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Discover The Top Secrets Of Top Successful Nigerian Bloggers That Make Millions Of Naira Monthly Blogging About Their Passion
The Secret Of Selling Hot Products Using The Automated Internet System.

By Israel Chima

Dear Friend,

If you want to learn the actual steps of making money as a professional blogger in Nigeria then I have good news for you.

Even if you have tried before and failed that means you are on the right place of correcting the mistakes. And I salute you for the courage of trying again.

I am Israel Chima. 2007 was the first time I visited Lagos to learn how to make money online as a forex trader. But as time goes on I switched to blogging due to less restriction on blogging when compared to forex trading then.

I met a lot of so called bloggers then, I will not mention names but the fact was that they were all information marketers. They sell what they never tried. I am saying this because I equally attended one of the information marketing training then as you can see the image below.

But my conscience didn't allow me to go on selling what I don't know how to do, may be that is why my name may be strange to you.

The good news is that all those information marketers are no more because they can't defend what they were selling.

They demoralized the zeal of many Nigerians from continuing their dream of making money online. Though, I am a trained information marketer but I refused to sell what I don't practice. Until I practiced and applied all I was studying and finally I am among the successful bloggers in Nigeria TODAY.

10 years after I came online I am a happy rich blogger. Take note of two things here. I am bragging of being a successful blogger and I am also telling you the years it took me. Therefore, it has not been easy.

I failed, failed, failed until I made failure a friend then I failed my way to success as Les Brown said it.

So, if you think is has been easy then rethink. I know what works and doesn't work online. I know the code to successful blogging in Nigeria

The good news I have for you is that you will not pass through the long rigorous learning curve I went through learning how to become a successful blogger. I am here to mentor and guide you through a detailed step by step video series titled "blogging for business".

By now I know you may be reading to see my proof of making millions from the internet. You want to see checks or my bank account images. Anyway, I was equally deceived by those false evidences; therefore I decide not to tow that part. Anybody can come up with any fake result. So why do you easily believe that?

I don't call myself internet millionaire but for sure I make enough money that takes care of my family and I even in the heat of recession. Above all, I have my time anytime.

Two things speak for me. Testimonies from people that have passed through me. And probably your own testimony, which you will soon bring to me to publish.

So, what is it that Works Online?

Relationship marketing using simple blog is all that works!

I have done this for years and it has been working. Relationship marketing has been the secret to my success as a blogger.

I was able to discover this precisely four years ago when I came in contact with one of the most successful bloggers in Nigeria the person of Mr. Joe Okoro.

He is an internet millionaire and a renowned blogger. He is a household name in Nigerian blogging industry. I have much respect for him. So, I have all it takes to teach you how to blog your way to becoming a millionaire soon.

Why Do Most Nigerian Wanna Be Bloggers Fail?

The answer is simple; they never knew that blogging is business. So, they start it without a mentor and a business plan.

So, the next good news for you is that I have a complete business plan on how to blog to success. It contains all the tools and amount of money you need to start blogging. In addition, you have free access to contact me 24/7 via Whatsapp or Email address as a mentor.

How Sure Am I that You Will Make Enough Money as a Blogger?

Take a look at the statistic below to know why you should start blogging today

  • Marketers who rely on their blogs make 13X more money than those that don't.
  • Companies with blogs receive 97% more links inbound to their website
  • Blogs are the 5th most trusted source of accurate information online!
  • 81% of consumers trust information they get from blogs
  • According to NCC, 67 million out of 97.25 million regular internet users in Nigerian alone read blogs regularly
  • 23% of internet time is spent on blogs
  • 35% of Nigerians have made purchases through blogs (On the increase)
  • It is generally thought that content marketing – AKA blogging – is now more powerful than traditional media marketing

I am very much interested in the fifth point. 67 million Nigerian come online to read blogs about anything. Do you see there is enough money to make if you can target just a fraction of this number?

What Will it Cost me to have access to this complete blogging secret?

