Eventbrite Email Campaign Review
Eventbrite Email Campaign Review

Eventbrite Email Campaign Review 2022


Are you considering setting up an event that will help your business grow? And you are searching for an Eventbrite email campaign review from other business owners.

Welcome to this post. I went deep into the internet to get first-hand reviews on the Eventbrite email campaign. 

So, relax as we move on to dissect the Eventbrite platform holistically.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite is an email marketing platform with tools designed to inform customers of upcoming events. In other words, it is a platform for promoting business events that help businesses grow through email marketing.

It is an all-in-one event managing platform. Yes, you can add event details, photos, and ticket sales links with just a click.

The automation feature of the platform aids in sending reminders to your followers at the scheduled time.

On this platform, you can send up to 6000 emails daily and save an unlimited number of contacts. 

How Trustworthy is Eventbrite?

In this Eventbrite email campaign review, we can only ascertain the trustworthiness of Eventbrite when we look into the experiences of other business owners. Below are some of the testimonies lifted from featuredcustomers.com.

According to Judith Forrest, “Thanks to the insights and analytics Eventbrite provides us, we can more easily encourage our loyal customers to be advocates. Favorable word-of-mouth drives attendance”.

Dina Jacobson, the manager of the global event, says, “Our sales staff was able to see when their customers arrived onsite and were able to make personal visits without having to wait around all day hoping people would show up. Over 3,000 alerts were triggered over the three days”.

The CEO of Stanford University, Frederik Groce, penned his experience with Eventbrite: “Sometimes big institutions are slow to evolve. They’re using lots of data systems that aren’t as user-friendly. That’s what has continued to push us to try to creatively figure out more ways to use Eventbrite as we scale because it’s a tool that is user-friendly.

These are just a few of the numerous Eventbrite email campaign reviews on the featured customer.

The whole pointer shows how trustworthy Eventbrite is.

Why Use EventBrite?

It has been established that Eventbrite is a reputable platform for promoting events via email marketing. Biz owners use Eventbrite because of its open rate and detailed analysis report.

It has a very high open rate of over 59%. And it provides a detailed report of every step that leads to a successful event.

In addition, it integrates with Facebook, which makes it reach a wide audience easily.

Are all Tickets on Eventbrite Legit?

Unfortunately, not all tickets on Eventbrite are legit. There are fake event organizers that are hell-bent on duping people.

The good news is that Eventbrite has a very sophisticated system to track fraud. It may be painful to miss an event you wish to attend due to fraud. 

But all hope is not lost because the system allows you to report the scammer. In most cases, the Eventbrite platform tracks and holds the scammers responsible to the point of refund.

So, if you are duped, follow the right steps found Here to lay a complaint and subsequently get your money back.

How do you Promote an Event Through Email?

Promoting an event through email is the most effective and least expensive of all promotional channels. 

It is effective because the event invitation goes directly to the invitees’ inbox, which has a high open rate.

The Eventbrite platform has an auto email planning, creating, and sending feature. That allows you to send up to 2000 emails a day to users.

Above all, Eventbrite is integrated with MailChimp and Emma’s email marketing platforms. This partnership increases the flexibility and reach of the Eventbrite promotion coverage.

Also, Eventbrite integration with Mailchimp and Emma allows the following:

  • Schedule email based on specific actions taken by the user, such as ticket purchase, joining a waiting list, and more
  • Monitor the transactions per every email blast
  • You can easily synchronize your new attendee with the old
  • Plan, create and design a captivating campaign 

Are Eventbrite Events Recorded?

Yes, Eventbrite events are permits event recording. The staff of Eventbrite has the right to record any event conducted through their platform.

Eventbrite Email Campaign Review – Pros and Cons


  • Guide you to create a captivating landing page that makes you stand out
  • Allow easy communication with an attendee before and after the event
  • The integration with other email marketing platforms increases your reach
  • A very easy-to-use platform
  • You can achieve a lot with the free version
  • The presence of onsite check App help in attaining attendees quickly


  • The event management UI is slow and awkward to use, which sometime causes site outage
  • The freezes organizers payout with pre-information. This may lead to a lack of deposit
  • These charges can be outrageous for a high ticket events

Eventbrite Email Campaign Review-Conclusion

An email marketing campaign is specific and profitable. So, with the Eventbrite email marketing platform, you can reach your users easily.

Its partnership with other email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Emma is a huge advantage for users.


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