Constant Contact Email Marketing Review
Constant Contact Email Marketing Review

Constant Contact Email Marketing Review

Looking for  comprehensive Constant Contact email marketing review.

This article will give you a detailed review of Constant Contact—one of the best email marketing software for small business owners.

As a small business owner, I understand how challenging it can be to find the right email marketing solution for your business. You’d have to consider important factors like the affordability, usability, and deliverability of the platform.

Finding the right email marketing software that gives you the above-mentioned functions in a very affordable plan can be the much-needed tweak your business needs to blossom.

Let’s look at why Constant Contact might be the right platform for you.

What is Constant Contact?

Constant Contact is a digital marketing company that helps small businesses drive sales, engage their audience, and track campaign progress.

It has gained the trust of many small business owners since it began operations in 1995. Email marketing is one of its most popular features.

How Does Constant Contact Email Work?

Constant Contact lets you build strong relationships with your contacts, promote your business, and easily make sales to them. With their simple drag-and-drop tools, you can send emails, automate them, and easily track the results.  

The platform also has a feature that lets you organize events, sell tickets, and manage the details at the same time.

What are the key Features of Constant Contact?

List Management

Constant Contact makes it easy for you to build and manage your email list. You can manually add contacts to your list or import them from Microsoft Excel, Outlook, or Salesforce.

You can categorize your contacts by using tags to create different contact lists. The platform also helps you to remove duplicate contacts from your email lists.

Email Editor

The email editor enables you to create and customize email campaigns with ease. You can customize emails to use the colors and fonts of your business website.

Constant Contact’s tutorial video teaches you how to navigate this feature on its platform. So, even with zero email-building experience, you can create emails and send out campaigns on Constant Contact.

Email Templates

Constant Contact provides you with many desktop and mobile optimized templates. You can customize them to match your brand preferences.

Triggered Responses

With constant Contact, you can set up autoresponders to send emails to your contacts based on certain actions they take. This ensures you don’t miss out on sales even when you’re not monitoring your campaign in real-time.


Constant Contact has high email deliverability; if you follow the guidelines already made available on the platform, your emails will never go to the spam folder.


Your Constant Contact dashboard is well-detailed. You can track your emails using different metrics – open rates, clickthrough rates, unsubscribe rates, successful email delivery bounce rate, etc.

You can also track social media campaigns and handle reactions and comments from the same place.

A/B Testing

Though limited to just subject-line testing, this feature provides a lot of benefits for your business. Once the platform figures out the better performing subject line in your tests, it automatically starts sending that one as your key headline.

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact has two email marketing pricing plans for you – the core and the plus plans. While both plans have basic prices, the price increases as your contacts increase.

Here are the key features:

Constant Contact Core Pricing

The price starts at $9.99 per month for 500 contacts. If your contacts get to 5000, your monthly billing will be $55. The most expensive allows you to have up to 50,000 contacts for only $300 per month. Here are the features available to you in this plan:

  • Customer list growth tools (sign-up forms, Facebook ads)
  • Email marketing
  • 300+ email templates
  • Store, organize and view contacts
  • Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn all at the same time
  • Real-time reporting (list growth, views, clicks)
  • Live phone and chat support

Constant Contact Plus Pricing

The pricing here starts at $45 per month for 500 contacts, as well. And it increases to $95 when you get to 5,000 and $410 when you get to 50,000 contacts. This platform, however, has more features than the Constant Contact Core Plan. Here are the features available to you:

  • Everything available in the Core plan
  • Extra list growth tools (Google Ads, text message sign-up, lookalike ad targeting)
  • Automated emails (resend to non-openers, abandoned cart reminder, birthday/anniversary)
  • Auto-generated segments (most, somewhat, least engaged)
  • Conversion and sales reporting
  • Personalized kickoff call.

If your business has more than 50,000 contacts, you can contact Constant Contact to give you a custom pricing plan.

Constant Contact gives you a 60-day free trial to explore all the features it offers. You have no restrictions on the tools you can use or the number of email campaigns you can create. All campaigns created during free trials will remain on your account when you move to the paid version.  

Pros and Cons of Constant Contact

Knowing the pros and cons of Constant Contact will help you make necessary comparisons before deciding whether you need it or not.

Pros of Constant Contact

  • Offers high deliverability rates to users
  • Social media integration
  • Helps you manage your events
  • Beginner-friendly interface

Cons of Constant Contact

  • The automation features are just the basics compared to the more sophisticated features from other platforms.
  • The price plan (which increases as contacts increase) makes it more expensive than others.
  • The templates do not have advanced customization options.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Review-Alternatives


Mailchimp is a suitable alternative to Constant Contact for small business owners, as its features are more favorable to them. It offers you contact management, email templates, email scheduling, and automation features.

It also offers you detailed statistics and analytics functions. Unlike Constant Contact, it offers a free version that allows you to save up to 2000 contacts and send up to 10,000 emails a month.


HubSpot is another great alternative to Constant Contact. It is suitable for both small and large enterprises. HubSpot helps you generate new leads, segment your audience, send and track emails, and automate sales.

The free version allows you to save up to a million contacts and send about 2000 emails monthly.


GetResponse is a digital platform with amazing features like email marketing, landing page creation, website building, webinar management, etc.

Its pricing starts at $19/month for 1000 contacts. The more you increase your contacts, the higher the price. 10,000 contacts go for $79/month.

However, there’s no limit to the number of emails you can send in a month with GetResponse. The platform also offers you a free version that allows you to save up to 500 contacts.


ActiveCampaign is a platform that offers you both email marketing and CRM functionalities. It offers a unique website integration feature that enables you to track your site’s results from your email dashboard.

However, ActiveCampaign has the same pricing strategy as Constant Contact. It only offers a 14-day free trial, and its prices increase as your contacts increase.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Review-FAQ

Does Constant Contact Have CRM Features?

Constant Contact offers CRM features that enable you to build a strong relationship with your contacts.

Is Constant Contact Good for Small Businesses?

Constant Contact is suitable for small businesses because of its simple, user-friendly features.

How Much Does Constant Contact Cost Per Month?

Constant Contact has two pricing options with varying features. The Core pricing option starts at $9.99/month, while the Plus options start at $45/month. However, the prices increase as you increase your number of subscribers.

Does Constant Contact Have a Free Version?

Constant Contact does not offer a free version. However, it offers a 60-day trial that gives you access to all its features.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Review-conclusion

Here is the constant contact review that reveals all you need to know about this email marketing platform. In a nut shell, it is a good platform if it suits your business model.

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