Below are the Advantages of Email Marketing Campaigns Except One. What is this?

We are to discuss the advantages of email marketing campaigns with one exception. And What is the exception or disadvantage of email marketing?

Almost every owner of a smartphone has an email address and they access their emails via their devices. According to Adobe, millennials use about 6.4 hours cumulatively reading their emails. Interestingly, not only millennials use emails, even the older generations do.

The facts above show how reliable email marketing is as a means of communication between brands and their customers.

It is not just reliable, it is highly cost-effective. This post seeks to answer the question, “What are the advantages of email marketing campaigns to businesses?”

Why is Email Marketing so Effective?

Digital marketing has become an integral aspect of running businesses. Technology has presented us with an array of tools to advertise brands, build brand awareness, and keep in touch with customers and prospects. One channel that seems to be more reliable than the rest is email marketing.

You can use this channel to send all kinds of messages. From welcome messages to personalized greetings and promotional messages.

One of the main reasons why email marketing is so effective is that it allows personalization. Customers love it when brands value them and treat them as individuals rather than a lump.

Several pieces of data show the effectiveness of email marketing. One that stands out is that emails are about 40 times more effective than social media marketing (specifically Twitter and Facebook combined).

Advantages of Email Marketing Campaigns

Running email marketing campaigns can be the single most important decision you will make concerning your business.

Understanding how to use this tool effectively could mark a turning point in your overall marketing process. Here are a few benefits your brand will enjoy from investing in email marketing campaigns:

Boost Sales

According to reports from Marketing Week, emails generate about $37 billion in retail sales every year. The chief reason for this is that email marketing campaigns inspire impulse buying. Email allows you to entice customers to make additional purchases in several ways such as:

  • Listing items similar to their previous purchases.
  • Featuring items often purchased together with the items customers just bought.
  • Creating discounts and special offers for future purchases.

When customers receive emails informing them about these options, they are likely to buy on impulse. This is even more effective when the promotion is personalized.

Building Credibility

Have you received emails with shady subject lines or from unknown senders? You are likely to delete the emails without even opening them and reporting the sender for spam.

However, understanding how to use email marketing campaigns properly helps to build credibility for your brand. If people trust your brand, they are more likely to open your emails.

Email marketing platforms make it easy to segment your email lists based on subscriber behavior and information. This way, you can send personalized emails that your subscribers will look forward to reading.

With this, your emails no longer have to land in the recipient’s spam folders. There are certain things you can do to achieve this such as:

  • Get personal with your emails.
  • Never use shady subject lines.
  • Don’t be too salesy.
  • Avoid making promises you cannot keep.
  • Add an unsubscribe button to your emails.
  • Remind the recipient of how they became part of your email list.
  • Never buy emails; generate your email list organically.
  • Add your physical address and contact numbers to your emails.

Targeted Marketing

How cool is it when you receive an email from a brand that addresses your specific needs? You are more likely to become loyal to that brand than one that doesn’t treat you as an entity.

Email marketing campaigns now allow you to create and send highly personalized content.

Using a highly efficient email service provider helps you to craft the right subject lines and use the perfect images to drive your message home.

The more valuable content is to the recipient, the easier it is for the customer to engage with your brand.

Generating more Website Traffic

Creating top-notch website content is great. However, it is useless if only a few people read the content. One of the best ways to attract traffic to your website is through email marketing campaigns.

People need the information you have on your website. You can direct them thereby crafting emails containing links to these pieces of content.

Each recipient can click on these links from your emails and read more on your website. To make the best of generating website traffic through email marketing, ensure that your emails have a definite call to action.

Cost-Effective Campaigns

Traditional marketing campaigns are quite costly and aren’t so efficient in delivering great results. Email marketing is the opposite.

You don’t have to break the bank to be effective with your email marketing campaigns. Also, the numbers are staggering and they don’t lie.

With traditional marketing, you have to pay for photoshoots, printing, location fees, advert placement, etc. Email marketing eliminates all these costs as you only need to subscribe to an ESP, get a copywriter, and employ a designer (optional).

Most ESPs are easy to use so designing your emails isn’t so difficult. This method of marketing allows your brand to reach several thousand people with a single click.

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Access to analytics

Marketing is a numbers game. You can only get better when you have access to numbers that tell you how well or poorly your campaigns are doing. Sadly, traditional marketing methods don’t present sufficient data in this regard.

ESPs provide access to analytics that help you track campaign success. You can see your email open rates, the subject lines with the best open rates, and several pieces of information.

Access to this information guides you to make improvements to your strategies where necessary. With this, your campaigns will get better and deliver improved results.

Email Marketing -The Exception

The exception of email marketing is that it requires a high level of understanding and technicality. Failure to know the basics will lead to a waste of money and energy.


Email marketing campaigns present you with several exciting benefits. Choose an ESP that is best suited to your brand for the best results.

Also, ensure that you work with the right strategies and your numbers will shoot beyond the skies. Do you have any questions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below.

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