Before I tell you how much it will cost you to have this complete blogging package, let me tell you a short story. One my regular and ardent follower now called me some years ago before he bought my package and asked me, since you are making enough money from the internet, why then will you be selling this information? After all, you claimed to help us the unemployed to make money online. Below were my answers to him and by extension to all that have the same mentality he had then. Currently, he is among the successful bloggers in Nigeria. Back to my answers:

Answer # 1

It is obvious that people suspect any good thing giving to them free. In fact, some people don’t place much value to any free information. Therefore, the serious people always ask for quality information at an affordable price

Answer # 2

We all went to school even university without knowing what the future holds for us. We took that risk just hoping there will be job, yet none for millions of Nigerians today. Any serious person never become afraid of making a small commitment that can change his life for good. In fact, your small financial commitment here will be one of your motivating factors to keep moving even when all the energy has gone.

Answer #3

If you think education is expensive then try ignorance. You must be informed to get to the next level. Any genuine information comes with price no matter how little it is, both financial and emotional price.

Answer #4

Do you know that some people bribe up to the tune of 250k just to get a job? The rate of unemployment is on the increase. So, I am charging just a token of what people are ready to pay as bribe for job, which they are not even sure of getting and which cannot give them the freedom and financial success they need.

Answer #5

It will be the height of wickedness if I have a knowledge that can help people to be financially free and I hoard it for myself. I can authoritatively teach people this knowledge because the market is so wide that no amount of competition can affect me. But as custom and nature demands, you must give to the committed, which is why I am charging token from only the committed people.

Answer #6

I can't satisfy the whole people that want to buy from the internet. For instance, some people are interested in health issue, some about marriage or family, some about losing weight, some about sport, some about beauty, some about gossip and many more. So, teaching people on how to satisfy a group of internet users will never affect my own income. But, I will only teach people that are ready and committed starting from paying little for the quality information.

So, How Much Does this Package Cost?

I would have easily charge N30, 000 for this or N20, 000 because I am sure you will be among successful blogger that can make millions monthly if you really work.

But my main aim is to help fellow youths get out of the rat race of unemployment. Therefore, for just N250 daily, you will learn how to set up a money making blog that can generate at least N100, 000 monthly. Therefore, it will cost you just N7, 500

Remember, 35% of Nigerians have made purchase through blog. Your blog may be next if you know how to position well in any topic you love blogging about. Also, you will discover how to sell hot products using the internet.

Here is the full Detail of the Blogging for Business Video Series:


It is a 9 lessons course that will help you join the successful bloggers today. I named it Holy Grail because I am well convinced that you must be financially free if you follow each module religiously.

Lesson 1
General introduction to blogging

In this module you will learn....

  • How interesting it is to be a blogger
  • Why you should start blogging today
  • Why blogging is not for the lazy
  • The basic statistic why you should venture into blogging today
  • Complete blueprint of making at least 100k Monthly
Lesson 2
The Concept of Niche and Sub-Niche Blogging

In this module you will learn....

  • How to select a profitable topic to blog on
  • Why your passion is not enough to make you rich
  • How to identify large market
  • Benefit of blogging on sub-niches
Lesson 3
Secret of Selecting The Best Blogging Platform

In this module you will learn....

  • How to pick the right blogging platform
  • Why wordpress is the best platform for you
  • Why your URL matters
  • Why your domain and hosting must be done by one company
  • Discover a special hosting plan for you
Lesson 4
Introduction To The Best Blogging Platform

In this module you will learn....

  • The best CMS for blogging
  • How to search, download and customize the CMS theme
  • Access to one powerful plugin you must be use as a blogger
  • My special gift of two powerful themes for any niche
Lesson 5
Comprehensive Guide On Writing Killer Blog Content in Five Minutes.

In this module you will learn....

  • How to write a killer content
  • Why content is termed as king
  • Where to get free content that everybody will love to read
  • How to write 800 to 1000 words in 6 minutes
  • How to develop web based writing skill
  • The concept of keyword
  • The only keyword tool you need to succeed as a blogger
Lesson 6
The Secret Of Making Millions With Your Blog

In this module you will learn....

  • How to profit from your blog
  • Shocking revelation of making million easily from your blog
  • Why adsense and selling of ad space doesn't work any longer
  • The fastest way of creating a hot selling ebook
Lesson 7
Untold Source Of Getting Real Buyers To Your Blog Within 24 Hours

In this module you will learn....

  • Various tricks of getting real buyers to your blog
  • The only and most important marketing knowledge you need
  • The only untapped traffic source available for only Nigerians and Why
Lesson 8
Introduction To Email Marketing

In this module you will learn....

