How to Create Stunning Email Marketing Design With Video
Email marketing design with video
Email marketing design with video

How to Create Stunning Email Marketing Design With Video

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Are looking for how to create effective email marketing design with video?  There are many different things to consider when you’re designing email marketing campaigns, especially the layout and design of the email itself.

What color should you use? Should you include photos? Will it be responsive or fixed-width? And how about that video you promised subscribers in your last campaign?

We’ll explore all these things and more in this guide to creating stunning email marketing design with video.

Read on to learn how to incorporate multimedia into your email marketing, what kinds of content work best, and how to maximize the impact of your video emails across platforms such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo!

What is Video Email Marketing?

An email marketing design is nothing without adding video. Emails can be relatively bland if they do not include a video component. Sending a text-only email will only generate 5% of the open rate as compared to an email with a video, which generates 60%.

And these increased numbers don’t include the number of users who decide to watch your entire video before deciding whether or not they are interested in purchasing your product. Include some sort of call to action at the end of your video, and you’ll increase conversions by up to 85%.

You must give your viewers enough information about what they’re watching to know what steps to take next. If you want them to subscribe for future updates, tell them how and where.

The best place for this kind of call-to-action is typically just below the video or on a separate page near it.

Video content + email delivery = success

Email marketing has a staggering 40% open rate, the potential for up to 100% ROI, and the ability to reach almost every person in your target market. But even with these incredible numbers, email marketing is often overlooked because it doesn’t have the pizazz of other marketing techniques.

The good news is that video content allows you to step up your game with a more engaging campaign that will capture viewers’ attention and make them want to click through.

Here are three tips on how you can create stunning email marketing designs using video

  1. Incorporate videos into your emails by giving people something worth watching instead of just text.
  2. Use visual cues like quotes or stock photos to break up blocks of text;
  3. Limit emails to one message per topic. Always be specific. If you’re to talk about a new product, don’t mix that message with what’s going on in the company or any updates from previous newsletters.

Importance Of Video Email Marketing

A study by Marketo found that 56% of respondents found marketing emails with videos to be of higher value than those without, while 92% of respondents said they feel more engaged after viewing a video.

Video email marketing has seen dramatic growth in the past year, and it’s no surprise why: if you can present your message visually, people are more likely to remember it.

They’re also more likely to trust it because, as we all know from commercials, seeing is believing. One of the easiest ways to get started with video email marketing is by taking advantage of videos already created for other purposes-like, like training new employees or providing updates on a new product launch.

You can insert these into an email and send them out. In addition to pulling existing content from another source, many marketers find it easier to create their own messages using PowerPoint or Keynote.

It’s really not difficult at all; just spend some time considering what you want to say and what visuals will best communicate this message. If you need inspiration, take a look at the examples below.

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How To Get Started With Email Marketing Designs With Audio

Creating email marketing designs with video isn’t as complicated as you might think. All you need is a good plan and the right tools!

  • First things first: Determine Your Objective – Why do you want to use video in your emails? You could want to increase clickthrough rates or drive traffic to your website.

Whatever it may be, ensure it aligns with your goals and objectives before continuing. You can always change these at any time, but there will be less risk of confusion if you establish them early on.

You should also consider what type of content would work well in video format (i.e., products, promotions, etc.). After all of these have been decided upon, then it’s time to start designing!

  • Consider Your Font Choice: The font choice is one of the most important decisions when creating an email marketing design with video because what you choose can set the tone for your entire campaign.

There are several font types that you can use, such as serif or sans serif. However, sans serif fonts tend to perform better across devices and operating systems, so they’re typically the preferred option.

When considering which font is right for you, it’s important to ensure that both text and background colors complement each other well—having too much contrast could hurt readability by decreasing the legibility of text.

  • Include Video In Your Mail: After doing all these carefully, do not forget to add a video to your email content. You can use for a call to action.

Send Out Only Quality Videos

Do not make your customer find your content less appealing by sending out low-quality videos. Make sure your videos are high-quality and straight to the point.

Do not start your video with off-topic words. Go straight to the point and make sure you were able to capture their attention right from the very first start.


The above guide will walk you through creating stunning email marketing designs with video. We hope we didn’t leave any stone untouched.

Let’s hear from you; if there are more things you still need help with, we will be glad to offer an assist.


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