Best Deliverability Email Marketing
Best Deliverability Email Marketing

Best Deliverability Email Marketing

Every email marketer’s target is to hit his prospects’ inbox. The rate at which your emails get to the inbox of your potential customers is called deliverability email marketing.

Failure to have high deliverability will lead to poor performance of your campaign. And that will lead to a complete waste of money and time.

So, before you start your email campaign, you need to search for the best deliverability email marketing platform.

There are a lot of factors that determine email deliverability issues, which we will discuss in this article.

So, relax as we answer some vital questions that will guide you to make an informed decision that will lead to high email campaign performance.

Why is Email Deliverability Important?

It is a fact that email marketing is the most profitable channel for selling any product online. But that is only when you get it done rightly. So, how will you measure if it is done rightly or not? 

That is where deliverability comes to play. Email deliverability is important because it determines the profitability of the email campaign.

Email Marketing Deliverability Comparison

I conducted an email marketing deliverability comparison of the three most recognized email marketing platforms. They are:

Getting the best email marketing deliverability out of these three was very difficult. They all showed a high level of performance in getting my emails to the inbox of my receivers.

However, there must be a winner. The best based on deliverability was Aweber. I got 98% deliverability, followed by Getresponse with 95%, and Mailchimp having 92% deliverability.

Here is the best comparison tool you can use for other products

Do you see the reason I said it was a difficult task picking the best? In other words, all three have a very high rate of deliverability.

Apart from deliverability, other features informed the decision to consider Aweber the overall best email marketing platform. 

One bitter truth is that you can still have very low email deliverability with any of these platforms when you do things wrongly. 

In case you have low deliverability, let’s consider how to improve your performance.

How can Email Marketing Deliverability be improved?

There are two ways to this subtitle “how can email marketing deliverability be improved.” If you are using your email system or server, then there are basic things you must do to increase your email deliverability. The things to do are:

  • Warm up your IP address. Also, ensure that your IP is not blacklisted
  • Have a dedicated domain or subdomain for email marketing
  • Implement sender policy frameworks because it builds trust
  • Always make use of the sender feedback loop from your ISP provider
  • Be consistent in with time and content
  • Don’t spam or send emails without control

Let’s look at email deliverability best practices when using third-party services such as Aweber, Getresponse, and Mailchimp.

Email Deliverability Best Practices When Using Third Party Service

The first step is to make your email personal. Address your recipients by their first or last name. You must have had them on your list through a voluntary subscription.

In other words, they might have given you their email address and names in exchange for a gift.

Another way to improve your email deliverability is to ensure that your content is rich with the right information. Also, ensure that your email is well formatted.

Ensure that the unsubscribe button is well visible to the recipient. It gives the receiver a choice to ask for more or leaves.

Make sure your headline is captivating. A good headline increases the opening rate of your email. You need to ask yourself thought-provoking questions before hitting the send button.

Let me reveal this to you, every email you send passes through a compliance test before delivering. The email marketing platform has an algorithm to check the reliability of any email leaving the system.

That is why the system can detect when to send your email to promotions, spam, social, and inbox. Let’s consider the best email deliverability tools.

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Deliverability Tools

Most of the email deliverability tools listed below are integrated into third-party platforms such as Mailchimp, Aweber, and Getresponse.

The tools help businesses and individuals track emails send and suggest ways to optimize for maximum performance.

Your duty is to study their features from the tutorials provided by the platforms. If you are to build your email marketing server, here is the list of the best email deliverability tools available.

  • Sparkpost
  • Folderly
  • Allegro
  • Edatesource inbox tracker
  • GlockApp
  • Inboxally

When you properly put any of the tools mentioned above to work, it will help you verify email addresses. Inbox placement testing, DMARC analytics, and IP blacklisting monitoring

Also, you can measure other vital metrics such as bounce rate, delivery rate, unsubscribes, click-through rate, spam placement, and many more.


How to check email deliverability

This is a vital question because email’s deliverability determines your campaign’s overall profitability. Watch the video tutorial provided by your email marketing platform on how to do an email deliverability test.

Aweber, the best deliverability email marketing software, has comprehensive video training for that.

Other great tools for email delivery tests are the MX toolbox and mail genius. To check email deliverability with this tool entails sending a test email to ping@tools.mxtoolbox.com or test-88bc8a@test.mailgenius.com

Once you send a message from any of these tools, you will get a reply containing a link. Click on the link; you get a detailed report of what your emails will be.


With this, it is obvious that your eyes must be on the inbox placement rate of your campaign. It would help if you did not joke about this because it determines your success or failure with email marketing.

Following the steps above, you will always get the best result with your email marketing effort. Contact your service provider immediately if you have any email marketing delivery issues.


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