email marketing trends and best practices
email marketing trends and best practices

Email Marketing Trends and Best Practices

With the level of impact email is making in the marketing world, understanding and employing the latest email marketing trends and best practices in your business might be all you need to take your business to the next level.

If you’ve been making great strides with email marketing, imagine how it would be when you leverage trends to better your output.

Let’s be realistic; email marketing is a goldmine. Unfortunately, very few people know how to use it to their advantage.

In this article, I will introduce you to email marketing trends and how to leverage them. I will also show you email marketing best practices you can adopt and see an immediate impact on your business.

Just read on and ensure you take notes, for your email marketing outputs are about to break your previous records.

What are Email Marketing Trends?

Email marketing trends are the latest developments or changes in email marketing that show the changes in consumer behaviour.

Understanding these changes will help you tailor your marketing to get the best out of the dynamic behaviour of your audience.

Why are Email Marketing Trends Important?

Trends in email marketing bring forward new opportunities to increase visibility, grab new subscribers and even make more sales.

From trends, you get new ideas on how to structure your email marketing campaigns. Leveraging those trends will help you get more people to subscribe to your emails or even get your subscribers to make more purchases.

Let’s look at important email marketing trends you should leverage.

Email Marketing Trends You Should Examine in 2022

Improved Email Security

With the latest email security trends like domain spoofing, phishing attacks, spam messages and every form of cyber-attacks, it has become necessary to apply some email security measures.

Security was not seen as an issue at the time email was introduced. But as it became a better means of communication between brands and their audience, and clients, it became really necessary.

Machine learning algorithms are currently being used to understand if your subscribers want to continue getting your emails. This is usually measured by how many times they open your emails and the average time spent on them.

Mail Privacy Protection

The latest iOS 15 from Apple came with a strict mail privacy protection feature. What this means is that your subscribers will be able to hide their location and email addresses. They will also be able to download emails in their phone background without opening them first.

This obviously makes it difficult for marketers to track the online activities of their subscribers. That means email metrics like the open rates will no longer give an accurate report of those who read your emails.

To handle this issue, you can segment your lists based on their operating systems. That means you’ll put iOS and Non-iOS subscribers in separate lists. This will help you track your open rates better.

You can also use other email marketing metrics like the conversion rate, click-through rates etc., to measure your campaign performances.

Artificial Intelligence

Almost every sector is adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make its operations seamless and easier. The email marketing niche shouldn’t be left out in this digital trend.

Artificial Intelligence can be used to make subject lines more engaging and call-to-actions more compelling. It can be used to dictate the perfect tone to address an audience.

Email marketing will surely get better if AI is used in certain areas where it is needed.

Dark Mode in Emails

The masses have widely accepted the dark mode feature in mobile and desktop devices. Adopting it in your email designs could boost your conversion rate greatly.

It doesn’t only make it easier for subscribers to read emails with much ease and comfort at night, but it also saves their battery life.

Some brands are already designing email campaigns with both day and night modes; you should do the same.

Email Automation

Many marketers are yet to understand the power of email automation. Automating your emails ensures you don’t miss out on relevant opportunities to close sales.

You should consider adopting this into your marketing campaigns if you’ve not done that already. There are certain actions from your subscribers that require instant responses.

Except you automate your campaigns and prepare a sequential response to those actions, you will miss out on many deals.

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What are Email Marketing Templates?

Email marketing templates are pre-designed email layouts that give you insights as a marketer to create engaging content for your subscribers.

These templates already contain texts, images and designs you’d need to create your campaigns. You don’t need to build anything from scratch.

What is the Benefit of Using Templates for Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Email marketing templates provide the following important benefits to marketers:

  • They help you save a lot of time and efforts
  • They ensure you’re consistent in sending out emails
  • Subscriber response rates are enhanced.
  • Even if you’re new to email marketing, they serve as the perfect guide you need.
  • Human error is greatly reduced with templates.

Best Practices for Marketing Emails

Certain practices you should adopt to ensure you get the best results from your email campaigns. Here are a few of them:

Do not use ‘No-Reply’ in Your Email Address.

Instead of using ‘No-Reply’ in your email address, try using your first name. This goes to a great extent to prove the emails are coming from a human.

And it helps to prevent your emails from going to spam, as the CAN-SPAM regulation forbids you from using such words as ‘no-reply’ in your emails.

Use a Maximum of Three Fonts

Using a lot of fonts in one email will only end up confusing your readers. It is not a design contest. Your main target should be getting your subscribers to read your emails and respond accordingly.

I advise you use fonts that make it easy for your subscribers to grab the texts without taking a second look.

Do not Buy Contact Lists.

Buying email lists should be at the top of your ‘do not make a list. It is absolutely wrong as you can only end up hurting your outputs.

This is because most of these contacts do not subscribe to get emails from you. So, if they get emails from you, they either report you as spam or completely ignore you. And this affects not just your open rates but your conversion rates too.

Clean Your Email Lists Regularly

This is a healthy email marketing practice. Make it a routine to check your email campaign analysis regularly. This will help you know those who have not opened your emails in the past 3 or 4 months.

This set of people are no longer interested in your services or products, and removing them from your list can only do you good.

Use Auto-Responders for Opt-ins

Auto-responders help remind your subscribers to perform certain tasks after opting into your newsletter.

They might actually forget they did. So the best thing to do is to remind them within intervals. You could add incentives like vouchers or extra information on certain things if they take action.

Email Marketing Trends and Best Practices-Conclusion

Following email marketing trends and best practices would make sure you don’t stay in the dark while others progress in their business.

You have to know what’s changing and adjust your marketing accordingly. 


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