tell you a bit about how much you can make as a blogger.

We have successful bloggers who make between 1 million and 15 million Naira monthly. These are people I know, there could be others that make more than that.

  • [Formerly]
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The owners of these blogs make millions of Naira monthly from their blog. They are celebrity bloggers. But I have good news for you; you must not be a celebrity blogger to make the kind of money they make.

People like Joe Okoro ( my high esteemed Mentor), Ronald Nzimora, Gboyega Ademiluyi and Toriola Abbas makes millions of Naira blogging on health related issue and other interest of humankind.

So, it is up to you to start thinking of how much you will like to make as a blogger.

Must I be a Writer to Become a Successful Blogger?

You must not be a writer to become a successful blogger. Being a writer will only help you write in your own words and understanding. Above all, it will cut the cost of what you will spend on writers to have your blog up and running.

But I have good news for you. There are easiest ways you can write over 1000 words or any number of words within 10 minutes as long as you follow the rules. The act is known as content curation. In fact, I have used content curation to my benefit over a long period.

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In addition, another fastest way of creating content is through the use of PLR (private Label Right). Private label right means that people have written content on various topics you may think of in life and are ready to sell it for pea-nut.

In fact, they are quality contents that your audience will like to read. But there is a shortcoming to the use of PLR content. The shortcoming is that one content from PLR seller can be sold to many people. Therefore, I strongly advise you to work a bit by re -writing a PLR content up to 70% before publishing it on your blog.

How Much Do I Need To Successfully Start A Blogging Business?

I am happy that you have gotten to this point because lack of proper understanding that blogging is a business is the major cause of mass failure in blogging. Blogging is a business; hence it must be treated as one.

You must have a blogging business plan and work schedule. The blogging business plan must contain the exact amount or approximate amount it will cost you to establish a profit yielding blog.

I cannot be specific now because it is a business and start up varies according to the financial strength of the starter.  “Blogging for business” is a complete video tutorial on how to blog and make a minimum of N100,000 monthly and it comes with complete Done for you blogging business plan.

I strongly encourage you to get a complete pack because it will really reveal to you the financial commitment you need in order to have your business up and running.

Final Remark

I am passionate about teaching people how to make money as bloggers because no amount of competition will stop me from making what am suppose to make as a blogger.

The hidden truth is that there is little or no competition in blogging because most times, 1000 bloggers’ blog 1000 different niches and all of them make good amount of money blogging.

Let me use the heath niche as an example. The 1000 bloggers I mentioned above may be blogging on health issue under different sub- niches and all of them stand the chance of making millions of Naira monthly.

Mr. A may be blogging about diabetes. Mr. B blogging about women fertility, Mr. C blogging on men premature ejaculation, Mr. D blogging about back pain, Mr. E blogging about High blood pressure and many more.

Do a Google search on any of the health related issues you can think of, you will notice there are millions of Nigerians searching for solution to those problems. In fact, if you have the right solution or information about it, you are just made. This is just one example.

We have millions of niches and sub-niches people can blog on with little or no competition.

Do you see the reason I can honestly teach you all I know about blogging?

If you are interested in learning how to blog professionally and start making at least N100,000 monthly in a very short time then

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