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Email Marketing Templates for Accounting Firms
Email Marketing Templates for Accounting Firms

Email Marketing Templates for Accounting Firms

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Searching for tested and approved email marketing templates for accounting firms?

Running an accounting firm, like any other business, is quite challenging. One of the main challenges is trying to keep hold of your customers while attracting prospects and following up with leads. Email marketing provides you with a way to deal with this challenge effectively.

A major part of email marketing is using templates. Templates are very useful, especially for individuals who don’t have the time or ability to design emails from scratch.

Many accounting firms fall into either category. This is why we put together this post to show you a few email marketing templates for accounting firms and answer some important questions.

Best Email Marketing Templates for Accounting Firms

Here are some of the best email marketing templates for accounting firms:

Onboarding Email Template

The way you welcome new clients matters. You shouldn’t be so salesy, instead, let them feel that you are glad to have them patronize your accounting firm.

This email should show them what you need from them to make their journey through your sales funnel smoother and quicker. Here is a sample that you can work with:

Hi [Contact Name],

Welcome to [Accounting Firm]. It’s an honor to have you connect with us and we cannot wait to begin helping you to handle your finances to ensure that achieve your financial goals.

Before we begin, there are certain things that we need you to provide to set up your account with our firm. The earlier you make them available, the quicker we can start to provide the services you seek.

Kindly upload each item below by clicking this secure link between now and five working days of receiving this email. Uploading the documents should not take more than 10 minutes of your time.

Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5

Your new client manager [Accountant Name] will put a call through once we receive the documents. This is necessary to set up your kick-off meeting.

Kindly reach out by replying to this email if you have any questions.

Speak soon,


Introducing a New Service Email Template

Does your accounting firm have a new service you will like to introduce to your customers? The email template below should help:

Dear [Contact Name]

As one of our esteemed clients, we are glad to inform you that our firm has just launched a new service, [Name of the new service]. This service will present you with the following features:

[List the features and their benefits here]

To get our esteemed existing clients on board with this new service, we are offering a 15-day free trial. Kindly respond to this email if you are interested in trying out this new service.

Want to know more about [Name of the new service]? Click this link [Insert Link].

Hope you enjoy this new service.

 Kind Regards,



[Accounting Firm]

[Contact Information]

Company Introduction Template

Introducing your accounting firm to a client can be a difficult chore. You need to string the right words together so you don’t seem too good to be true, yet you drive the message about your capabilities home. A company introduction email is just what you need. You can tweak the email template below to suit your needs:

Dear [Prospect’s Name]

I am contacting your business to introduce you to our professional accounting services.

It is no secret that efficient accounting is one of the key factors affecting the success of businesses like yours. As a result, seeking expert accounting advice and allowing a firm like ours to handle your paperwork can be beneficial to your growth.

[Name of your accounting firm] is located in [your company address]. It plays home to a group of efficient accounting professionals renowned for delivering second-to-none accounting services globally. Currently, we have over 500 clients from different industries subscribing to our services.

Our firm offers 5 free consultation sessions to customers before they sign up. If you would be interested in using our accounting sessions, kindly call [Contact Number], or send an email to [Email address].

We anticipate having you on board as one of our esteemed clients.

 Thank you.




[Contact Information]

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Appreciation Email Template

Customers love to be appreciated, especially when subscribing to your services for the first time. How you approach them determines, to a large extent, whether they will stick to your brand or migrate to one of your competitors.

Of course, you don’t want the latter to happen so you need to craft a top-quality appreciation letter. Check out the template below:

Hi [New Client’s Name],

Our company [company name] will like to take this opportunity to appreciate you for picking us as your accounting firm. We are glad to have you as part of our clientele and anticipate a great working relationship that will bring you satisfaction for many years.

Your designated account representative will send you an email shortly. However, you can send an email [provide email address] or put a call through to this number [customer support number] and we will respond to all your concerns.

Once again, thank you for employing our services.

 Warm regards,

 The [Accounting firm’s name] Team.

Sample Subject Lines for Accounting Emails

Subject lines are very sensitive when it comes to email marketing. Using the wrong subject lines may result in plummeting email open rates.

You want to work with the catchiest subject lines for the best open rates for your marketing campaigns. Here are a few subject lines you can use for your emails:

  • You’ll likely find this useful.
  • Drowning in paperwork? Let’s help you.
  • Welcome to the most efficient accounting platform!
  • Got some tax questions? We’ve got the answers.
  • Struggling to manage your books? Let’s help you.
  • Let’s infuse your accounting with our efficiency.

Email Marketing Templates for Accounting Firms-Conclusion

There you have it for our best email marketing templates for accounting firms. You can tweak any of the emails above to suit your campaigns.

We have also shown you a few email subject lines to improve your open rates. Feel free to drop your questions in the comments section.

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