Banks in Yenagoa and Their Performance in the Pandemic Era

Independent investigation into the activities and performance of banks inside Yenagoa capital city of Bayelsa state conducted by relaxedmode.com reveals a lot.  The need for this investigation was necessitated by the complaint from bank customers around the city.

In as much as the hardships being experienced by the customers were not manmade, or is a resultant effect of the pandemic, the banks have some effort to make in order to reduce the stress to the barest minimum on their customers.

To this effect, we took time to visit most banks in the city, in some cases, we disguised as customers, and that brought us to the fact that some banks were really working tirelessly to help their customers feel almost normal in all situations.

One of those banks that have put up an exceptional performance in reducing the stress of the pandemic on their customers is Guaranty Trust Banks PLC, Yenagoa branch.

One of the things the pandemic did is dividing the banking system into 2, which are the outside the banking hall banking, and inside the banking hall banking.

With that in mind, let’s first take a look at the outside the banking hall banking system

Outside The Banking Hall Banking System

With the present situation at hand, everybody leaving his/her home to the bank believes that it is a whole day activity. But the situation on the premise of the Guaranty Trust Bank, Yenagoa was a different one.

The security guards were on ground as early as 6:30 am, to assign numbers to customers based on a first-come basis. That was one of the first steps in creating orderliness for the day activity.

The most impressive moment of the outside the banking hall banking system, was when the customers’ were addressed by one of the bank’s staff just a few minutes before the start of the day work.

The summary of his address was that they are aware that we the customers will be standing outside the banking hall for some time. That we should bear with the system as all of them in the bank are working tirelessly to make sure we leave here at the right time.

In other words, the bank staff fixed the emotions of the customers from the proper perspective. And that gave us the satisfaction we always need as a person.

True to their words, all hands were on deck to satisfy us because the security guards went as far as providing customers with the necessary forms to fill before getting inside the banking hall.

Those for ATM collection were provided with a form to fill. Those for dispense error were provided with forms to fill and many more. In fact, the guards were on ground to guide some of the customers to fill their forms correctly.

One cannot discuss the outside the banking hall banking system without mentioning safety. To that effect, the policeman attached to the bank was seen moving around the premises at intervals, ever ready to defend us.

Above all, there is a very big board containing all a customer need to do for self banking. It was so bold that even the blind could see it. And we personally saw a lot of customers performing their banking activities using the banking codes found on the board.

That alone served a lot of customers, which greatly reduced the number of customers that would have been attended to inside the banking hall.

All these made the outside the banking hall activities of GT bank Yenagoa branch one of the best in the city

Inside The Banking Hall Banking System

When we finally got access to the banking hall, we were first greeted with wonderful smiles from the staff. Though that is what they are known for, a reception like no other.

Contrary to what we observed in other banks, everybody was on the ground to serve us. All the withdrawal and deposit desks were filled with staff readily available to render their services.

A look at the customer service area reveals 4 able workers very seriously discharging their duties to make sure that area wasn’t congested.

It will surprise you to know that we spent far less time in the banking hall compared to when nothing like coronavirus was in the system.


We wondered why up till now the branch has not provided chairs and canopies for the comfort of their customers while they wait for their turn.

For the time we spent in the bank, we really confirmed that they discharged their duties fast as promised from the onset.  But that does not mean customers will be kept standing while waiting for their turn


We strongly suggest that the branch get a minimum of 2 canopies and a good number of chairs for their customers,


This investigation was conducted by relaxedmode.com, and suggestions made to help ameliorate the suffering of bank customers in the state.

We sincerely appreciate your effort and seriously urge you to implement our suggestion as it concerns your bank as soon as possible

Do not forget that the smile you put on the faces of your customers at these trying times will forever remain in their minds.

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