Email Marketing Specialist roles and responsibilities
Email Marketing Specialist roles and responsibilities

Email Marketing Specialist Roles and Responsibilities

Digital marketing has become a very important aspect of running a business these days. It involves different types of experts such as designers, content marketers, social media marketers, copywriters, and email marketing specialist.

Your digital marketing campaigns are flawed if you don’t work with an email marketing specialist. The reason is that they understand how to write a business email, drive traffic, build relationships with your customers, and secure conversions. This post will show the email specialist roles and responsibilities, how to become one, their qualifications, and lots more.

What is an email marketing specialist?

An email marketing specialist is a person that is a professional in the planning, crafting, and organizing of email series for digital marketing.

This individual knows how to build email lists, craft emails, optimize them for sales and conversion, and keep leads warm. They achieve all of this with the help of email automation software.

Part of the responsibilities of email marketing specialists includes sending out emails and newsletters. They aim to establish a brand in the market and increase brand awareness. The next question that comes to mind is, “what does an email specialist do?”

Email Marketing Specialist roles and responsibilities

  • Create email marketing campaigns and monitor success.
  • Optimizing layouts and designs of emails.
  • Crafting and proofreading emails.
  • Communicating graphic requests to designers.
  • Compiling and purging email lists.
  • Gathering databases for future marketing campaigns.
  • Tracking and analyzing email campaign results.

These are only a few of their responsibilities. They should expect to handle more tasks depending on the peculiarity of their organization.

How to become an email marketing specialist

Here’s what you should do to become an email marketing specialist:

College degree

Don’t get us wrong, it is possible to succeed as an email marketing expert without a college degree. However, most companies require that you present a bachelor’s degree certificate. As such, you should look out for a degree relating to digital media.

Some of the common majors for individuals in this field include business, marketing, advertising, and communications. Other options include computer science and design. The reason is that this knowledge of automation processes and software programs is requisite in this field.


An internship in marketing provides experience in digital media practices. It also helps to broaden your connections within the industry. Email specialists mostly work as independent contractors making internships a little difficult to find.

If you haven’t found any options, you can settle for an internship in any of the related fields. The aim is to gain relevant skills and show that you have some experience under your belt. Some related fields you can consider include public relations, advertising, and social media management.

Get a certificate program

Again, certification is not exactly a criterion to become an email marketing expert. However, acquiring a certificate in this field or any related field could make you stand out.

There are tons of online certification programs in this field as well as content marketing and marketing analytics. You can also get certificates in other fields like coding or design to boost your resume.


These days, most employers want to hire individuals with some writing experience. There are several ways to gather writing experience such as freelance writing or publishing online.

You can create a blog, publish newsletters frequently, and curate your email list. The more work you have online, the higher your chances of landing top clients.


As mentioned above, employers want to see your track record. One way to show them is to have a portfolio. A portfolio is a collection showing your previous work.

You can share one with potential employers or clients to show them your technique and abilities. Doing this gives you a higher chance of them hiring your services. Gather your best pieces and put them in a portfolio, preferably online.

What are the qualifications of an email marketing specialist?

Employers want email marketing experts to have both soft and technical skills. Here are some skills you should acquire to increase your chances in this field:


Experts regard writing as the primary skill in this field. You should develop your writing ability, especially for business copies. Doing this increase your chances of landing top clients. You can get better at writing through constant practice, taking courses, or seeking professional advice.


Emails don’t just contain text. They contain graphics and have specific layouts. Understanding design principles gives you an edge. It allows you to create visually appealing emails to engage with your readers. Take design classes or read posts online to become a better designer.

Time management

Email marketing, like many other jobs, is time-bound. This means that you must master time management to thrive in this field. Find the best arrangement for your work so that you can meet deadlines.


Analytics involves using data to make business and marketing decisions. You must understand what analytics to track and how to use them to improve engagements, sales, and conversions.

How much does an email marketing specialist make?

One very important aspect of becoming an email marketing specialist is the pay. As with other jobs, you can expect a salary on this job based on your qualifications and experience. The question is, how much do email marketing specialists earn?

On average, email specialists earn between $56,000 and $105,000 annually. US-based specialists earn about $75,000 as their annual gross salary. From this salary range, it is evident how much value these experts bring to businesses.

According to research, you make about $40 for every dollar you spend on email marketing. Note that this is only the average ROI as several top companies earn as much as six times the ROI for the same amount stated above.

Email marketing specialist course

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Email Marketing Specialist roles and responsibilities-Conclusion

The roles and responsibilities of email marketing specialist have been made clear above. It is very rewarding if you can work toward becoming one.

The fastest means is to learn from experts, which the course in udemy has been helpful.

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