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Email Marketing Funnel Strategy and Templates

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Email Marketing funnel is an essential part of email marketing that requires serious attention. Common questions most product owners that are new to email marketing ask are:

How do you collect customer emails, and how do you get them interested in what you have to offer? How do you drive traffic back to your website? 

These are some of the questions that many business owners have, when it comes to email marketing funnels. 

In this article, we will explain the different components of an email marketing funnel and give you some tips on how to build your email marketing funnel. 

This will ensure that you keep your customers informed and create sales opportunities with each newsletter that you send.

What Is An Email Marketing Funnel?

email marketing funnel is the stages of creating brand awareness, acquire prospects, nurture until they become customers. When put into practice, the email marketing funnel allows marketers to create a smooth process for communicating with customers and gives them access to the customer’s inbox. 

Through this process, it is possible to collect contact information from potential customers and turn them into loyal customers through a continual flow of messaging. 

Creating your email marketing funnel is not difficult and can help you save time on your projects while producing more effective results. 

Follow these steps listed below. 

Define Your Target Audience

A company should identify their target audience by figuring out who they want to reach. This could be based on location, interest, or demographics. 

For example, if a business wants to reach potential customers in New York, then the target audience would be people who live in or are interested in living in New York. 

A company needs to have this narrowed down so that they can know what type of information the customer will be interested in receiving from them and how often they need to contact them. 

Once you have determined your target audience, you need to define your conversion goals: Companies usually use email marketing as an initial introduction to potential customers which helps them understand if the consumer has any interests with their product or service. 

The next step is to create an email marketing funnel: An email marketing funnel consists of a series of emails sent over time to convert the recipient into either a lead or customer.

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Define Email Marketing Goals

The first step to building your email marketing funnel is to figure out what your goals are. What do you want the emails in your funnel to achieve? 

Do you want them to encourage people to buy a product, create brand awareness, or grow an email list? Having this clarity will allow youto make sure all of the content in your emails makes sense for the goal you’re trying to accomplish. 

For example, if you want your subscribers to become customers, there should be clear CTAs  that direct them to the products you want them to buy. 

The next step is to decide the channels to include: It’s best practice to include at least one social media channel and one display channel.

Facebook Ads and Google Display Network  are the best because they provide access to a large number of potential customers. 

Research Popular Offers

Different marketing strategies involve different offers. This is one area where you can tailor your business to your audience’s needs. Here are a few ideas for popular types of offers:

  • Freebies – Sometimes you’ll offer free things to get people onto your email list. Maybe the first thing they get is a free ebook, followed by emails with information about upcoming products and other details about how the reader has already benefited from being on your list. 
  • Educational content – Another option is to provide valuable content like tutorials or blog posts that help customers succeed at their goals. 
  • Product offers – One of the most common options is giving discounts or freebies to entice prospects into buying something more expensive later on. 
  • Content upgrades – If you’ve got some really great content that readers might be interested in, consider offering it as an upgrade to an existing product (such as an ebook).

Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a type of incentive which encourages people to subscribe to your newsletter or email list. It is also sometimes known as a bait, since it attracts readers or leads into your marketing funnel

One very popular type of lead magnet is a free report which provides valuable information in exchange for their contact information. 

Another option is an ebook, which offers greater value than the free report. And that they can download as soon as they provide their email address. 

An infographic may also be an effective way to capture attention and communicate the value of your service or product. 

You can find many great designs on sites like Canva and Venngage. 

Create a follow-up series: Once you have attracted new subscribers to your list, make sure you are sending them content that engages them and keeps them coming back for more. 

Every time you send out an email, include links to related articles or resources which will help them achieve their goals faster. 

The last thing you want is a subscriber who opens one of your emails but never clicks on anything else because he doesn’t see any value in what you’re offering.

How To Use Email Funnels To Create Lifetime Customers

The best way to achieve this is through building a proven and effective email marketing funnel. Your goal should be to generate as many customers as possible with the least amount of effort. 

The first step in your email marketing funnel is to start by sending out an introductory message that promotes your business, offers them valuable content, or something else that will spark their interest. 

Your next step should be for you to offer your customer something in return for their contact information (typically something valuable like a free gift). If they don’t respond, you might need to up the ante so you’re providing more value. 

You could do this by following up with additional blog posts, emails, etc. The ultimate goal is to get your potential customer’s name and email address which gives you direct access to all of their social media connections. Once you have someone’s name and email address, it becomes much easier to sell products to them over time.

Email Marketing Funnel-Conclusion

 With this article, you must have known the importance of email marketing funnel. If you have any question or need clarification at any point, drop your comment below.

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