Identify Your Target Audience [Grail 3 of 5]

Hoping you are convinced and prepared to make probably your first million Naira online. As for a mentor, you are already at the right hand. Then the question is through what set of peoples problem do you want to make such money regularly from.

Professionally, we refer to such moves as niche. Which niche are you planning to target? For instance there are millions of niches out there. But basically, I will introduce you to few for the benefit of proper understanding.

We have the following common niches:
  • Health and fitness niche
  • Family
  • Relationship
  • Entertainment
  • Self-help
  • Sport
  • Survival
  • Games
  • Travel and many more.

Under each niche, there are sub niches. For instance, under health niche, you may choose to blog on diabetes, pregnant women, people suffering from arthritis and many more.

In addition, under the family niche, you may decide to blog on parenting, or how to have a sweet marriage, how to avoid divorce and many more as it relates to family.

So, who are the people you will like to blog about? Those days when we started internet marketing, our foreign mentors keep telling us blog about your passion. But these days, we find out that was a wrong advice.  My advice is learn how to blog well and blog on where the money is, simple.

I want to open up a secret now; we have what is known as evergreen niches. These are niches that you will always make crazy money from them because as long as there is life people must spend money on them.

For Example, the health niche, most successful online millionaires today make money from this niche. The interesting thing is that there are more than 1 million sub-niches under health that people are ready to spend money on. So, the niche can never be saturated until the world end. From now start thinking in that direction and many more.

I will equally like you to know that some niches doesn’t worth your time. Unless if you have the strength to work it out, for instance, the game niche. Games have their peak time and they fade away another one come on board. So, if you have worked on the one that have fade out it then means your work has fade out equally.

So, start thinking of audience that will forever be there for you as long as there is life. Specializing in the health sector is like having a clinic. Also, specializing in the marriage issues is like becoming a pastor. The need will always be there and the money will always be there.

Take note of what I said earlier on, you can blog about anything as long as you learn the right steps on how to blog. So start thinking of what to blog because you will learn the steps, which are:

  • How to create a blog
  • How to source or research for content
  • positioning as an expert
  • How to reach your target audience
  • How to build a long lasting relationship with them
  • And how to convert them as regular customers

So, it is clear that by now you must have been reasoning on the area to blog and make money crazily and consistently. In my international marketing, I have blogged on a lot of niches, which really keep giving me dollars till date. Below are some of my international market blogs



http://joggingstrollershub. com

But presently, I am soaked in health and health sub niches because the money is there and will forever be there. I make a enough money from the blogs above. So, I do the talking.

Watch out the 4th holy grail titled “positioning as an expert”. If you don’t prove to be an expert nobody will read your blog, which means nobody can buy from you. So the next article reveals how to be an expert blogger easily

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