Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design that converts
Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design
Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design

Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design that converts

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What is the best email marketing template layout for fashion design? This question is quite difficult to answer considering that there are thousands of email marketing templates out there. What matters is that you choose an email marketing template that suits your brand and passes your message efficiently.

Email marketing is arguably the most important means of marketing online today. More people are using emails these days, so investing in email marketing is a wise decision for every entrepreneur. This post will show you how to create or choose the best email marketing template layout for fashion design.

How to Choose an Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design

Do you know that most email recipients only scan through emails, rather than read them intently? If they notice that the email doesn’t provide the information they seek, they abandon the email. Many of them never open an email from the sender again or even flag it as spam. The phrase “you only have one opportunity at a first impression” was never truer than in email marketing.

Choosing an email marketing template layout for fashion design can be quite tasking. You need a template that suits your brand and passes your message. Here are a few tips to help you choose a perfect email marketing template layout for fashion design:

Outline your goals

The first step to choosing the perfect template layout is to outline your goals. Why are you planning to send marketing emails in the first place? What action do you want the recipient to take when they read your emails?

Write down your marketing campaign goals and figure out what you need to achieve each one. Doing this will determine what kind of email marketing template layout you need and what kind of emails you craft.

Easy-to-read font

When it comes to design, any kind of design at all, less is always more. There are some very lovely templates that you wouldn’t be able to resist. Some of these templates carry very stylish fonts that may seem appealing because of how artistic they are. However, they are not friendly for long reads.

You shouldn’t choose email templates that carry such font if you cannot change the font. Instead, work with templates that have easy-to-read font. Remember, if your reader cannot skim through your emails quickly to grasp information, they are likely to abandon your emails.

Minimalist designs are better

Flamboyance is not so important when it comes to email marketing. Simple designs are always better as they don’t distract the reader from the content that you need them to consume. Choose minimalist templates that aren’t too noisy but still artistic enough to capture the attention of the reader.

Ensure that the templates you choose allow you to work with images considering that you are sending fashion-related emails. You may even need to infuse a few videos to buttress your message. Consider all of this when choosing your email marketing template layout for fashion design.

Colors and logo

A perfect email marketing template layout should carry your brand colors and logo. How else will you achieve the brand recognition that you desire? Choose one that resonates so much with your brand, especially when it comes to colors. An easy way to choose template colors is to look at your brand logo. Pick a template that features the same colors or allows you to switch colors.


This list will not be complete without mentioning responsiveness. Almost every email user reads their messages through their mobile devices. As such, you cannot choose a template layout that only works for desktops. You need one that is adaptable to different screen types on different devices.

Check that the email marketing template you choose is responsive on different devices. Run tests to confirm before selecting the template. Remember, your recipients can flag your emails as spam if they don’t find satisfaction.

A Typical Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design

Now, you know what to look out for when choosing an email marketing template layout for fashion design. The next step is to show you what a typical layout should contain. Check it out below:

Email pre-header

This is also known as a “snippet.” It is the first line that shows as a preview in the recipient’s inbox after the subject line. Consider it to be a subtitle since it only contains between 75 and 100 characters. Don’t waste this opportunity to capture your reader’s attention.

Template header

This is a very small part of the template, but it allows you to tell the reader about the value you promise. Get it right and the recipient is more likely to read through the rest of the message. Here are some template header tips to help you:

  • Use a friendly and recognizable name and address.
  • Choose the right “reply-to” address.

Subject line

Your subject line determines to a large extent whether or not the recipient will open your email. Ensure that you work with catchy subject lines. For best results, personalize your subject lines. Keep your subject lines concise while ensuring that they spark some curiosity.

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Template body

This is where you tell your story and explain why you are sending the email. Here are a few things you should know about the template body:

  • It should be visually simple.
  • It should contain personalization placeholders.
  • You should strategically use images in your template body.
  • Always adopt a concise approach.
  • End it with a call to action.

Email Signature

This is your final chance to make a brand statement. For best results, you should configure a brand-specific signature. Depending on the email you are sending, you can customize the signature with logos and taglines.

Template footer

Many times, marketers overlook this part of the template layout. However, it is just as important as the header. It should contain the following pieces of information:

  • Contact information.
  • Sender’s details.
  • Legal disclosures.
  • Unsubscribe button.

Email Marketing Template Layout for Fashion Design-Conclusion

Truth be told, there is no perfect email marketing template layout for fashion design. However, you can use the pointers in this post to find one that suits your brand’s marketing campaign. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section.

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