Betafx and Betaforex.org Nigeria Review – A very Big Scam

Kayode Samuel is here again. He is the man behind standard fx and after destroying a lot of financial positions of many Nigerians, he has rebranded to betafx with website betaforex.org.

He has reduced his promise from 37% weekly to 20% weekly. The reality is that if you are considering investing with betafx.org then you can read my experience with him Here.

betafx, betafx.org

Beta Fx has ruined the life of many Nigerians with this mouth-watering offer. In fact, he makes everything look real and safe by telling investors to open a trading account in their name.

All he will demand from you is the login details to the trading platform. In that case, he has no access to the fund but he has total control on how to use or trade your money.

In case you are new to the world of forex, I will like to tell you little about forex trading. Forex trading is like every other business in life, which means it requires very long patience for the business to mature.

But because Kayode Samuel of betaforex.org has nothing to lose, he will expose all your money in one trade. Thereby crashing the account or making huge money in a short time, after which you will withdraw and give him his percentage.

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Now let me tell you, betafx has nothing to lose in this deal. He either gain and get his percentage or lose your whole money in a twinkle of an eye.

Remember, he is doing this to many Nigerians, so at the end of the day, he will win a few trades for a few people and lose many for most people.

Do you know that 20% weekly amount to 80% ROI monthly? Do you know he is promising you of 960% ROI annually? My dear reader, please stay clear because this is really a scam.

You may be wondering, why am I telling you to avoid betaforex,org at all cost. Anyway, the reasons are that I was a victim. And I find out that he does not know how to trade, he only gambles with investors’ money.

To prove to you that I am not alone, CLICK HERE to find out what Scam doc has to say about betaforex.org

Scam Doc is a website that reports to the world websites built with scam intentions because they analyze everything about a website.

According to SCAM DOC, betaforex.org has a very bad trust score, and it is built for fraudulent purposes.

I think with these very few words of mine; you have been saved from one of the calmest fraud in this country. This is my experience and views but the choice is yours.

Just take note: As long as MMM did not last, betafx of betaforex.org can never last.

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