  • The ABC of email marketing
  • Why you will be called an idiot if you are not building email list
  • The best autoresponder to use
  • A link of a complete Auto responder configuration
Lesson 9
The Fastest Way Of Becoming A Millionaire through blogging..

In this module I revealed....

  • The fastest way to become a millionaire as a blogger Yes, I have the guts to reveal this secret because it will never affect my earning

Some of my successful bloggers has warned me but I refused because what will I gain hording the knowledge that anybody can use to become wealthy without affecting me.

It will be wise for you to listen to what some people who have benefitted from this blogging for business video course have to say. These are real people like you that started from scratch and today they are happily making a living online as bloggers.

What people are saying about this product

Ifeoma Ugo From Owerri

Mr Israel has helped me beyond measures. I am in love with networking marketing. Precisely, GNLD. When I saw his advert I contacted him on how to sell it online. His advice and guidance helped me a lot to know how powerful the internet is. After 2 month of working with him my business has skyrocketed. You really cannot know how it feels unless you have experiened it. To watch you phone alert 3 times a day steadily for 3 months. You make all this money, that you take it forgranted, then you want your friends and family yo partake also. We are talking about 20 000 to 2000 000 000 Every month.

Mrs Justina Odum From Bayelsa Owner Our Ladies Boutique

It has been my dream to take my business online but I could not find any reliable person to help me. I was lucky when I found me Israel's website and I quickly called him and told him my demand. He is so friendly and always ready to help out. Within 3 weeks of meeting Mr. Israel my business was able to be established online. Both my online and offline customers has increased. Simply put, he knows it.

Mr Edet Ikurekong, Water Board Uyo

I mean, I just sat there and realized that I had made over 300% of my monthly income less than a year. Partnering with Mr. Israel is the greatest decision I have ever taken. I am a fresh graduate with no hope at all going by what is obtainable in this Country. But Mr. Israel's story encouraged me. It wasn't easy to raise the initial capital I had to borrow. But today I have paid off my debt and the business he introduced to me is growing speedily.

Deji Silas

I have had dealings with so many so called online gurus, no one is close to Mr. Israel's commitment to his clients. He can spend 30 minutes on phone telling you way forward. Please, if you want to make any enquiry or if you want to start an online business never hesitates contacting him.

Mr Yakubu Simon From Kaduna

This is the laziest form of making money I have ever seen. I was skeptical when I saw what Mr. Israel was offering for the amount found above. To me I just want to try another online seller but I was proved wrong. Mr. Israel surprised me. He delivered all he promised and gave me more materials that he didn't even mentioned here. If you want to learn everything about online business then call Him now. What I love most about him is that he picks his call anytime without claiming being too busy as other people usually do. I went from N50 000 / month to over N500 000 in just 6 months.

Do you believe your income can skyrocket like the ones you just read? Do you believe I have what it takes to grow your income? It is left you to answer.

For Instant Access then Pay into the details below
Payment Procedure

To order the Blogging for business Videos, Invest the sum of only N7, 500 only into the bank account below

You can do an online bank transfer as also if you have the facility. Just send us the screen capture or quote transaction reference ID with other details as requested on this page

Bank Name – GTBank
Account Name – izicode Nig ltd
Account Number – 0042453836

NOTE — After making the payments, please send your payment details to [email protected]

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The payment details that you have to send are:

  • Your Full Name
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  • Your Phone Number.
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Once your payment has been confirmed, the blog training product registration link will be sent to you via your email within 24 hours so that you can download it instantly and start implementing the blogging strategies to generate an income.

This blog training is digitally delivered to your email inbox. There are no physical CD copies at this time so there are no shipping.

Though I am 100% sure that if you implement all that is revealed in the video tutorials, you will soon be smiling to the bank monthly as a blogger. Irrespective of my conviction, I still promise a hundred percent money back guarantee. This means that; If after 90 days of implementing all that I said in the video, still you could not create a money making blog, then just give me a shot, for a complete refund. Infact, You will get times 3 of your money, if it did not work.


This 300% refund only applies after tendering a viable evidence of applying all that is revealed in the video series.

Israel Chima

Business Strategist / Blogger, author.
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"But this is supposed to be treated as a business not as a course that you take up for getting grades. You are not going to make any money by the learning, in fact all you know means crap if you don't put it to work and make it work for you, do you understand?" CHEERS.