Email marketing templates for real estate
Email marketing templates for real estate

Email Marketing Templates for Real Estate from a Realtor

The fastest way to grow in any business is to follow a footstep of a successful person in that business. In other words, getting a mentor is the sure way to success in every business. Therefore, as a realtor, you need email marketing templates for real estate from success realtor. That is if you’re considering using email marketing as one of your marketing channels.

Before we go into the detail of real estate email scripts for buyers, we need to address some vital questions, such as Does email marketing work for real estate? Why does anyone need email marketing for the real estate business?

Without further ado, let’s move on.

Does Email Marketing work for Real Estate?

Without mincing words, email marketing work effectively for the real estate business. Remember, real estate transactions involve a huge amount of money. For such a transaction to occur successfully, there must be a high-level trust between the buyer and the seller.

One of the easiest and surest ways to build trust over time is through email correspondence. As a real estate agent, the best way to gain prospects’ trust is by constantly educating your prospects on how to avoid pitfalls.

Also, you can educate prospects on how to save money in real estate transactions, avoid scammers, and many more.

Educating prospects on the right thing to do when buying a home will lead to trust. And that will translate to selling.

Why does anyone need Email Marketing for the Real Estate Business?

According to the study by McKinsey and co, email marketing has the highest return on investment against every other form of marketing.

The result was hinged on the comparison with other marketing channels such as social media, ad-buying, and many more.

To be precise, email marketing generates over 4000 percent interest on invested capital. With this massive return on investment, it is worth being considered by every marketer or a business owner.

Also, a report shows that over 80 percent of Americans have active email addresses that they check at least twice daily. This means you can reach or contact many Americans through their emails.

Going by the facts mentioned above, it becomes imperative that every marketer should work toward using email marketing as a selling channel.

Do you see why you need email marketing for the real estate business?

Having provided answers to the frequently asked question, let’s look at email marketing templates for real estate.

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Email Marketing Templates for Real estate

There are four email templates for every successful real estate email to clients. If you follow the templates listed below, you will surely make good sales.

Template 1: First Touch email template

This is the first email you must send to a prospect after he has entered your email list. It entails introducing yourself in detail and your company.

Also, you will craft it in such a way that you will get a response to continue sending more emails or not.

Template sample

Hi [prospects name]

My name is [ Your Name] from [company name]. I have been in the business of educating prospects on how to win in the real estate business for [number of years].

Everybody should be a winner in the real estate business. If you want to learn more, reply to me telling me the exact area you need my help.

Else, I will take you through a comprehensive lesson on how to win in real estate.


  • Create confidence in the mind of your prospect
  • Show of expertise from your side
  • Expect a response from your prospect

Template 2: Follow-up Email Template

The content of this email marketing template for real estate will be based on the response you get from the first one. It comes in various ways.

In case the prospect didn’t reply the first email, you have to resend the previous one with a heading as “reminder”.

If the prospect replied with his problems as you asked in the first mail, then it is the perfect time to start the third phase.

Most times, prospects hardly reply to the first and second emails. At this point, you will employ the third template.

Template 3: Break up email Template

These real estate email scripts for buyers trigger an urgent response from the prospects. Below is the exact way to send these real estate emails to clients.


I’ve tried to reach you a few times to go over suggestions on improving your real estate knowledge but haven’t heard back, which tells me one of three things:

  • You already know much about real estate, and I should stop bothering you.
  • You’re still interested but haven’t had the time to get back to me yet.

Please let me know which one as I’m starting to worry!

Research shows that this email format has a 33% success rate, which means that the response is usually positive.

From this point, you move to the fourth template.

Template 4: Full Email Sequence

At this stage, you will start sending a series of emails containing educational values. Remember, your goal is to prove to your prospect your expertise.

So, you don’t sell until you have convinced him to believe you know your onion as a real estate agent or company.

Selling your product should be the last part of your educational email series. This is called soft selling.

Email marketing templates for real estate –Conclusion

Does email marketing work for real estate? Why does anyone need email marketing in the real estate business?

With this post tiled email marketing templates for real estate, you have answers to the questions.

I will conclude this piece by saying if you are not using email marketing for your real estate business, you are leaving too much money on the table.

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