and Forexbeta Nigeria review – Persistent scammer - and Forexbeta Nigeria review – Persistent scammer

Are you considering investing in forexbeta or, and searching for an honest review from someone? If your answer is yes, then you are lucky to be here because this will save you from crying bitterly soonest.


The man behind forexbeta or is Mr. Kayode Samuel. He has been around for some time now promising Nigerians to make them rich through forex trading.

He started with registering the domain name and promised to give Nigerians 37% ROI weekly. Due to his marketing persistency, a lot of Nigerians fall victim to his deceit.

When the complaint became so loud, he changed from standard FX to As you know evil does not last long, so he was discovered as the same person but this time promising 25% weekly.

After a while, his secret was discovered again, and he changed from to

So, presently he is scamming people using as a channel still promising 25% ROI weekly.

How Does he do it?

On his website, he will tell you to fund a forex or cryptocurrency account using your details. All he needs is just your platform trading password.

Of a truth, with this arrangement, he will not have direct access to your money, but he is in control of your money.

Because the money is not his, he will expose all the money to the market. He either gain or lose. If he gains he will ask you to withdraw his share and give him and if he loses you bear the risk alone.

He makes his money through gambling with people’s account. He just places trades randomly with people’s money. So, anyone, he gains, he makes money, and once he loses that does not concern him.

The worst of all with this guy operating forexbeta or is that once he blows away your money he will stop picking your calls. In fact, he will block all areas of communication between you.

I am writing all these out of my personal experience. Since I published my experience with him, a lot of people have tabled their own bitter experiences with forexbeta or

Click here to read the comments of other victims of Kayode Samuel of

With these few lines of words, it is up to you to decide. But for all I know, you will end up regretting doing business with this guy if you go ahead.

Giving you 100% of your capital monthly is the highest form of gambling you can try today if you finally go with, and it is not sustainable.

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