Does Squarespace Have Email Marketing?
Does Squarespace Have Email Marketing?

Does Squarespace Have Email Marketing?

Squarespace is regarded by many as one of the top website building platforms in the world for several reasons. From its sleek templates to the comprehensive feature set and easy-to-use interface, there is so much to admire about this platform. However, one question seems to come up often, “Does Squarespace have email marketing?”

One thing you should know is that this platform keeps adding functionalities frequently. The aim is to make it an all-in-one solution for digital marketing. As such, you should be able to create and manage content, send emails, and sell your products and services seamlessly through Squarespace.

Squarespace Email Marketing Review

The addition of the email marketing feature to Squarespace’s platform brings it closer to being the perfect all-in-one marketing solution.

This makes it similar to several other digital marketing platforms like Mailchimp. Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, and AWeber.

Another question that professional digital marketers tend to ask about Squarespace is, “can it match up to the already established platforms?”

The easiest way to answer this question is to consider the pros and cons of Squarespace email marketing. Check them out below:

Pros of Squarespace Email Marketing

Here are a few reasons why you should consider using Squarespace for your email marketing campaigns:


If you have used Squarespace for anything before now, you will agree that the brand has a specific style. The email marketing feature comes with an array of e-newsletter templates that match this style.

They are pretty attractive which makes them achieve the perfect consistency between your website theme and newsletters.

Easy management:

The product allows you to manage all your digital marketing efforts from one location. As such you can create newsletters, post web content, manage your website, and send out emails with more convenience.

Smooth importation:

Sometimes, you need to import content to your emails from your website. Doing this is quite difficult or impossible with some platforms, but not with Squarespace. Squarespace email marketing allows you to import content into your emails from your website easily.

Integration with signup forms:

Capturing data from signup forms shouldn’t be difficult and Squarespace understands this. It allows you to integrate your signup forms easily with your website. Thus, you can gather data and send emails to your subscribers easily.


Even the biggest brands in the world work on a budget. Small businesses want a platform that doesn’t cost so much but still helps them achieve their marketing goals. Squarespace presents very low fees compared to some of the top digital marketing platforms.


Tracking results help to improve your marketing campaigns. Squarespace presents real-time analytics that is easy for even a layman to understand.

Importation of email lists:

Do you already work with a different email marketing platform and need to migrate to Squarespace? The worry most times is that you don’t know how to import existing email lists. With Squarespace, the process is pretty easy.

Cons of Squarespace Email Marketing

As one would expect, Squarespace isn’t perfect. It has a few things that can be improved upon. Some of them include:

Limited automation features:

When you compare Squarespace to other popular email marketing platforms, it falls short in automation features. While the platform allows you to send simple follow-up emails automatically based on a trigger like purchasing a product or subscribing to your list, there is no access to using more sophisticated triggers.

Low sending limit:

If you have a very large email list, Squarespace may not work for you. This is because the platform gives you only 250,000 emails per month.

You cannot send any emails after you exhaust this number until your next billing period. Let’s say you have an email list of 150k, you can only send them emails once a month.

Inconsistency with fonts:

Before we discuss this issue, you should know that it isn’t peculiar to Squarespace alone, several other platforms have the same challenge.

You cannot use many of the fonts on your Squarespace website in your emails. This affects the brand consistency that you are trying to achieve by using Squarespace’s email marketing feature along with your website.

Basic segmentation options:

Squarespace allows you to use simple tags to segment your email lists. However, it becomes impossible when you need to use statements to create complex segments. As such, you will find it difficult to carry out targeted mailouts.

Only customers can use it:

This is one of the biggest challenges with Squarespace email marketing. You cannot use the platform except if you are a customer.

This is completely different from what you have with dedicated email marketing tools like GetResponse or Mailchimp.

In the end, choosing Squarespace all boils down to choice based on functionality and practicability for your brand. The platform may not be profitable for larger companies that don’t already use Squarespace for their website. Smaller companies may find it easy to use since they still have smaller email lists and work with a budget.

How To Add Email Subscription To Squarespace

As mentioned above, Squarespace makes it very easy to build email lists. One of the easiest ways to create an email list from scratch is to add an email subscription form to your Squarespace website. Would you like to know how? Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the page where you need to add your email subscription form.

Step 2: Select “Newsletter” from the “Add a block” section.

Next: Choose your form name, and the title, then provide a description.

Step 4: Click on the “Storage” tab then click “Connect other services.”

Step 5: Click on the “plug” icon in the Google Drive box that pops up then select the google account you want to use.

Next 6: Click on “Allow.”

Step 7: Provide the spreadsheet name that you prefer to use. Your subscribers’ emails will be stored here.

Step 8: Click “Apply.”

You can test out your subscription form after saving it on your website. Check the spreadsheet afterward to find out if it saved the email address.

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Are Squarespace Email Campaigns Free?

Every Squarespace website has access to an Email Campaigns free trial. This free trial allows you to send three blast campaigns alone. After exhausting these three campaigns, you have to upgrade to one of the four plans available. These plans include:

Starter: Costs $5 per month and allows you to send 500 emails and create 3 campaigns each month.

Core: This plan costs $10 monthly. You can send up to 5,000 emails across 5 campaigns with this plan.

Pro: This plan costs $24 monthly. It allows you to send 50,000 emails across 20 campaigns within a month.

Max: This is the costliest Squarespace email campaign plan. It costs $48 per month and allows you to send 250,000 emails across unlimited campaigns.

Note that these prices are only applicable when you choose to pay annually. If you prefer to pay per month, then the price for each plan increases. As such, you have,

  • Starter – $7
  • Core – $14
  • Pro – $34
  • Max – $68

How Do I Set Up An Email Campaign In Squarespace?

Squarespace allows you to connect with customers and prospects through its Email Campaigns feature. Would you like to know how to set up an email campaign on Squarespace? The steps below should guide you:

Step 1: Choose the kind of email that you need to send

Do you want to appreciate a customer for consistent patronage or promote your latest products or services? Click on “Create” then pick either ‘Automated email” or “Blast email” depending on your preference. Scroll through the different layouts available or create one by clicking “Start Blank.”

Step 2: Craft your first email

After choosing the perfect layout for your brand and message, you need to add content. Squarespace allows you to repurpose descriptions and existing images from your website. Alternatively, you can start from scratch.

Step 3: Select your audience

Squarespace allows you to import an email list from a different email marketing platform or add subscribers manually.

You can also add subscribers to your list by including a signup form on your website. Ensure that you provide your sender details along with your verified domain to prevent your emails from landing in the recipient’s spam folder.

Step 4: Track success with Squarespace Analytics

Check your Email Campaigns dashboard to track the success of your emails. You will also see how much sales your email campaign is generating via the Traffic Sources panel.

Step 5: Plan your next campaign

Great job! You now understand how to set up an email campaign on Squarespace. The process is seamless and easy. It is time to set up your next email campaign.

Does Squarespace Have Email Marketing-Conclusion

Squarespace is an amazing platform for both building websites and sending emails. This post has shown you the pros and cons of this platform for email marketing as well as how to set up email campaigns on Squarespace. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below.

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