Forex Investment in Nigeria – Best And Safest

Before I go into the detail of the forex investment in Nigeria, I usually ask 2 questions. To many people my questions are embarrassing. The questions are, do you really know what it means to invest? Or are you truly an investor?

There is every need for me to ask these questions because most Nigerians don’t really understand what it means to invest.

That is why the majority of Nigerians fall victim to money doublers or Ponzi schemes like MMM and others. And of a truth, those that stake their monies on those unsustainable money schemes see it as an investment.

Therefore, before I introduce you to the best forex investment in Nigeria, I will briefly tell you what you need to know about investment.

3 Things You Must Know About Investment 

  • An investment should take a minimum of 1 year to yield reasonable returns. A reasonable yearly return could be from the range 3% to 7%
  • Never you invest in a business or anything that you don’t have at least 50% knowledge about it.
  • Always consider investing in things you can easily liquidate to get your money back.

With this, if you have no single idea on forex, then I recommend you Click Here to learn the basics before investing.

But if you are interested in investing in yourself, then you can reach me on 07033680227 for comprehensive one on one forex education.

Having said these things, it is time to consider the best forex investment in Nigeria you must put your hard-earned money into.

Best Forex Investment in Nigeria

No matter what anybody tells you, the safest forex investment in Nigeria is to invest in a PAMM account or investment account as some brokers call it. In fact, I have to repeat myself here; the safest and purest form of forex investment in Nigeria is investing in a PAMM or investment account.

I am a professional forex trader but I no longer trade. I just invest in some PAMM accounts, which give me some good returns monthly. So, the question is what is the PAMM account and how can you get registered to invest in it.

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What is a PAMM Account?

PAMM stands for percentage allocation management module or percentage allocation money management. This forex investment in Nigeria is very reliable and safe because the interest of the investor and the trader is simultaneously protected by a broker.

In a simple term, let me explain how this works. The broker provides a platform where reputable traders in the world converge to trade.

Also, the broker makes provision where investors can choose among the best traders who will manage or trade their money.

One of the reasons this is the most reliable forex investment is that before a broker will list a trader on the platform, such trader must have a track record of good trading performance. Therefore, in the first place, you are dealing with good forex traders.

Also, the trading performance of all the traders over the years is displayed for the consumption of the investors.

Working Principle of PAMM Account

Each trader or account manager tells the investor the minimum amount of money to invest, or he accepts, and the profit-sharing formula. Another good part of this investment is that neither the trader nor the investor has access to the profit.

This means that the broker has an automated system that splits the profit according to the agreed sharing formula at the end of every month.

Another good thing about this forex investment in Nigeria is that you can withdraw your capital at any given time.

The greatest part of this investment is that you can never lose all your money in this investment. Once you invest your money, the broker automatically locks 50% of your investment, and allow the trader to manage 50% of your money.

This means the highest you can lose if at all you will lose is 50% of your capital, which is very rear.

The Best PAMM Account In Nigeria

From the explanation above, there are 3 parties to every PAMM account, which are:

  1. A broker
  2. Account manager or trader
  3. Investor

The broker is the brain behind the forex investment opportunity. Therefore, your success in investing in this opportunity lies in the hand of the broker.

The broker gathers the team of best forex traders that can help you make money from your investment.

To this effect, there are two brokers that I have used their PAMM fund managers that never failed me. These brokers specialize in bringing excellent forex traders to help investors make money trading forex.

These 2 brokers are:

  1. Hot Forex Nigeria
  2. FXTM forex Nigeria

Hot Forex Investment In Nigeria

forex investment in Nigeria

I so much love this platform because they have wonderful traders that can make up to 20 to 50% return on investment monthly.

These traders have been trading for more than 1 year, which means they are consistent with their results.

The broker platform allows you to set the limit you can bear a loss per trade. This means you can set the system to stop trading once you have lost up to 30% of your capital. In other words, you have total control of how your money will work for you.

As a rule of thumb, go for traders with very little or small drawdown. Drawdown is a term used to tell the percentage of loss a trader does before making a profit. In fact, avoid a trader with a drawdown of up to 50%.

I have 3 traders I have been using over time. They have really made cool money for me over time. They have a very small drawdown and have been around for a long time.

You can equally invest with these traders once you open or register a trading account with hot forex.

Click Here to Open a live trading account that will enable you to invest with these traders.

FXTM Forex Investment In Nigeria

forex investment in Nigeria

In this platform, you will meet prolific traders that have made over 14000% over time. As I earlier said, these two brokers have the best forex investment platform for Nigerians.

The great quality of this broker is that immediately you invest with a strategy manger, the system automatically locks 50% of your investment.

Unlike the hot forex, you can’t say you forget to protect your fund here.

To choose a trader that will trade for you, you must sign up with the broker. So click here to enjoy making money from forex through the expert traders

Click Here to Sign up with FXTM investment account managers

Wrap Up

Obviously, investing in PAMM or with a regulated account manager is the safest and transparent forex investment you can do.

By so doing, you are investing with traders that have a reputable track record. And from inception, some percentage of your investment is protected by the broker.

So, if you are really an investor who believes that money is made over a long time then this is your best option.

If you enjoyed this post on the best forex investment in Nigeria, then share it with friends and family. Also, leave a comment below.

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